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   Chapter 222 A Familiar Uncle

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On the other side of the airport, Aaron put his suitcase aside and took out the phone to check. He thought that Edward would arrive soon, so he just stood in the corner and waited. When he put away his phone and stood there for a while, he felt that someone was staring at him and he was a little uncomfortable. He glanced around and saw a child staring at him ten meters away.

The child was wearing a grey T-shirt and jeans, with a plane model in his hand. He was only two years old, at most three years old. His cheeks were fleshy, white and tender, and his eyes were big and bright. He looks very smart and wisdom, and even not like a child.

Somehow, he felt that the child looked familiar. He looked around and found that there was no adult taking care of him! Did he get lost?

Thinking of this, he wanted to walk over. The child looked at him for a while. When he was about to approach, the child ran away!

What if a two-year-old child was hit?

Just as Aaron wanted to follow up, his phone rang in his pocket. Edward asked where he was. As he answered, he looked up to the direction of the child. A woman in a silk dress squatted in front of the child, holding the child nervously, and touched the child's head as if to comfort him. It seemed that she was the mother of the child.

Seeing that the child was safe

serious, but Clark was raised by her. She felt sorry for the child so much that she wanted to lose her temper. Besides, she had just been checked up and there was no injury. She picked up the child and coaxed, "don't cry. Don't cry. We don't feel pain and don't need to go to the hospital. "

Seeing that the child was fine and afraid that he would not be found by himself, Edward took out a business card and gave it to the other party. "This is my business card. If the child is injured because of my mistake, you can contact me at any time."

Before Nancy could take it, Clark reached out his hand and take it. Both her mother and godmother said that if there was anything good, he would take it first and then say thank you!

So he grabbed the card and said to the expressionless uncle, "thank you."

Seeing that he was still sobbing when he thanked him, Edward was stunned.

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