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   Chapter 233 Why Don't You Sleep More Weren't You Tired Last Night

Press Me To Your Heart By Wu Shixian Characters: 10312

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Although she wanted to divorce with Edward, she didn't allow herself to be bullied by a mistress.

The woman in front of her was as tall as her. She raised her chin slightly and sneered, "what do you want to say?"

"Mr. Edward is not happy with you. Haven't you ever thought about letting him go?"

Let him go? It was obvious that Edward wouldn't let her go, ok?! Besides, when was it her turn to object to his relationship with Edward?

Frowning, she asked, "so... Is Edward very happy be with you?"

"Of course. He drank with me last night! We've spent a very fascinating night. Mr. Edward is very good at it!"

In fact, she had no idea what had happened last night. She only remembered that Mr. Edward asked her to drink, she lost consciousness after drinking six or seven bottles. When she woke up again, Mr. Edward had left. But her clothes were indeed taken off and there were some marks on her body. She thought something must have happened.

Drinking? Edward didn't drink at all!

She sneered and thought that maybe he really drank it. If he did... He... With her...

Angela didn't realize that she was caring about it, so she said tentatively, "Well! Edward doesn't drink at all!"

When she said this, she stared at Maggi's eyes, and saw a trace of panic flashing in her eyes. In this way, Angela knew that the woman in front of her was indeed bluffing!

How childish!

However, she didn't realize that she was not going to admit being defeat either. Moreover, after knowing that the woman was bluffing, she seemed to be relieved.

"I, I... Mr. Edward didn't drink it. He gave it to me! He made me drunk! If you don't believe me... If you don't believe me you can ask him!" Maggi was not a smart woman. As long as she was irritated by anyone, she would be desperate and blurt it out.

Angela was about to roll her eyes and said, "it is not my business whether you drink together or not!" At this time, the door of the room opened and Edward walked out expressionlessly. He was not surprised at the existence of the two.

Maggi didn't know there was an automatic sliding door over there, and she didn't expect that Edward would come out. Her face turned pale with fear and she called out with a guilty conscience, "Mr. Edward..."

Walking over, Edward glanced at Angela, but asked Maggi directly, "why do you sleep a little longer? Aren't you tired last night?"

Angela was stunned. Her heart was stabbed, but she couldn't help sneering in her heart. The honeyed words on the pillow were really untrustworthy! She had been tortured by these sweet words and resentments against him for the past three years, thinking about his bad and good, but in fact, he was addicted to women.

"Ah... Well... I'm a little tired, but I want to see you." Afraid that he would get angry, Maggi lowered her head slightly to avoid his indifferent eyes.

"If you are tired, you can go in and have a rest!" Then he rubbed her head.

The sudden doting of Edward surprised and pleased Maggi. She casted a glance at Angela, who was lowering her eyebrows, and found that

as more important! Angela would understand! Sorry!

"Oh..." She was a little disappointed, "then forget it."

Suddenly, she felt that her collar behind her seemed to be lifted up, and then a force dragged her to leave.

"My time is very precious!"

"Hey! Let go of me!" There were so many people here. How could he take her away like carrying a chicken? What a shame!

Everyone in the office couldn't believe what the CEO had done. Their boss, Mr. Edward, a man who was nearly forty years old. He had always been wise and calm, cold and lifeless, but what he did just now was...

"Why it is strange for Mr. Edward to do this?"

"What does Mr. Edward look like when he is angry?"

"A cold light shone in his eyes. He said, 'is this the plan made by the elite of the DC Capital Group? Redo it! '"

"Ouch... What Mr. Edward did... Why do I feel a little... A little..."


Finally, Lucas sighed, "sure enough, only Secretary Xu can make Mr. Edward came back down to earth."

Edward took her all the way into the elevator and didn't let her go until the door was closed. Angela shook off his hand angrily and took a few steps away from him.

Seeing that she kept away from him as if she had escaped from a virus, Edward sneered. Angela didn't like his sneer, which was always full of contempt and disgust. Who gives him the right to dislike her? However, she didn't have to be angry with their current relationship. She just waited for a moment to get the divorce certificate. It would be best if they would never see each other again!

Although she felt wronged in the bottom of her heart, she also felt angry.

The elevator arrived at the basement second floor. She went out and wanted to walk to her parking lot. But when she thought that they don't drive in same car, she reminded him, "then see you at the Civil Affairs Bureau."

After saying that, Angela walked forward without looking back. When she got in the car, she found that he had followed her all the way and was sitting on the passenger seat at the moment.

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