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   Chapter 101 I Promise You, Okay

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Seeing that he was about to go out with a smile, she quickly stopped him, "Edward!"

"What?" He stopped and turned around.

"Can I not take these clothes?"

"How can I take back my gift? "If you don't want to accept others' kindness, there are many other ways, right?"

Normally, Edward was a typical capitalist. A dress was enough for an ordinary person to pay down for a house, and a meal was a month's expense for an ordinary family. When he said this, she was slightly surprised. When she came to her senses, Edward had already gone out. Looking at his back, Angela frowned and lowered her head, murmuring, "I will pay for what you have done. Does he mean I pay back by being his girlfriend?"

When she read the last few words, her face flushed.

So, was this what Edward wanted?

She looked at the wardrobe full of strange clothes and sighed.

Edward thought carefully. He knew that she liked to clean. The clothes she bought just now had to be washed and dried, so most of the clothes here had been washed and dried.

She had no choice but to take out another pajama. After a shower, Edward made their favorite tomato and egg noodle.

Angela had been hungry for a long time. She argued with him for a long time and then even took a shower. When she smelled the fragrance, she walked over subconsciously. Perhaps she was a little familiar with him, she asked, "Mr. Edward, you are so thin. You can't eat the whole pot, can you?"

With two bowls in his hands, Edward filled the bowls with noodles and said with a smile, "Yes, I can't eat them, so I hope you can help me."

"Is it overtime to help Mr. Edward eat noodles?"

Show her pity to get small advantages!

When he was about to send the bowl in front of her, he suddenly shrank back. Seeing that he had changed his mind, Angela reached out for the bowl in his hand and said, "Thank you, Mr. Edward!"

Then she sat down and didn't look at him anymore.

She chose a pure cotton floral pajama, princess sleeve, and a little bowknot on the sleeve. Although it was a combination of top and pants, it was very ladylike.

Angela didn't know that although this pajama was very ordinary, he let subordinate find it several times to buy it. Because Angela liked to kick the quilt, he specially asked to buy trousers. But in general, in summer pajamas, short sleeves were accompanied by level five trousers or shorts, and few of them matched trousers. Although the pure cotton cloth was good for human body, it would be very hot if it was a little thicker.

The shop sent a row of pajamas. From two sets of pajamas, he picked out one short sleeve shirt and matched it with the trousers of the

ou and make you into a specimen? "

Seeing his reaction, Angela knew that she was thinking too much! Her face turned red, and even her ears were as red as blood. She didn't lose and muttered, "You only watch me eat. How can I know if you will poison me?"

Edward was speechless.

Wasn't he obsessed with her? She was so unromantic.

Ten minutes later.

The two sat at the table. Angela lowered her head to eat the noodles. From time to time, she heard the sound of Edward trying hard to hold back his laughter.

"Mr. Edward, if you want to laugh, just laugh as much as you can! Be careful not to be suffocated into internal injuries! " She felt ashamed and irritable, so she put down the chopsticks and stood up. "I'm full! Take your time, Mr. Edward! "

After returning to her room, Angela locked the door. Then she patted her head and said, "It's so humiliating!"

This night, she was almost tricked, and then humiliated. She looked at her watch and found that it was almost ten o'clock, and her study progress was slowed down again!

Edward was such a coquette that he tried to seduce her, a talent who was eager to enter the graduate school, and delay her study!

No way! She couldn't go on like this! What "I will pay for what you have done"! She didn't want to be tricked!

After thinking for a while, she turned on her phone and bought a pair of legendary luminous pearls on the online shop!

Two days later, on the twenty-two floor of the DC Building, in the CEO's office.

Angela handed a brocade box to Edward and said, "Mr. Edward, this is my reward."

A hint of excitement flashed through his eyes when he heard her reply. Then he reached out and opened it. It was a pair of beads.

Pearls? Also is it a couple? What's the meaning of this?

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