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   Chapter 125 Don't Touch My Things!

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Although Angela's small movements were inadvertent, they were all seen by the people present. As for Edward's smile, Jonson and Anna were gratified. In the past ten years, he had never played with his sister like this, which made them once think that their son only liked men.

They had been looking forward to it for so many years, and finally it came to an end. Afraid that the Xu Family might not agree, he asked, "Angela is a good girl. It's really a fortune for us to get such an excellent girl to be our daughter-in-law." And it is also Moo moo lucky.

It is indeed that the words coming out of the big entrepreneur would make people feel very comfortable.

Although Darcy also hoped that her daughter could get married as soon as possible, she still felt uncomfortable that Edward was ten years older than her daughter. She smiled and said, "Angela is not a good girl. She has never done housework since childhood and is very willful."

How could the people of the Yan Family not understand what she meant? Jonson couldn't help frowning. Anna was stunned first, and then smiled, "Angela don't need to do housework. Just tell Kay what she like to eat."

In the past ten years, many people wanted to marry their daughter into the Yan Family. Did the Xu Family's parents look down upon them?

Edward was ten years older than her daughter, and his family was so rich. Darcy was afraid that he would bully her daughter with his family power in the future. Although Greg was a little poor, but it was also the reason that the Fang Family did not dare to bully her daughter. Besides, the Xu Family was richer than the Fang Family. Besides, they were all from the L City. If the Fang Family really bullied her daughter, the family members of Xu could also protect her. She couldn't help her daughter no matter what happened after she married into the S City. The more Darcy thought about it, the more she disliked Edward...

Walter, on the other hand, thought that Edward was knowledgeable, mature and prudent. Although he was a little older, he was more pleasing than Greg. Noticing that his wife was a little impolite, he quickly smiled and said, "it's indeed too early to set a date today. It's the first time for the two families to have dinner, so they should have a good talk to enhance their relationship. I will let my father to see if there is a good day this year in a few days. Then we can discuss about the marriage."

Hearing this, Jonson didn't know what to say. He just smiled and said, "the food in C area is famous all

"Yes! Yes!" She nodded.

"He is so handsome and rich. Mom, to be honest, I think Angela has no reason not to marry him!" Angela's second sister hit the nail on the head.

"What do you know? !" "I'm so disappointed at you." Darcy said, "rich men are all womanizers. Besides, he was so good-looking. How many women wanted to pounce on her? If you marry him, you will catch the mistresses every day and sleep with a pillow at night!"

"Well... I'm sorry that I can't agree with you. Even if the men don't look good, they will cheat..." Angela's elderly sister retorted.

"An ugly man is more likely to cheat on his wife to prove his charm." Angela's second sister nodded.

"Look, except my father, all the good-looking men in the world are going to cheat. In that case, I'd rather marry a good-looking and rich man. At least if he cheated on me, I had money to keep me accompany." Angela shrugged.

The three sisters said in unison and chuckled in tacit understanding. Angela's second sister put down the nuts in her hands, wiped her hands with a wet tissue and said, "You keeping talking about it when she doesn't have a boyfriend, and now you are unwilling that she find a boyfriend. "

"I am ok with this. It's fate, and I'm still young. But mom, you said..."

"What's this?" Shawn's words interrupted Angela, and they looked over at the same time.

As soon as she felt bored, she glanced at Angela's bag and saw a red marriage certificate with the two words "get married". She took the marriage certificate subconsciously.

Seeing that she put her hand in, Angela suddenly remembered that the marriage certificate was in it. She rushed over and said, "don't touch my things!"

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