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   Chapter 92 It Is Her Son Who Is Abnormal!

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Angela had thought that she would just have dinner with Anna, but when the waiter pushed the door of the box, there were four women sitting inside. They were fat or thin, but they all wore expensive clothes.

"Hey! You finally came. We has been waiting for you for the whole morning. People who don't know you might think that you have taken your daughter-in-law to have a plastic surgery! " Among them, the slightly fat woman in a white dress grinned.

Angela sensed the irony in her words and felt uncomfortable. Anna was not surprised. She took Angela to the table and said with a smile, "This young girl is not the same as the old. It's normal for her to spend more time outside!"

The fat lady in the white dress was speechless, her face darkened.

"That's it! She is in love with Moo moo. He is full of energy. How can they get up early in the morning? " The woman in beige silk shirt and dark green loose pants was the most graceful one except Aunt Anna. Then she looked at Anna. It was obvious that she had a good relationship with Anna.

"You will scare the young girl if you talk like this." The woman wearing a red dress mediated a dispute, looked very gentle and decent.

Angela was indeed frightened. These aunts were at their age, what nonsense were they talking about?

"Linda, isn't your daughter in law studying abroad? When will she come back? " The fat lady in the white dress asked the lady in the red dress who was Linda Li, but she smiled at Anna at first and then looked at Linda.

"What studying abroad! It was a study tour! How can't you tell the difference between study tour and studying abroad! " Although the aunt in white silk shirt had a smile on her face, her eyes were full of contempt.

Linda Li replied awkwardly, "Oh! It's a study tour. She will be back next month. "

"How luck Linda is! Her son came back from abroad and married a wife who also came back from abroad. And I guess that she'll have a second grandson next year! "

In the past, when Anna showed off her son's education and ability, Winnie Yuan couldn't bear it the most! Now, among them, only Anna's son was not married. Of course, Winnie Yuan would catch this to be ironic.

Linda Li knew what Winnie Yuan was thinking. She usually didn't like Anna showing off her rich and her omnipotent son. Although her son was not as good as hers, he was at least a normal man! Linda Li was quite proud, but still showed a modest smile. "How can you

she heard Winnie Yuan's voice.

"Daughter-in-law? Moo moo's girlfriend? I think 80 percent possibility of her is part-time actor rented from somewhere. What's the use of the Yan Family being so rich? Isn't her son still an abnormal man? If he was normal, how could he not have a girlfriend at his age? It is very possible that he were not good at that aspect! I didn't know if there was something wrong with the Yan Family or the couple Anna and her husband. Jonson keeps women outside all day long and Anna actually doesn't care that. If she is not frigid, why does her husband not go home all day long? Maybe it's inherited from her frigid. Otherwise, how could her son and daughter have no girlfriend or boyfriend? " Winnie's mouth was like a machine gun, constantly talking.

Just now, Angela thought it was a little too much for Aunt Anna and Fiona to say their friends like that. But compared with Winnie, they were too gentle and friendly!

Winnie Yuan's words were full of sharp thorns, and even her words were poisonous, which sounded harsh. Even Angela thought that she had gone too far!

Linda Li, on the other hand, was more cautious and reminded her, "Let's put it aside first. Aren't you afraid of being heard by others again?"

"So what? I'm telling the truth! "

In the bathroom, Angela thought for a while and then pressed the button to flush the toilet. In the empty bathroom, the sound of rushing water was a little abrupt. Winnie Yuan was so scared that she didn't dare to say anything more. She looked at Linda Li, and then the two looked at the toilet in tacit understanding, trying to see who was in it.

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