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   Chapter 30 Who Is That Woman

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"Who said I wanted to live in his apartment?"

Meanwhile, at the Dong residence.

Throwing a bunch of papers at his assistant, Eric Zhang, William roared, "I spent a lot of money to slander him! Are these the powerful defamatory posters that you were talking about?"

Edward had stopped the leak of the video, and now, William was frustrated that he could not find anything that could destroy him. William had felt hopeful, thinking that he was spending the money for Edward's destruction. However, he had not expected that it would backfire and popularize Edward as a noble figure.

Eric Zhang, too, had originally thought that even if Edward had the original video footage, it would destroy him if he posted it. He was also surprised that his initial plans to ruin Edward had somehow helped him to gain the upper hand in the situation.

"Mr. Dong, is it possible that we have been falling into his trap from the very beginning?" Eric Zhang asked.

He strongly believed that Edward had only released the video to make William go nuts. 'If that's the truth, then things could get ugly,' he thought to himself.

William thought for a while and suddenly said, "Actually, now that I think about it, I wouldn't say that it is unlikely."

When he had first started dealing with Edward, he too, had been fooled by him.

"We already destroyed the video at the hotel, and there is no way anyone could have repaired the damage, so he couldn't have gotten it from the hotel. Which could only mean that Edward had the original video from the very beginning," Eric Zhang said, breaking down the issue.

William gripped the coffee mug in his hand tightly as he snorted and said, "I think I may have underestimated him."

"The three-year-long wait for the H Administrative District project is now finally over. He is probably trying to exaggerate his heroic stunt during the event."

"Wait a minute! This is not just any regular propaganda!" William said. He knew what Edward was capable of. After all, he had studied his every move in the past ten years. Looking at the video carefully, he asked, "Who is that woman?"

"What are you talking about?" Eric Zhang asked with a puzzled expression.

"The woman in the video. Find out about her."

Although Eric Zhang was clueless, he replied, "Yes, Mr. Dong, I'll look into it right away."

In the meantime, Angela heard that the problem had been solved, so she felt relieved. After completing all the work which was assigned to her by Lucas, she gave him the reports.

Once she was done, Lucas handed her the next task. That moment, Edward called for him, so he had no choice but to go to his office.

"Did you get any reply from AX Bank?" Edward asked.

"They just called and told me that the amount can be increased by 50%. But they're expecting you to sign a new contract with them, and asked when you'd be available to do it," Lucas replied.

Were they really willing to give DC Capital Group a 50% increase in the loan amount? Edward had not expected that the original video would bring him such a profitable deal.

However, he was very busy this week. On next Monday, he had to host the tenth anniversary event at DC Capital Group, and on Tuesday, he had to go to H City.

Looking at his watch, he said, "All right, then, I'll do it at one o' clock this afternoon."

Edward usually took a short power nap during the afternoons, but at times he would get so busy that he would have no choice but to compromise on his rest. Lucas sighed and replied, "Oh, all right. I'll let them know."

After returning to his office, he called the president of AX Bank. He then glanced at the pile of documents on his desk, and suddenly thought of a plan.

Lucas thought that it was the perfect opportunity for Angela to gain some experience, so he called Edward. Although he was nervous, he mustered up the courage to ask him if Angela could accompany him for the signing. Fortunately for him, Edward agreed and said, "Sure, ask her to come to my office."

The moment Angela entered Edward's office, he stopped writing and looked at her. "Sort out the files which were sent to us by AX Bank. We will be leaving by 12:30 this afternoon."

'What? Why would he want me to accompany him for field work?' Angela wondered.

She was used to studying or napping after having her lunch. But now, it seemed like an impossible thing. Angela felt irritated as she thought of that. Besides, she was worried that her review schedule might get messed up.

"What's wrong? Is there a problem?" Edward asked, noticing the frown on her face.

"No, nothing's wrong! I'll get on with it immediately," Angela responded quickly, forcing a smile.

