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   Chapter 123 Let's Get Married By Agreement!

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Angela made a decision in her heart. If he figured out the meaning of these two beads, she would married with him by agreement. If he misunderstood, she would refuse.

Seeing him moving his lips, her heart was beating fast, and there were expectations in the depths of her heart. Although she didn't want to admit it, she knew her feelings clearly. On the one hand, she told herself that she was done; on the other hand, she told herself that if she agreed to his request, she could put down all her worries and wholeheartedly study.

"Drop your tears. I wish we could meet before we get married." Standing in front of her, when he read the two lines of the poem, his eyes turned red.

Angela didn't know that when he said this, her heart seemed to be twisted. He forced a smile and said, "so, it's still remained your decision?"

In the past decade, he had never paid so much attention to anyone. Angela seemed to have built a tower. She locked herself at the top of the tower and lived an independent life. He put down his body and climbed to the top of the tower, not afraid of danger. But she tried her best to protect that door. He didn't know whether she couldn't let go of Greg or she really didn't want to be with anyone. However, he felt a little tired because she didn't respond after knocking at the door for so long.

She knew that he must know what she meant as she refused him again and again. But when she heard him speak out her heart, her heart was shocked.

He had a handsome face, outstanding talent, and he knew her so well and supported her... The only thing that could make her refuse him was the fear in her heart. Once you have a crush on someone, you will be controlled by some inexplicable power. She was so excited that she wanted to say something, but it was choked in her throat.

Edward had been in the business world for so many years and had seen through so many cunning thoughts. But when he saw her pale face, he really believed the old saying, "women are complicated." He thought that maybe it was just her physiological need that she didn't refuse just now. It was not that he gradually had his place in her heart as he thought. So, he'd better let go of her...

The two of them kept silent for a while. He frowned and turned around to leave.

When Angela came to

stunned for a while, but when he saw her resistance, he became unhappy. Did she disguise him so much? Even if he won't touch her, she didn't want to have a baby with him?

Seeing the displeasure on his face, she said carefully, "how about you have a baby with another woman? Even if you don't need a surrogacy, I can help you hide it from them."

Angela didn't expect that as soon as she said this, his face deep darkened and he looked at her coldly.

Wasn't she too neglect even if they had reached an agreement to get married? She allowed him to have a baby with another woman, and she even helped him hide it?

He was so angry that as if there was a stone pressing on his chest, but he said, "okay!"

Seeing him add this column on the computer, Angela felt a little uncertain.

Would he really have a baby with another woman?

"Well... If you really have a baby, can you stop me from taking care of it?"

Did this woman really think that he would have a child with another woman?

Edward was really pissed off. Suppressing his anger, he looked at her and said, "considering that the child needs a healthy environment to grow up, if I have a child with another woman, I will often go to see the child, and even terminate the agreement in advance."

Hearing what he said, she breathed a sigh of relief. "That's good!"

That's good...

Didn't she see that he was angry?

His hands froze when he was typing. After a while, he told himself, "forget it. Keep her steady first and then teach her slowly in the future."

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