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   Chapter 29 The National Husband

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There was a storm of public opinion in S City and even the whole country after the original video was released over the internet.

In the video, the unconscious woman was seen being taken into the hotel room by a man. Shortly after, Edward hurriedly yet calmly walked over and opened the door with a key card. He kicked the man away from the bed. He looked angry, cool, and very handsome.

People always thought that the CEO of DC Capital Group liked men, but he actually saved a woman! No one knew who the lucky girl was and why she was chosen by the CEO.

"Mr. Edward was really awesome!"

"Mr. Edward is a person of integrity. I never think he's the third party. He obviously wanted to save the girl!"

"She must be so happy... She was rescued by Mr. Edward! I'm really curious about what she looks like."

"And why was the other man's face obscured, too? Shouldn't that bastard be exposed and hunted down?"

All of a sudden, the third party had become the righteous man. People even started digging up charities Edward had been involved with before. They also started talking about some trivial things that had happened to him, which had been known by few people before. Overnight, the video did wonders for Edward's reputation and DC Capital Group. He was dubbed the "National Husband" as millions of women vocally expressed their admiration for him. They wanted to know more about him. Not only was the image of the company redeemed, but the stock value of DC Capital Group even increased.

Inside Villa No. 23 of LH Garden, Anna was watching the video on her phone. She exclaimed proudly, "My son is so cool! Don't you think so, Kay?"

"Edward has always been a kind boy. He would always defend the poor and humble."

The Yan Family always placed the greatest care in the upbringing of their children. They respected everyone, including the maids. Seeing the video, Kay gave a sincere smile.

Anna knew that her son was a gentleman, but she thought that women disgusted him. How could he have saved one? Suddenly, she remembered what Edward had said in the study. Could this woman be her son's lover?

Anna had been waiting for this for more than ten years! Finally, there were signs. How could she not get excited? She immediately went upstairs and called her elder sister, Cassie Chen.

Very soon, Cassie Chen arrived. "Anna, have you made up your mind? Should Edward find out that you've had him investigated, not only would he hate you, but he would also give me the cold shoulder."

"He's my son. Why would he hate me? I just care about him! That's all!"

"Fine! He's my nephew and he hasn't gotten close to marrying in so many years. I'm also worried about him!" Cassie Chen sat opposite from Anna and thanked Kay for pouring her some tea.

Anna couldn't stand it any longer. "Alright! It was because of Edward's temperament that I called off the investigation. I did not even dare to ask about that woman! And I haven't been sleeping well these last few months!"

Even when Edward was drugged, she knew that he did not have sex with the woman she sent. Anna had wanted to investigate what had happened, but she grew afraid that her son would hate her, so she hadn't done anything. She just asked whether her son had sex with a man or a woman. Cassie Chen confirmed that it was a girl. Feeling relieved, Anna didn't ask any more.

Cassie Chen said, "The girl he had sex with was not the one you sent. It seemed like she threw herself at Edward."

The surveillance video in the hotel was dim. And since there was no sound, it was difficult to tell what had happened. Anna was confused, "Isn't it weird? When this woman entered Edward's room, he threw her out. I don't know what she said to ma

ke him so angry, but then he pulled her back into the room."

"Judging by the reaction of those girls watching, I think she did say something to attract other people's attention. The girls passing by the corridor took pictures, didn't they?"

Anna nodded. "This woman is really something."

From the video, they could only see the corridor and the open door. They had no way of knowing what had happened inside the room.

After ten minutes, they saw Edward had changed and stepped out.

Cassie Chen said, "Ten minutes...Is it possible that... Edward had done in ten minutes? Wasn't that too short?"

Anna was very disappointed. She put her hand on her forehead and sighed, "Alas! Sometimes I doubt if he's really my son..."

They watched as Edward came back in about half an hour. During this period, the woman didn't leave the room, much to Anna's surprise.

How could her son allow a woman to stay in his room for so long?

Edward came back with an odd look. But knowing that he had been drugged, she knew that it was only natural.

Cassie Chen also stared at the phone screen and said, "I have to admit, Edward is very patient. I wonder how he could restrain himself from having sex with that woman given the situation."

If they didn't know that he would have sex with the woman later, they would believe that he was actually impotent!

But they watched as the woman dragged Edward into the room. The door opened again, but it was soon closed before it was opened enough.

Everything seemed strange.

"Who do you think she is? Why didn't Edward throw her out of the room?" Anna was confused.

Cassie Chen said, "Actually, I'm curious about one thing. Given the ten minutes, did he really touch that woman?"

They had always thought that Edward was just like any other man. It was impossible to think that nothing had happened between him and that girl. But they knew that he was actually unlike most men. Maybe nothing intimate had occurred between him and the woman.

"Alas! We're back at the beginning! I can't watch this video anymore!" Anna sighed.

"Not necessarily. At least, it proves that a woman did enter his room. If Edward doesn't want to talk, maybe that woman will tell us what we need to know!" Cassie Chen thought the idea worth exploring.

Her words caught Anna by surprise. She clapped her hands and exclaimed excitedly, "Cassie! You're right! If we find this woman, we will know the truth!"

"You need to calm down first! Even if you can find her yourself, you can't meet her alone! Besides, if she's a decent and honest girl, Edward can marry her."

The two decided that they had to judge the woman in the video by themselves. After all, women knew other women best. And Anna had known her share of women who only cared about vanity and money. She nodded, "You're really thoughtful. But where am I going to find this woman?"

Although they could see her figure in the video, they could not make out her face.

"You know what? I bet you can count all of the women around Edward with one hand! No, wait! There's no need to count because he doesn't keep a woman by his side at all. I'm sure you'll find her as long as you keep your eyes open."

This made Anna a little upset. Her son had moved out since she had him drugged.

But just then, her eyes lit up as a thought occurred to her. "I know how to do this," she said with a smile.

"Do you have a plan?"

"Yes! If he doesn't want to come home, then I'll go to him!"

"Do you think he'd let you stay in his apartment?" Cassie Chen knew that Edward had the locks in his apartment changed just so his mother couldn't disturb him.

In her heart, she knew her own nephew wasn't as gentle and kind as other men!

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