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   Chapter 27 Sleep With Me

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After her work, Angela met Greg at a restaurant.

It was already dark in the evening. The warm lighting and the sensual music playing in the background in the restaurant made the atmosphere romantic.

Just as always, Greg ordered some drinks for them. However, Angela didn't drink this time.

Upon noticing her cautious behavior, Greg felt upset. But he was careful not to show his feelings. Instead, he asked her calmly, "What would you like to eat?"

"I already ate at the office cafeteria. You can order for yourself." Angela tried to be as calm and collected as she could be.

Looking at her, Greg felt as though all his hopes were crushed. After thinking for a while, he decided to order something for her as well.

The waiter came with their food and neatly placed it on the table. All of a sudden, Greg thoughtlessly said, "I heard that there's a new water park in the eastern side of the city. Let's go there this weekend. It will be fun!"

With that, he tried to hold her hand, just like he had used to before they broke up.

Although Angela was shocked, she quickly moved her hand away. Unable to hold her hand, Greg felt embarrassed and withdrew his arm.

At the same time, Edward was in his car, which was parked at the roadside outside the restaurant. He felt so anxious that he almost wanted to rush into the restaurant.

But then, he immediately calmed himself down.

'What is making him so nervous?'

Lucas couldn't help but wonder as he noticed the strange expression of anxiety on Edward's face. 'Has Mr. Yan fallen in love with Angela?

It's weird enough that Edward followed her to her date. Moreover, when he saw the other man wanting to touch her hand, it made him more nervous. What other explanation could there be?'

Completely forgetting Lucas' presence, Edward kept his eyes glued on Angela and Greg as he cursed in his heart.

'Didn't she come here to get the video? Couldn't she have found someplace else? Did she really have to choose this romantic restaurant?'

As he thought of that, panic flashed through his eyes.

Would Angela forgive Greg?

Edward did not know how angry he looked as he stared at Greg.

Lucas almost gasped, feeling worried for Greg.

Although the restaurant was very warm and romantic, Angela was not in the mood to appreciate it. In fact, she just wanted to get the video as quickly as possible and get out of there.

"Greg, about the video... Could you maybe give me the original footage?" she asked when she finally felt like she had the strength to talk about it.

Upon hearing that, Greg pulled a long face and asked, "If it weren't for the video, would you have agreed to meet me?"

If it weren't for the video, Angela would have never agreed to see him. She was done with him, and could not bear to be with him anymore. Even though she was hurt, she could not let that soften her.

After a long pause, Angela finally said, "Greg, we broke up."

"But did I agree to it?" he asked in an excited voice and quickly stood up.

Greg's sudden movements attracted the attention of people around them. Angela, too, stood up and hissed, "Don't behave like a child! People are watching."

Greg ignored her, grabbed her by her wrist, and walked out of the restaurant. After dragging her along for a while, he finally stopped in an empty street.

"Angela, don't be unreasonable, okay? We've been together for years, and we have a bright future ahead of us! Why don't you let go of all the unpleasantness and try to start over?" Greg asked with tears in his eyes, which made Angela's heart ache.

She had made the decision after deep consideration, yet he thought she was just being childish.

"Greg, don't behave like this."

"Behave like what? You left with that man the other day. Did you ever care about my feelings? I am your boyfriend!" Looking at her calm expression, Greg felt the faint taste of failure.

It was true that Angela had been calm so far, b

ut when the topic of that day came up, she became angry. He hadn't apologized to her for what he had done that day at all. Instead, he put all the blame on her.

"What about you? You drugged my coffee and took me to a hotel room! What do you think I should have done? Lay there and allowed you to do whatever you want?"

"I..." Greg felt a little guilty, but soon, he held her shoulder and said naturally, "We will do that sooner or later, right?"

'What does that mean? I always wanted to keep my virginity intact until the wedding night.

And he knew that. He used to be so understanding. Why has he suddenly changed into a completely different person?' she wondered.

"Is that really the best excuse you have? Do you really think that raping me was okay? Greg, when did you become so disgusting?" Angela roared, pushing him away.

Greg knew he had overstepped boundaries, but he couldn't help but burst into a fit of rage. "I am disgusting? What about you?

You keep acting like you're the victim. But what excuse do you have for your insensitive behavior? You always refused to have sex with me before getting married because it was your family's way of life. But then, would you still dare to say that you're still a virgin?" he muttered.

When Christa had given him the photos of Angela and Edward in an intimate pose, he had felt like he was going to explode. That moment, he had become so furious that he had wanted to kill both Angela and Edward. Even now, he hoped that she would be able to explain it to him, even if it meant that she would only give him lies.

However, Angela couldn't say a word. Her face paled as she covered her mouth in shock and cried.

She was a bad liar, and her expression had told him what he needed to know.

Pressing her lips into a thin line, she looked down and heaved a sigh.

By then, Greg had already lit up a cigarette, hoping that it would calm him down.

He was trying so hard not to break down crying. After taking a puff of the cigarette, he said, "You really want the original video footage? Sleep with me for one night and I'll give it to you."

As if losing her virginity was not heartbreaking enough for her, hearing Greg's words made her feel like he had cut her heart out with a knife.

Angela had always thought that they would get married and happily grow old together. She had devoted all her time to their relationship for the past three years, but all Greg cared about now was sleeping with her for one night.

'The love that I believed in for all those years has become nothing. This is ridiculous! My life is a joke!'

As Angela thought of that, she suddenly burst into laughter. There were tears falling down her cheeks, even though she was laughing.

She took a step back, but did not say a word. She felt that even arguing with him would be pointless.

So, she tried to run away from him, but then, he grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

"Let me go!" Angela shouted.

The wind had blown her hair over her face, but even that could not cover the anger she was showing.

In Greg's eyes, she was still blaming him and pretending as though she was innocent even though she was the one who had slept with another man. And that was the most unacceptable thing, according to him. After listening to her enraged screams, Greg had no choice but to let her go. Clenching his fists, he glared at her as she turned away.

Angela's face was as pale as a sheet of paper. She tried to straighten herself up as she walked forward, gritting her teeth.

Edward was in the corner, watching everything. As Angela passed the street corner, she saw him and stopped. Then, with tears and a smile on her face, she said, "I'm sorry, I couldn't get the original CCTV video footage."

Angela felt like she had been cornered. She did not want to be with Greg, nor did she want to accept Edward's offer.

All of a sudden, Edward asked, "You haven't had your dinner yet, right?"

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