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   Chapter 100 What Do You Mean By Sneaking In At Midnight

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Updated: 2020-05-01 00:22

"I thought he was just chatting with me. How could I know he was so thoughtful! On my mother's birthday, he just gave her a big red envelope and said that he had no time to choose a gift! Who would have thought that he would change into another person when he knew you? "

"He has already asked you this question and still brought you a pile of photos to choose. Isn't that clear enough? Shouldn't you find some better words to fool me? Are you insulting my intelligence? " Angela replied and went to Hilda's room, but nothing changed.

"How dare I! You are so smart. Am I courting death? Maybe it's because I'm not smart enough that I naively think my brother is just a

"Well. Edward, even if you want to give me something in another way, don't throw my clothes away! " Although Angela was in a hurry to get her clothes back, she knew what kind of person Edward was. If she argued with him, she was afraid that he would throw all her clothes away.

Although Edward wanted to force her to accept his gift, he didn't want to throw her clothes away disrespectfully. He just hid the clothes so that she could only wear these new clothes. Angela didn't like wasting. She would feel it was a waste if she threw it away after she wore it.

"No, I didn't. I'll give you back a month later." He said coldly.

His words confirmed her guess.

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