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   Chapter 117 Angela, I Like You

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Angela looked up and met his murderous eyes. She was stunned and suddenly dared not speak.

Edward was so shrewd that she couldn't figure out what made him angry. In that case, it was better to say less. After all, it was wrong to say more!

At this time, the elevator door opened and the phone in Edward's pocket rang. He glanced at the screen and then her. Then he said, "I have to answer the phone. Wait for me here."

Then he walked out of the corridor and didn't answer the phone until he was dozens of steps away from her.

She looked at his back and felt something strange. He used to answer the phone in front of her, but she didn't know whose phone it was, as if he was afraid of being heard by her!

"Angela, why are you still here?" Bryson walked out of the elevator and saw her standing aside, as if she was waiting for someone.

"Oh..." She quickly responded and asked with concern, "what did your company say?"

"Mr. Richard, although who don't want to pursue it, but the company was afraid of affecting its reputation, saying that half of his expenses will be deducted. As for me, my bonus will be deducted." He shrugged and said.

"Ah..." She didn't expect that the consequence would be so serious. She thought of something and asked, "then... How much is the wedding?"

"It is estimated to be two hundred thousand. But due to some emergencies, the cost may increase."

Two, two hundred thousand? If it was half, wouldn't Edward have to compensate one hundred thousand?

Seeing her pale face, he asked, "the luncheon is about to begin. Let me take you to dinner!"

Angela was confused by his words and forgot her original purpose of standing there. She followed Bryson into the wedding hall. Bryson thought for a moment and said, "Angela, in fact, I have broken up with Christa."

It was so urgent just now that Angela didn't have time to ask what had happened between them that made Christa hated her so much. Now that he mentioned it, she took the opportunity and ask, "what's wrong with you and her?"

"Actually... In fact, I don't like

at you broke up with Greg? I have also looked for Christa, but she is unwilling to tell me your whereabouts. Then..."

His eyes turned red.

Angela didn't expect that Bryson cared about her so much. But why did he stop and stop in grief?

Later... He saw the news about her and Edward, and her classmates in the University were discussing that she was a mistress of Edward, who admires vanity, so she abandoned Greg.

In his heart, Angela was a self-respect girl. Even though she had been with Greg for so long, she didn't lose her virginity. He didn't believe it until he saw the video. He recognized that the person inside was her, and the other one who was beaten was Greg. He had looked for Greg, who had drunk with him the whole night and almost vomited his gallbladder. Greg said that Angela admitted that she had slept with another man.

Bryson had been in love with such a clean girl for several years. In the end, she let him down. But he didn't understand that he would also be unwilling. That kind of unwillingness seemed to be more obvious than that of Greg.

The two fell into silence. At this time, in the tea drinking area not far away. Hot water was flowing out slowly. Even in the hot summer, the pot was filled with steaming hot water.

With a pot of hot water in her hand and high heels, the woman approached the two of them step by step, so quietly...

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