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   Chapter 184 Isn't It Incest

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Hilda's eyes darkened at the sight of him. Seeing that she didn't get in the car, Andy took off his sunglasses and smiled at her, "I happen to be going back to the villa. I can give you a ride."

She originally wanted to say "no," but on second thought, this person was going to rob her property! As the saying goes, "know yourself, know your enemy, fight a hundred battles and win a hundred battles!" It's good to know him more.

She got on the car and smiled at him hypocritically, "thank you, Mr. Yao!"

"It doesn't seem right? I'm also grandmother's grandson. In terms of age, I'm your brother."

This guy just met her for the first time and wanted to take advantage of her. How could he be her brother? No way! She was sullen with anger, but smiled and said, "speaking of which, grandma is also old and confused. Since you are the adopted son of the Yan Family, you are our brother. Why do you have to marry one of the three of us? Isn't it incest?"

While driving, Andy looked straight ahead and smiled, "although I'm the adopted son of the Yan Family, I grew up in a villa. They are not related by blood, and they are not relatives by law."

"Grew up in the resort? Why haven't I seen you before?" Before graduation, they had to go to the resort to receive grandmother's "abnormal" training every summer vacation.

He turned to look at her with a faint smile, he didn't fix his sight on her long because he was driving the car and then looked straight ahead.

So, he didn't know why or he didn't want to explain?

She glanced at him and thought about the meaning of his smile just now. She couldn't figure it out for a long time.

In the YM Villa, Carol was chatting with her two sons and daughter-in-law in the hall. It had been almost half an hour since they met. Before the group of children arrived, she said to her eldest son, "Joseph, ask them why they haven't arrived yet."

At this time, Edward and Angela walked in hand and greeted to the elders in the room one by one. Then Joseph asked, "Edward, did you see your brother and others?"

"Yes! They are right behind us." He found a seat and the two sat down side by side.

IY food is safe. It doesn't matter!" Angela was about to take another piece, but Edward held her hand tightly and stared at her coldly.

Originally, she just thought he cared about her, but it was obvious that he was angry. Angela didn't understand why he was angry. She just thought he was making trouble out of nothing and frowned slightly.

She couldn't refute him in front of so many elders, but she really wanted another piece! She lowered her eyelids and shrank her hands. Seeing her restrain herself, Edward released her hand. As soon as she was released, she quickly took another piece of pickled carambola. Seeing her trick, Edward was about to lose his temper, but just he frowned and moved his thin lips, the carambola was took by her to his mouth, Angela smiled and said, "try it too! Grandma's carambola is really delicious!"

He was about to blame her, but was stopped by her carambola and her sincere expression.

Edward had been silent since he was a child and had always been serious and stereotyped. Although he was a junior, many elders dared not say anything in front of him. Seeing this scene, everyone was stunned and looked at the two.

Staring at her, Edward was also stunned. Seeing that he didn't respond, Angela seemed to have got a candy child. "No! I can eat by myself!"

She was about to put it into her mouth. However, as soon as she touched her lips, her hand was grabbed by him.

"I'll eat."

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