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   Chapter 160 Don't Touch Me!

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Although Angela has a tough character, but she was kind-hearted from the bottom of her heart. She could speak for a person she just knew and smile at a stranger, but she was only resist and be angry with him.

Edward looked from her to the security guard's face and felt uncomfortable. Although it was a little unkind for him as a man to embarrass a security guard because of this, he couldn't help embarrassing the security guard. He said, "if the company keep him, I'm afraid the company's reputation will be ruined."

The security felt unsatisfied when he heard that he was going to be fired, but he said nothing which indicated that he was a tough guy.

It was immoral to smash other people's jobs. The thing originated from her, and it was also because of her that Edward made things difficult for him. Although she was not a man, she could still compromise. Reluctantly as she was, she walked up to him and pulled his sleeve. "Edward, I know you are a kind-hearted man. You won't blame him like this, will you?"

It was Angela's favorite way to persuade people to put on a high hat on them. If it was someone else, there would be no room for negotiation.

"Okay..." Seeing that she was half reluctant and half afraid that he would not agree, he felt funny in the bottom of his heart, but he was expressionless. "It's up to you."

Hearing that Edward was not intend to embarrass the security guard, Angela said to the manager and the security guard, "well, Mr. Edward is a kind man. Let it go. We are also a little busy, so we won't interfere with your work!"

She was afraid that he would go back on his words, so she pulled him into the hotel and said, "didn't you say that you wanted to go back to our room? Let's go back quickly!"

He was pulled into the room by her, but a faint smile appeared on his face. Because it was the first time she took the initiative to hold his hand. From the hotel door to the elevator, to the bedroom, she did not let him go.

It was not until she closed the door that Angela realized that she was still holding his hand and hurriedly loosened her grip. She sat on the sofa, annoyed.

Edward cheated her into getting married, and the agreement was tampered with. Now she really became the daughter-in-law of the Yan Family. She couldn't escape even if she wanted to. The banquet was just held yesterday, and

She was like a lamb escaping from a wolf's mouth. Without his shackles and pressure, she wrapped herself in the quilt and shrank aside, tears streaming down her face.

She buried her head in her knees.

He looked askance at her, and the pleasure he had just released was already gone. Although she didn't want to have sex with him the several times before, she tried her best to suppress her desire. She was actually very happy when he teased her. But this time, she cried.

What should I do with you?

With red eyes, he sat up and wanted to hold the trembling woman in his arms. Only then did he touch her fingertips. She trembled like a frightened bird and dodged.

"Don't touch me!" She choked, like a hedgehog, staring at him with hatred.

Those women had always wanted to crawl into his bed. Her cry made his heart ache, but her disgust made him angry.

Although he was a little bossy to her before, he was also gentle and didn't say these words to hurt her.

Do you feel comfortable? ——

That's not what you think. ——

She refused him, but it was not because she didn't like him. It was because she was afraid of pregnancy, but he wanted to have a baby. Every time he didn't take protective measures and didn't allow her to take contraceptives, so she resisted. But this time, he teased her and made her unable to calm down. He said something like that, which clearly meant that she was "acting".

She wiped her tears and went to the bathroom with the quilt wrapped on her body. She felt pain all over her body and fell to the ground by accident.

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