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   Chapter 109 What Can I Do Since I Like You

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At this time, Edward's car stopped in front of them. Angela got on the car as usual, and Shawn followed her.

"TSK, TSK, TSK Thanks to you, I can once get in the Bentley in my lifetime. " Shawn pretended to sigh and said, "No, in order to let me take such a car for the rest of my life, I will tell our parents and let them accept your Moo moo."

Shawn's words amused Edward.

Angela scorned, "Moo moo? He is two years older than you. Are you sure you want to call him Moo moo? "

"It depends on his appearance!" Shawn didn't talk much, but hit the nail on the head every time.

Edward was impeccable in appearance and temperament. It had to be said that although Angela tried her best to restrain herself and she didn't want to be ruined by vanity, her eldest sister's praise was as if she really got Edward and had a good treasure that no one else had, Angela couldn't help blushing.

Through the rearview mirror, seeing her dodging her eyes and blushing, Edward was in a good mood unconsciously.

Along the way, because of existence of Shawn, Angela didn't dare to say anything because she was afraid that she might say something inappropriate. After all, if they knew that she and Edward had already had sex, she would have to wait to be forced to marry.

It was not until she finally got home that Angela revealed her nervousness all the way. "What on earth did you say to my father, Edward?"

"Just a few words. " Edward poured two glasses of water and handed one to her, "Drink some water first. I'll tell you."

Angela was not in the mood to drink water, so she put it aside. Edward looked down at the glass of water and didn't want to say anything. Angela knew he was waiting for her to drink water, so she picked up the glass and drank it up.

Seeing that she was obedient and was about to drink it up, he said, "I told your father that the Yan Family has been discussing to visit your family recently."

"Puff..." Angela was so frightened that she spit out a mouthful of water. Seeing this, Edward quickly dodged and said

wanted to hear what they were talking about, but she couldn't hear clearly what her mother was talking on the other end of the phone. As for Edward, he just nodded and said, "Yes... Okay... Okay, I see. " Then he hung up the phone.

Seeing the nervous look on her face, Edward had an idea. He looked at her seriously and frowned, "In fact, I just thought for a while. It's really wrong for me to say those words to Uncle Walter without authorization. How about I call him and tell him our real relationship? "

Confess? What kind of confession was it? Including how did they know each other?

"No!" Seeing that he was about to answer the phone, she quickly reached out and grabbed his hand, saying, "Not be impulsive first, or I will die in minutes! How about this? Let me think about it first. "

If she told them again that Edward was not her boyfriend, all her scolding today would be in vain. The Xu Family must be in a turmoil again!

"But I have promised uncle that the Yan Family should have time to go there."

"You -- Edward, did you do it on purpose?" There was no time left for her!

"Yes! I did it on purpose! " He rubbed her head and smiled.

Obviously, he was forcing her to marry him!

When Angela was about to lose her temper, his eyes suddenly became so sad that even his smile could not cover up. "What can I do since I like you?"

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