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   Chapter 111 What Are You Doing !

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Edward took her to the shoe shop first. Standing at the glass counter, she looked at the shining silver high heels and be deeply attracted. The shoes were hidden in the snow-white dress. Even if they were invisible, they could make the person who wore them more confident. Although Angela also thought the high heels were very beautiful, she thought it would be good to appreciate them as a piece of art when she thought about the feeling of her feet if she wore them on.

Seeing that she stared at the shoes for dozens of seconds and then looked at other shoes. Edward looked at her silently by standing next to her. The saleslady stood aside respectfully. Every time Angela looked at a pair of shoes, she would explain it to her in detail. Such as the most popular this year... What kind of star is the same style! What was the design of a famous designer.

Angela walked around and then sat on the sofa. She was a little tired and said, "how about you choose for me? Anyway, the high-heeled shoes are all the same to me, and the dress should be long enough to make it invisible."

She didn't have much rest last night, so she felt very tired after a walk.

He still remembered when he took Hilda went shopping, Hilda was desperately happy. How could Angela feel so painful now? He recalled the shoes she had just looked at. Then he pointed at those shoes and said to shopping guide, "bring these four pairs of shoes and let her give a try."

"Okay, which size do you want?"

Sitting next to her, she was about to remind the saleslady of the size. "36 yards," said Edward.

"Okay, please wait a moment."

"How do you know my size?"

"I guessed." He sat beside her.

How could Angela remember that he had held her feet when they were making out? But her question reminded him of their past good time. Thinking of that night, he vaguely felt a little desire inside his body.

It had been almost four months, but he hadn't made any progress so far.

When Edward couldn't stand it, Angela touched his hand. The sofa was a little crowded and they sat very close to each other. It was summer and she

I can't go on a business trip with him."

"You are too modest! It's hard for a man to be so considerate after he gets married with you!"

"What? He is not my husband."

"Is he your boyfriend?"

She was about to refuse, but stopped. If they are not in a relationship, wouldn't it be strange for two people to buy things together? Moreover, Edward really behaved like her boyfriend. After thinking for a while, she thought it was unnecessary to explain to a stranger, so she just smiled.

The waitress continued, "once, my boyfriend bought me a pair of shoes. Because I didn't live with him, I wondered how he knew the yard number. He told me that during our trip he measured my shoes secretly when I fell asleep at night. I just heard that you were wondering how your boyfriend knew your size. I think he should know the method too."

The waitress seemed to be lost in her memory and said happily. On the other hand, Angela's face turned red and she took a look at Edward.

At this time, Edward had paid and came back. Angela stood up in her new high heels. When he saw her stand up, he got closer and closer to her, until there was only a punch between them.

Originally, she was not as high as his shoulder. After putting on the high-heeled shoes, when he approached her, her head just touched his chin.

"What are you doing? !" She tried to escape, but her arms were firmly grasped by him.

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