Staring at her back as s

he walked out of the room, Edward couldn't help but frown.

All his previous secretaries would put on their best outfit and makeup the second they learned that they could go out with him for field work. Why was Angela so gloomy? Did it mean that she did not want to go out with him?

Although Edward had not realized it, his heart was in a knot.

At exactly 12:30 p.m., Edward walked out of his office and said to her, "Come on, it's time for us to leave."

"Okay!" Angela replied. She then quickly stood up and followed him, holding her handbag in one hand and a briefcase that contained the files in the other hand.

She followed him into the elevator, neither of them noticing the commotion in the office.

"Am I seeing things? Or did our CEO just take Angela with him?" one of the employees asked.

"I doubt that you're wrong," another employee said.

All the employees soon gathered in the tea room, gossiping.

That moment, Lucas walked in. Shocked, Yvonne asked, "Mr. Lu, have you gone out of favor?"

Rolling his eyes at her, he replied, "No, Yvonne, I only asked her to step in because I'm too busy with other work."

"But our CEO has always thought of women as germs and kept a safe distance from them. Why doesn't he seem to be grossed out by Angela?" one of the women asked.

"I don't think it's just Angela. I think he's not disgusted by the woman in that video as well, because he was firmly holding her hand in the clip. Is he even the same man who hates women?" another said.

"Damn! I really thought that I would have the chance to see two men marry each other," Yvonne grumbled. Disappointment was written all over her face.

The other women also sighed and added, "We were all hoping to see a gay wedding for all these years, and now, he chose women! This is disappointing."

Upon hearing that, Lucas was speechless.

He could not understand how their brains worked.

However, he also knew that that was precisely the reason why they had been able to stay in DC Capital Group for that long. If they had been like one of those women who dreamed of being with Edward, sleeping with him, or even marrying him, they would have lost their jobs already.

Meanwhile, after Leo Li, an assistant, drove the car to the gate, he waited for them to arrive.

Angela was worried that she would feel awkward if she was left alone with Edward, so when she saw Leo Li, she felt relieved.

Once the car started, Angela secretly cast a glance at Edward, who had closed his eyes and gone to sleep. She then took out her notebook and began to study.

There were a lot of traffic lights on their way, and the car was moving slowly. As Angela concentrated on her study, she did not notice that Edward was now awake and looking at her notebook.

"The introduction of Buddhism,"

Edward said all of a sudden. Although his voice was very low, Angela was startled. Afraid that she might get caught, she quickly closed the notebook.

"Many of the concepts that were the essence of the novels that came out later were based on the principles of Buddhism. These principles include three-life reincarnation, which doesn't refer to our past life, current life and future life, but all the lives," he added.

"Oh. Yeah, you're right." His simple explanation had brought Angela a lot of clarity. She had felt that there was still a lot of information missing from the notes that she had made.

She quickly flipped through the notebook and noted down a few points. Only when she was done writing did Angela realize that Edward had actually found her notes!

'I'm screwed!' she thought to herself. Angela thought that he might ask her to stop reading, because it might hinder her performance at work. How could Edward possibly have known about Buddhism and reincarnation?

Angela was both scared and confused.

At that very moment, the car suddenly stopped. Edward got out of the car and walked, while she followed him, carrying the documents.

She tried to keep up with him and quickened her pace, which made her heart race.

When they finally reached their floor, Angela mustered up the courage to say, "Mr. Edward, I would like to use the restroom. I hope you don't mind."

"Oh, sure! Just go straight and take the left. You'll find the restroom. We're in Room 1308," he said, reminding her.

"Okay, Mr. Edward, thank you." With that, Angela rushed to the restroom.

Looking at her receding back, Edward was about to turn around and leave, when he suddenly noticed a familiar figure behind her.

'Is that Greg? What the hell is he doing here? Perhaps...'

As he thought of that, a trace of suspicion flashed in his eyes. Edward lowered his head and followed them quietly.

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