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   Chapter 227 We Had Already Signed The Divorce Agreement...

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On the second floor of the Yan Family's villa, in the room of Daria, Daria was holding a red pepper shape toy, and Selina was holding a story book. The two of them sat side by side on the small chair, and the two stared at the bright pictures in the story book attentively.

"The bear asked the giraffe how to collect the wind to cool my mom down. The giraffe told the bear," if you stand on the hillside, there will be wind. At that time, you put the wind into a bag and bring it back to your mother, and your mother will be fine... '"

Selina told the story gently. Seeing that she paused for a moment, Daria asked, "why does the bear also have a mother? Only Daria doesn't?"

She didn't expect that the child would ask her such a question. She was stunned for a moment and smiled. "How could Daria not have a mother? Daria's mom is very beautiful!"

"Has aunt Selina seen my mother?"

"Yes, I have! When your parents got married, your mother wore a wedding dress. I think your mother is the most beautiful and happy woman in the world!" Said Selina, with an envious look in her distant eyes.

"Is she more beautiful than aunt Selina?" Daria raise her head and asked.

"Yes!" She touched Daria's little head.

"But I think Auntie Selina is good. When can Auntie Selina be my mother?"

Although Daria was always clever and always said something unexpected, hearing her words, Selina couldn't help blushing, "Daria, children can't talk nonsense!"

"I'm not talking nonsense. It's dad who said that!"

"Your father?"

"Yes! I asked him when Daria would have a mother. He said it would be soon. Then he asked Daria whether it was good that Auntie Selina to be Daria's mother. Auntie Selina, can you be the mother of Daria?"

Daria said in a sweet voice. Hearing this, Selina blushed and didn't know what to say. Suddenly, the two heard a sound from the door. They looked over and saw a woman standing there.

The wind in the corridor blew, and Angela's red dress was elegant, showing her pale face. At the first sigh

n. Then he opened the file bag and took out something from it. He put it on the table and said, "we have signed the divorce agreement, but the procedure is not complete."

She looked at the divorce agreement and marriage certificate on the tea table, as if she had been thrown into an ice cellar, she felt cold from head to foot.

"As for what you mentioned, you want to see the baby every week. I hope..." He paused and said in a cold and even resentful tone, "you will never recognize her!"

Her face was as pale as a piece of paper. Her tears fell down without expected as she looked up at him in shock. She moved her lips but couldn't say anything.

Said Edward, staring at her coldly.

"I..., Daria, she, she needs to know that she also has a mother..."

"She will!"

She would have one! But her mother would not be the woman in front of her!

His cold and calm response made her heart sink again. After a while, she pursed her lips and stopped being afraid to look up at him. "I gave birth to Daria. I have the right to visit her! In order not to disturb your life, I will visit her once a week!"

She had missed the growth of Daria for three years. She don't want to miss it anymore! Besides, she had never thought of hiding the existence of Eden from him. But all of a sudden, she was afraid that he would take away Eden from her...

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