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   Chapter 128 Get Her Completely

Press Me To Your Heart By Wu Shixian Characters: 7074

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Sometimes, too beautiful things made people feel unreal.

Although Angela looked cheerful outside, she was as suspicious as Li Daiyu inside, the heroine of "Dream of the Red Chamber", one of the Chinese classics. She had trusted man for so many times, but in return, everything had changed. She couldn't believe that any man in the world would treat her differently, just like she was with all the other ordinary women. Nothing special.

Her heart sank to the bottom in an instant. The desire and excitement in her eyes gradually returned to peace.

In this world, everything did not belong to anyone, even if they have access to it, there's a time limit. Since Edward didn't belong to her, why should she be afraid of losing him? But this time, she would reserve.

Edward felt that her hand on her waist was gradually loosened. His heart sank when he saw that she was no longer shy and nervous.

Perhaps, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't win a chance. He'd better give up...

Just as he loosened his grip a little, her hand suddenly wrapped around his neck. Before he could react, her soft lips were kissed. His eyes were suddenly wide open and his body was stiff.

Angela's kiss was unskillful. Seeing that he didn't move, she loosened her grip a little and stared at him.

Was there anything wrong?

One was shocked, and the other was confused. The four eyes met, and each of them felt an unbearable desire.

The shock on Edward's face froze for a long time before he could not help smiling happily. His starry eyes sparkled with excitement.

He pulled her head and kissed her deeply. Compared with her gentleness just now, his excitement was like a storm. After a while, she felt suffocated. He was immersed in it, as if he wanted to plunder everything from her.

The high passion made her a little overwhelmed. Her hand slid down from his neck and pressed against his chest, but he did not want to let her go before get satisfaction.

Hearing her gasp, he released her lips. The moment she opened her eyes, her smooth neck was filled with his warm breath.

While she was gasping, h

a juicy cherry.

Last time, under the guidance of the medicine, he had a physiological desire, without any care and love. And this time, he wanted to get her completely.

His warm palm touched every part of her body. The gentle walk gradually deprived her of her strength. The wonderful change of her body not only made her afraid, but also made her desire more.

It was just like a rabbit attached to a girl, more and more lingering. The prelude that had been prepared for a long time made her enter a perfect state. He gently blended with her and enjoyed the beauty in her soft moan.

Angela was like a hot desert, flowing into the clear spring in the scorching sun. Green buds burst out from the wet ground one by one. The desert had turned into a spring full of flowers. Her heart was like a dancing butterfly, flapping colorful, light and beautiful, floating like a fairy...

He had walked through so many mountains, enjoyed the forest, read so many poems, and thought he had experienced all the beautiful things in the world. But at this moment, he felt that the whole world was no match for Angela

From the longing of the heart to the merging of the body and mind, over and over again. It was obvious that he wanted to give her pleasure, but it turned out that he had completely fallen in love with her. At that moment, he felt that he could not live without her for the rest of his life...

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