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   Chapter 108 Edward Is A Good Man

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Angela wanted to get rid of him, but he held her firmly.

As soon as Edward appeared, he held Walter's daughter's hand. The two of them were still flirting in front of them. Seeing this, Walter was furious and went straight between the two, so Edward had no choice but to let go.

"Close the door." Walter ordered.

Darcy was so shocked that she forgot to go to the bathroom. After she closed the door, she looked at Edward from head to toe.

Walter pulled Angela aside and snapped, "What's your relationship with this man?"

What relationship? She and he were not as they thought.

"I've told you that I rent his sister's room. Since the electricity in his house was burnt, he lives in his sister's house. That's why there is such a misunderstanding! " Angela said confidently.

"If it doesn't matter, why did he say that he would be responsible ?"

"Who knows! Maybe it is because your daughter is so excellent! " Angela was really crazy. If her parents knew what had happened between them, they would force her to marry him.

"Angela, don't talk nonsense at this moment. I think he has a crush on you! "

"He is not the only one who has a crush on me. Do I have to marry him if he has a crush on me?" Speaking of getting married, she felt uncomfortable.

"I think Edward is a good man. He is not worse looking than a star and has a good figure. But he is too rich..."

Hearing his eldest daughter's words, Walter asked, "Are you familiar with him?"

"How can I be familiar with someone like Edward? But he is too famous. As long as you are online, he should be known! "

Walter took a look at Edward again. He was taller and more gentle than Greg. On the other side, Darcy was worried, "Is he a star?"

"Can a good-looking man live on his face? The entertainment circle is in a mess. You are so simple that you wouldn't even know you have been sold if you marry a man in the entertainment circle! " Walter strongly opposed.

"Dad, nowadays, person can really live on being handsome! Some stars just show their faces and take photos. They make more money than our family for a year. " Shawn corrected him. Seeing that her father's face was gloomy,

hawn looked at them in surprise.

Angela's heart was in her throat. Before she could ask, Edward had already held her wrist. This time, Walter didn't pull a long face. Instead, he happily said to Angela, "Angela! Don't only care about your future husband. Take Moo moo back on the national day. Your grandmother will be happy too! "

Future husband? Moo moo? Make Grandma happy? What the hell?

"I..." When Angela was about to explain, Edward pulled her and replied with a smile, "I will."

"Now that the problem has been solved, let's go back!" Walter said to his wife.

Although Darcy was curious, she didn't ask. Shawn asked, "Will you stay here for one night?"


Angela was happy to hear that they were going back, so she didn't say anything to keep them. After the two people left, she finally couldn't help but ask, "What on earth did you say to my father?"

"Just a chitchat!" Edward smiled and said, "I'll go get my car."

As soon as he left, Shawn came over and said, "I think he is a good man. Where did you get the treasure?"

"What is it? Besides, he is five or six years older than you. I think you can call him uncle! "

Shawn said, "Age doesn't matter. The key depends on his appearance! Although he is in his thirties, don't you think he looks like as the same age as me? "

With a fake smile, Angela knocked her down and said, "I think he is younger than you!"

"Fuck off! Do you want me to help you? "

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