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   Chapter 110 Put It On First!

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In the past four months, he had spent money, status, talent, appearance... Even if he had gathered all the advantages on him, as well as his heart and patience for her, he just won her no rejection. It seemed that he had a long way to go after his wife!

Angela's afraid of softness but not hardness. How could Edward know that she was just trying to resist the temptation with reason?

His good-looking was hard to resist for people who keenly enthusiasm for appearance, let alone he had so many talents. Angela was also an ordinary person. It was inevitable for her to fall in love with someone. She just reminded herself again and again that there was only one time in her life. If she abandoned her dream in order to jump into a huge pit that she couldn't see clearly, there might be gains and losses in it, and if it was dark, there would be no peace for the rest of her life.

She shook off his hand with a little depression and avoided his gentle gaze.

The resistance reaction was like a sword made of ice, piercing into his heart, cold and painful. The strong desire of conquer at the beginning had turned into an restless uproar and desire. Edward knew that he was really in love.

When he was in a daze, she strode into her room, as anxious as running for her life.

Hearing the door closing, he turned his head to look at the door, but his eyes were unable to focus.

This time, she should be really angry. Otherwise, how could she dislike him so much?

That night, in two rooms, the two of them were lying on the bed, with their own thoughts in their minds, awake all night.

The sparrows in July screamed very diligently. On the quiet weekend, their joyful singing was heard all over the community. From the singing of these birds, at the edge of dream and waking, she could feel the sunshine today.

Today, the sun was shining brightly. It was a good day for getting marriage. Greg was about to marry another woman. She couldn't tell what kind of sadness it was. Was she robbed of happiness for the rest of her life, or was she robbed of half of her life? Greg was not the only one in her life. Without him, she still had a lot of things to protect, family, frien

ask. He took her to the cloakroom of Hilda and picked a pink handbag for her.

All of a sudden, an interesting thing occurred to her. She smiled and said, "isn't your bossy CEO going to buy limited edition clothes? I attended the party as your female companion. Isn't it inappropriate for you to borrow Hilda's handbag so casually?"

Although she knew that all bags of Hilda were expensive, she still joked.

As Edward walked out, he said, "what you use will have a different meaning according to your identity. Eighty percent of the DC Capital Group this year was centered on "economy". If anyone dares to pick a thorn in this bag, just give me a chance to shoot an advertisement for our company!"

Angela had to admire his wisdom, "is it really good for you to be so smart?"

They passed the door one after another. He stood outside after putting on his shoes. She put on the flat shoes, so her dress could only be held on the ground. She had to lift the hemline on both sides. She asked, "You don't want me to lift it all the time, right?"

"If you don't mind, I can help you lift it. Or... " He deliberately lengthened his tone, not completely speaking.

"Or what?"

"Hold you up!"

Angela's face darkened and was about to go back to her room. He grabbed her arm and said with a smile, "I'm just kidding!"

To be honest, Edward was used to wearing a serious expression. Even if he was joking, it was hard to tell that he was not serious.

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