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   Chapter 122 An Unknown Man

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"Edward!" She shouted. Seeing him stop and turn around, she said, "I don't want to go out. Can I stay at home?"

He just originally wanted to stay at home with her for a while, so he had no objection. But she suddenly changed her mind. He couldn't help but look at her for a while. "Yes!"

"May I come into your study?"


After getting his approval, Angela walked towards that direction with excitement.

When she lived here before, Hilda said that she couldn't touch anything in the study, so she just looked around. There were many books that were hard to find in the market, especially some with larger measurement. Even if they could be bought, they were only deleted edition.

In the past, whenever Edward was free, he would stay in the study for the whole afternoon and read books after he finished his work. In fact, in the past ten years, he didn't have much time to read like this. He was more frequent took a book with him and read it on the plane.

Edward was a top capitalist in the business field. On the bookshelf, there were not as many business books as the classical literature, and some were even published in the Qing Dynasty or even the Ming Dynasty. When she lived here before, she was curious about who the owner was that could collected so many ancient books in such an impetuous modern city. Now seeing these books and connect them with Edward, she felt a little unbelievable.

She looked at the books on the bookshelf and thought for a while before she found him standing next to her. She asked, "do you like classic literature very much?"

If it weren't for her, he would have lost that most free time. Thinking of the past, his eyes darkened. After a while, he said, "when I was in my fourth year of the college, I enrolled in the classical literature of H University behind my family. I was recruited with the first place result, and finally gave up the opportunity to further study because my father worked too hard to come to the hospital."

Later, she knew that he had applied for the literature major of H University for the college entrance examination. Jonson secretly changed his wish and sent him to Harvard for business administration. Because of this, he hadn't spoken to his father for the whole two years. In order to return home early and be admitted as a graduate student to restart his favorite

be much richer than others, with such a solid economic foundation and such a high social status, but he had never emanated the bad smell of copper.

Most of the people he met were business people. It had been ten years ago that he had talked about this kind of thing so happily with others last time. He was really grateful that Angela made his heart, which had been silent for a long time, become young again.

It was just like what Edward had said, "thick accumulation makes thin hair." Unfortunately, she had wasted so many years. When she wanted to read the literature, her opponent had long been waiting for thin hair. But now, she couldn't concentrate on her study because of life.

Thinking of this, she couldn't help feeling depressed.

Noticing that she was lowering her head to hide her thoughts, Edward walked closer to her and said, "Angela, I can give you an environment to study at ease."

Angela was stunned and looked up at him. He looked indifferent, but the expectation in his eyes was hidden. Her eyes were so determined that she was a little indecisive. The moment he kissed her gently and she responded to him expectantly, she knew that she had fallen in love with him.

"I..." She was afraid that she couldn't help but agree, so she paused.

Marriage was supposed to be a sacred thing. Wasn't it too absurd for them to reach an agreement to get married for such a reason?

She was lost in thought. Suddenly, something occurred to her. She pursed her lips and asked, "didn't I give you a pair of beads? Have you figure out the meaning?"

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