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   Chapter 116 Be My Girlfriend For One Day

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Ten minutes later, the three arrived at the lounge. Bryson opened the door for Angela, but he stood in front of Edward and asked, "Mr. Edward, can you wait outside for a while?"

"No." Edward replied expressionlessly and went straight into the room.

Just now, Bryson was very unhappy to see that Edward was holding Angela. Ignoring his request, Edward bumped into his shoulder, which made him very unhappy. But since Angela was here, Bryson couldn't lose his temper.

Seeing that Angela was sitting on the sofa, Edward also sat next to her. The sofa in the hotel room was short, and the two sat down close to each other. Bryson pulled a chair and said to Edward, "Mr. Edward, here is a chair. It's more comfortable to sit here."

"I feel comfortable sitting here." He smiled faintly, held Angela's waist and pulled her into his arms with a little strength.

Even Angela] could see that he was asserting his sovereignty. Although she pretended not to expose him, she suddenly pinched his back. Edward straightened up after being pinched.

Without changing his expression, he glanced at Bryson's work card and asked, "Mr. Bryson, if you have any questions, just ask."

Bryson had planned to take this opportunity to talk about the past with Angela. But it was obvious that Edward did it on purpose. He wanted to tell him that Angela was his woman!

"Mr. Edward, we have a rule that you can't come in without an invitation."

"Oh? Is it? That's not what Mr. Richard said. " Edward leaned against the sofa and smiled.

"No! In fact, I have had the invitation! " Angela explained, "But..."

But she gave it back to Greg.

Bryson couldn't make things difficult for Angela. Enduring his anger, he asked Angela again, "About those photos, I want to ask you, except you and Greg, who else has these photos."

Angela frowned and thought for a while. Suddenly, a clean and beautiful face appeared in her mind.

Her heart skipped a beat. She stood up pulling Edward and said, "Bryson, wait a minute. I have something to know."

As she spoke, she pulled Edward out of the room and walked to the end of the corridor. After making sure that Bryson wouldn't hear her, she pulled his sleeve and asked, "Can you do me a favor, Edward?"



back and just be scolded."

"Thank you so much! Bryson! " Angela said gratefully.

It was him who took the blame. Why didn't she talk to Bryson in such a grateful tone?

Edward grabbed her wrist and said with a long face, "Since the matter has been settled, let's go!"

Angela wanted to have a chat with Bryson, but was dragged away by him forcefully. If it had been in the past, she would have struggled, but considering that he had taken the blame for her, she compromised. When she was pulled away, she said to Bryson, "Then we'll leave first. We can make an appointment next time!"

Appointment? He took the blame so she agreed to be his girlfriend for the whole day. Why did other men ask her out so easily? Moreover, the way Bryson looked at Edward was full of hostility, but he tried his best to please Angela. It was obvious that he had a crush on her!

Edward pulled her into the elevator and pressed the button of the first floor. Angela's wrist hurt, so she said, "You can let go of me first. It hurts a little."

Edward was almost pissed off by her, so he unconsciously increased the strength. But when he heard her words, he didn't show any mercy to her. Instead, he grasped her more tightly. "Didn't you promise to listen to my arrangement?"

"What? Are you counting the time from now? " Then she took out her phone, looked at the time and said, "It's twelve twenty. It's over by this time tomorrow!"

It haven't even started yet. Does she want to end it? Was Edward that bad?

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