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   Chapter 118 Are You Silly...

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In the noise around, Angela heard a familiar voice. At the same time, a man called her name nervously and she turned around subconsciously. She didn't figure out who was the man, but it seemed that Christa was standing behind him.

She looked ferocious and poured the hot water on Angela's face.

"Ah..." In the crowd, the women who were splashed by the hot water screamed.

Angela was held in someone's arms and her head was pressed tightly. She pressed her face against his chest and felt his warmth through the thin shirt.

Angela felt a burning pain in her hand. At the same time, Edward, who was holding her, was stunned and snorted.

"Christa!" Bryson reacted and grabbed her wrist, trying to grab the kettle from her hand.

"Bryson, let go of me! Ah -- "Christa struggled, and the remaining hot water in the kettle splashed out and scalded the back of her hand. She screamed and loosened her hand naturally.

"Where did you get burned?" Seeing that Bryson had caught Christa, Edward released her a little and held her face nervously.

Angela was still in a state of shock, and the ferocious face of Christa still lingered in her mind. After a while, the pain on the back of her hand pulled her back to reality. Because of the postures of the two, she put her hands on his waist. The hot water poured from Christa flowed from his neck all the way down and wet his whole back.

She touched his back and felt the pain of scalding. Her heart skipped a beat. "Edward, your back!"

Angela's eyes were full of nervousness. Seeing that his forehead was covered with sweat because of the pain, she let go of him and said, "take off your clothes quickly!"

"Do you feel any pain?" On the other hand, Edward wasn't nervous about his back. He was just worried that it wasn't fully covered her just now, fearing that she might be scalded.

Ten minutes later, in the lounge.

After treating the skin on Edward's back, the doctor said, "apply medicine on your back on time. You'd better change your clothes every two hours. It's a little serious and might blister later. If it blisters, you must be more careful with applying the medicine."


say to you?"

For so long, because Angela rejected the care of opposite sex, Edward had to silently care about her behind her back. This was the first time he had tried to care about her directly. He was afraid that she would feel disgusted, but he didn't expect her to wipe her tears and explain, "he and Christa were used to be boyfriend and girlfriend, and now they had been broke up."

He waited patiently for her to continue. After a long time, he saw that she did not want to explain more. He said, "he likes you."

From the first time they met, he could feel Bryson's hostility towards him. It was just a simple sentence of her, and Edward could guess the general situation.

If it was in the past, he would think they were childish. But since he met Angela, he found that many of his behaviors were involuntarily.

He stared at her seriously, and she was slightly surprised by his wisdom. After a while, she nodded, "yes. Christa thought that Bryson broke up with her because I told him some of her secret. That's why she did such an extreme thing."

At this point, she had been utterly disappointed in Christa. But she didn't expect that Christa would want to ruin her appearance. How was a person vicious enough to ruin other people's appearance?

"Then what are you going to do?"

It was useless to explain more on what happened in the past. Now the most important thing was to help her deal with these annoying things.

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