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   Chapter 121 I Won't Exchange You By A Thousand Pieces Of Gold

Press Me To Your Heart By Wu Shixian Characters: 7446

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What do you mean by which is more worthwhile of use ten hundred thousand and spend a night with me? She was not a hooker. What Edward said was too much!

Seeing that she was about to scold him, he grabbed her arm and pulled her into his arms. Angela, I won't exchange you by a thousand pieces of gold."

His eyes were as tender as spring water. His magnetic voice sounded softly, like a goose feather gently scratching her heart. An impatient desire surged out. At the same time, she had an unprecedented panic because her emotions were extremely out of control.

She wanted to escape from this suffocating and uncontrollable situation, but her feet seemed to be filled with lead.

Her face was as red as peach blossom and her eyes blinked like stars. She had always been smart and rational, but it was rare for her to look so flustered and misted. Edward knew that she was a little tempted.

In this chase, he had been silently guarding behind her. He knew she was rejecting him, so he patiently approached her. He knew she was scared, so he tried to give her the sense of security she wanted. Now that she had fallen in love with him, he plucked up the courage, held up her flushed face and gently kissed her thin lips.

This kiss was not lustful or frivolous. It was just a romantic question.

When their lips touched, Angela's surprised eyes couldn't help moving. She put her hand against his chest unconsciously. Obviously, she wanted to resist, but she was stunned by his rapid heartbeat.

A person's words, actions, and even eyes could deceive people, but his heart could not. Edward never said anything "sincere" to her, but his heartbeat was enough to prove everything.

Edward's love was like a strong wind trying to take away the leaves that unwilling to leave the tree. The more sincere he was, the more violent the wind became, and she began to waver. The light touch was like the temptation of hemp, which suddenly took away all her vigilance.

She was still lost herself in the wonderful atmosphere, yet his lips had left.

Angela raised her head and frowned at the inadequate gentleness he gave her.

Desire could be seen in her clear eyes. After reading her mind, Edward stepped closer to her.

cause he was afraid that she would misunderstand him.

Just now, she couldn't help following his rhythm. She was tempted by him little by little and almost entered the Garden of Eden. This uncontrollable physiological reaction was really dangerous!

"How about... Let's go out for fun?"

She had to keep her promise. One day passed quickly. If they went to a place with a lot of people, he would not do anything to her in front of so many people.

He thought she would leave directly, but he didn't expect her to suddenly compromise. Did it mean that she was more or less willing to stay with him now? But when it came to going out, he frowned.

"Where do you want to go?" His back was scalded, so it was not appropriate for him to go to a place with many people.

She seldom went out, normally she liked to read books and write poems at home. Besides, she had to work and prepare for the exam at the same time, so she didn't know where to go. She thought for a while and didn't know where to go. However, it seemed that they hadn't had lunch after such a long time at the wedding! She was so hungry that she almost forgot. But wasn't it too eye-catching to have dinner with him alone?

Seeing that she thought for a while but didn't say anything, Edward decided to do some prepare, so that he could set out at any time. "I'm going to change my clothes."

As soon as he turned around, Angela saw the ointment on his shirt and remembered that his back was still injured!

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