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   Chapter 28 Heartache

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Since Angela hadn't been able to get the original video footage, Edward would finally get what he wanted.

Angela was expecting a smug smile from him, so she was surprised by his sudden question.

After thinking for a while, she replied with a nod, "Yeah."

She had been so preoccupied with getting the video footage that she hadn't had the time to think about eating. Angela had not wanted to waste more time at the restaurant, so she had lied to Greg saying that she had eaten at the office cafeteria.

She had low blood sugar. Moreover, she had just had a fight, which had drained away all her energy.

When Edward saw her trembling, he almost wanted to hold her, but then he reconsidered and refrained himself.

He thought he shouldn't have extra affection for her. People were always the easiest to break when they felt the most vulnerable.

"Mr. Edward, is there any other way to solve this?" Angela asked with a glimmer of hope still shining in her desperate eyes.

It was true that she had been pushed to desperation, yet she was very persistent.

How long had it been since Edward had last seen such a look?

Although he was somehow moved by her, he still pretended like there was no choice and shook his head.

His cold and indifferent response broke her.

Angela pursed her lips tightly, feeling as though she had lost her last ray of hope, and fainted.

She had been looking pale and weak ever since she had walked out of the restaurant, so Edward was prepared for it. He reached out his arms at just the right time and stopped her from falling.

Greg also noticed what was happening and wanted to rush over.

He had acted rashly, but it was only because he loved her. Learning about her affair with Edward had been too painful for him, but he still could not let her go. He had yelled at her and insulted her in a fit of anger because he felt like there was no other way for him to vent his rage. He desperately wanted to marry her and grow old with her.

But within moments, he saw her in another man's arms.

Anger and jealousy engulfed him from within.

Perhaps Christa was right about Angela. She was not as simple as he believed her to be. Then, he thought of Angela's tacit confirmation just now and suddenly felt as though their three-year-long relationship had been nothing but a pipe dream.

What Greg didn't know was that it was exactly because he kept trusting other people and watching others take Angela away over and over again that they would never be together again. At first, he had thought that she was not serious about the breakup, but now, he felt like they had split up for good.

One hour later, at a hospital,

Lucas brought some porridge, just as he was instructed, and placed it on the table.

Upon seeing him, Edward turned his gaze away from Angela and said with a frown, "Lucas, deal with the video matter. Don't expose their identities. Just tell people that I was only trying to save her from getting hurt."

Lucas had already seen the original footage. Even though it was a bit blurry, he could roughly recognize the people in the video. 'If the girl Mr. Edward rescued was Angela, then the other man in the video must have been the man that she met for dinner tonight.'

Edward was hard to understand. Lucas couldn't even tell what his plans were. But it was obvious to him that Edward was protecting Angela, because if others found out she was the girl in the video, then it would definitely complicate her situation even more.

"Of course, Mr. Edward."

Lucas looked at Edward, hoping to see some emotion in his eyes, but they remained as clear as always. 'Perhaps he doesn't really have feelings for her,' Lucas thought to himself.

During the past few days, Edward had learned a lot about Angela. For example, she was a very responsible person, who would not hesitate to take the blame for the matters related to the video. And although Greg was cornering her, she could not let him enter her life again.

Therefore, if Edward really insisted, then she would sign up to be his girlfriend. However, he changed his mind at the last moment.

At first, Edward had been only interested in her looks, so he had thought that he could use money to make her become his girlfriend. But then, her c

onsistent rejection had made him believe that it was because she had not been tempted enough that she was angry with him.

As he looked at Angela lying on the hospital bed, he kept thinking of the words Greg had said to her earlier. "I am disgusting? What about you? You keep acting like you're the victim. But what excuse do you have for your insensitive behavior? You always refused to have sex with me before getting married because it was your family's way of life. But then, would you still dare to say that you're still a virgin?"

"You really want the original video footage? Sleep with me for one night and I'll give it to you." Edward knew that

he had also humiliated her before, causing her to lose her temper. But when Greg said these words to her, obviously she had felt more than just anger; she had felt pain and sorrow. She had even broken down.

She loved Greg, and that was why she argued with him with tears.

Edward felt a little guilty for this. After all, as the one who had taken Angela's virginity, he knew better than anyone else that she was not a slut like Greg portrayed her to be. She was merely a victim of circumstances.

The worst kind of pain was the pain one felt when they were misunderstood by the people they loved dearly.

Although Edward knew that Angela still loved Greg, for some reason, he had a feeling of loss.

Looking at Angela lying on the bed, Edward thought about many things that had happened in the past. He was still lost in thought when Angela woke up.

"Mr. Edward... Mr. Edward?" she called him.

Her voice pulled him back to reality and he asked, "What is it?

Do you feel hungry? Here, have some porridge." He then grabbed the bowl of porridge from the bedside table and handed it to her.

'Is he really giving me porridge?' Angela wondered.

Since she was really hungry, she thanked him and took the bowl. She ate the porridge in silence, and did not complain.

Both of them did not say a word to each other. Seeing that he was waiting for her to finish, Angela quickly gulped down the porridge.

After paying the hospital bill, Edward took her to the parking lot, where Lucas came up to them and greeted them.

"Mr. Lu, what brought you here?" she asked in surprise.

"Mr. Edward has asked me to drive the car. Angela, are you all right now?" he asked.

"It was nothing. I'm fine now. I was just having low blood sugar." 'Did... Did Edward and Lucas overhear my conversation with Greg?' she wondered.

None of them spoke on the way.

That night, Angela tossed and turned in her bed, unable to fall asleep.

Greg didn't admit his mistake, and he was even unwilling to make a concession. Regardless of what he did, she would never want to get back together with him. Since she had failed to get the original video footage, Angela felt like she had no choice but to accept Edward's ridiculous proposal.

She thought of her entire relationship with Greg, from the beginning to the very end. They had shared happiness, sorrow, and pain, but in the end, fate had won.

The next day, Angela went to work, determined to beg for Edward's forgiveness and sign up to be his girlfriend. She knocked on his door and did not enter until she heard him say, "Come in."

Although she was at a loss for words, she said, "Mr. Edward, I am so sorry that I failed to procure the original video footage."

Only the previous day, she had promised him that she would get him the video at all costs, and now, she felt like a loser.

"Oh! The original video has already been restored at the hotel," Edward said lightly without looking at her.

'What is he saying? Does that mean that I don't have to sign the contract?' Angela thought to herself with a puzzled expression.

Lucas explained, "The original video has been uploaded to our company's social media already, so there's nothing for you to be worried about."

She looked at Edward and saw that he was busy with his files with an indifferent look on his face.

Since the issue had been resolved, Angela had nothing to worry about.

"About last night... I just wanted to thank you for what you did for me. If there is nothing else, I will get on with my work," she said.

"Sure thing,"

Edward replied calmly, which brought her comfort.

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