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   Chapter 26 The Responsibility

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However, Edward replied flatly, "I support your business at the risk of angering our parents. Isn't that enough to show that I love you?"

But Hilda was disinterested. "That's not the same! Oh, no... I don't think I'll ever be an aunt."

Edward frowned but he wasn't angry. He was actually thinking about the prospect of marriage.

It wasn't as if he never wanted to marry. In the past, he had just been focused on his work and had good restraint when it came to relationships. A few years ago, his family began arranging blind dates for him. He wasn't averse to it at first and even agreed to meet several girls.

Many women got close to him because he was the heir of the Yan Family and the CEO of DC Capital Group. But he knew that they didn't care about him personally.

Of course, there were some girls who had been great and loved him genuinely. But he couldn't understand why he always felt a gap between them. He always felt distant even when he was just sitting in front of them.

Edward thought that it was far better to live alone than to lock himself up in a loveless marriage.

At this point, the car had arrived at the underground parking lot and pulled over. Before getting out of the vehicle, Hilda turned to him and said, "I just asked you two questions. Did you think of anyone when you heard them? Because if someone's face popped in your head, she could be the one."

Hilda had clearly seen that he was in deep thought just now, which meant that he was thinking of someone but was unwilling to tell her. She was afraid that her brother had been too focused on work and was no longer concerned about love. Perhaps he didn't even realize it but he might actually be in love. This was why she thought of giving him a reminder.

Hilda had already gone away when Edward gave her words some thought.

"The one..."

This was too much trouble!

He could only rub his temples anxiously.

The next day, Edward was at the CEO's office on the 27th floor of DC Building.

Lucas had escorted Angela in. He took a quick glance at the suspiciously calm-looking CEO before stepping out and closing the door behind him.

The employees on the same floor were sitting behind their desks but they were all peering curiously. Finally, someone asked the question everyone had been thinking. "But doesn't Mr. Edward hate women?"

"Don't you have work to do? Would you like to stay behind and work overtime?" Lucas replied flatly.

At the threat of being asked to work beyond hours, everyone went back to what they were doing and tried to look busy.

Inside the CEO's office, there was a long moment of silence between Edward and Angela.

He stared at her coldly and without expression, making her even more nervous.

Finally, Edward asked, "Now that you're an employee of DC Capital Group, don't you think that you should help maintain the image of the company?"

"What?" Although Angela didn't understand what he meant, she raised her head for fear of losing her job. "Oh! Yes, of course!" she replied.

"Since that's the case... please sign this agreement." Edward pushed a document in front of her.

Angela picked up the paper and read it carefully under his cold stare.

The paper stated: "This agreement binds Edward Yan, hereby referred to as Party A, and Angela Xu, hereby referred to as Party B, in a romantic relationship. Both parties attest to entering this contract with full consent."

The rest of the document contained more details about her duties and obligations as his girlfriend, including attendance and participation in public events. However, she noticed that the duration of the agreement and her salary were left blank.

"You'll decide the price and duration."

Angela's hands tightened as she gripped the paper.

But she reminded herself not to be impulsive. She couldn't possibly offend the person who could easily take away her job.

After taking a deep breath, she said calmly, "What does this have to do with DC Capital Group?"

"I had a conflict with Greg just to save you. You're the reason that video was exposed. You should take responsibility, shouldn'

t you?"

It all made sense...

"The leaked video damaged my reputation, influencing the stock value of DC Capital Group. Exposing our relationship could clear things up and sort out the problem." Edward gently tapped the armrest of his chair with his slender fingers.

He actually felt a bit guilty as he spoke. Before this, he had been scheming to make her his girlfriend for three months. But he could actually kill two birds with one stone given this agreement!

After thinking about what he said, Angela replied, "I understand that this issue started because of me. But both Greg and I are blurred in that video. Perhaps you can find a substitute, Mr. Edward?"

There were many women desperate to be his girlfriend. Why was this woman refusing him?

A trace of displeasure flashed in Edward's eyes. He answered shrewdly, "I've already considered that. But should our opponents expose the complete video, DC Capital Group would suffer tremendously."

He couldn't introduce a different girl for fear that the complete version of the video would get leaked out. If the women didn't match, the public would think they'd been lied to. Why would Edward set a trap for himself?

Angela had to admit that his words made sense.

"Is there no other way?" Angela frowned.

"If you have other ideas, please tell me."

"Why don't you just release the whole video?" she asked.

"Since Greg took the video, he must have destroyed the video left in the hotel. I already asked Lucas to confirm this. Otherwise, this wouldn't be necessary."

Edward spoke calmly even as he lied. He didn't even blink once. Angela shot him a suspicious look but even she was ultimately deceived by his seeming indifference.

But if the original copy of the video was in Greg's hands, she thought that she might still have a chance. She didn't want to have anything to do with Greg anymore, but she didn't want to sign such an absurd agreement either!

"If I can get the original video that will prove your innocence, can I not sign this agreement?"

Knowing Greg, she knew that he wouldn't just delete the original video. He must have a backup.

"That would be better." Seeing a glimmer of hope in her eyes, he added, "But I can only give you three days."

Three days was too short! But it was better than pretending to be his girlfriend.

Angela gritted her teeth. "Okay!"

She must get the original video!

After she stepped out of the office, Edward asked Lucas to come in. He said, "Prepare a backup copy of the complete video, but make sure that no one else sees it. See to it that the hotel's copy is destroyed as well. Lastly, hack into Greg's computer and phone and ruin the copy he has."

Little did Angela know, Edward had the original video all this time! Should he choose to release the video in its entirety, he would be proven innocent. Edward's unusual tricks confused Lucas, but the latter would do as he was told.

"Yes, Mr. Edward."

"And don't tell anyone about this."

"Yes, sir!" The reason Lucas had been with him for so long was that he knew what to say and what not to say.

There was fascination in Edward's eyes.

He was in control of everything. If Angela signed the agreement, not only would he be able to handle the shareholders, but he would also have an excuse not to go on the blind dates arranged by his family.

Lucas became slightly scared, seeing the weird smile on his boss' face. But how could he imagine that their CEO did all these just so he could skip some blind dates?

As difficult as it was for Angela to muster the courage, she still made an appointment with Greg.

After all, this had happened because of her. She should be responsible for it.

She was still anxious about the whole thing when she came back to her desk and sat down. Angela knew that Edward was using this opportunity to make a ridiculous request. She knew he was prepared. The video might not be damaged, but he would definitely ruin it to achieve his goal.

She wondered why he didn't choose a girlfriend among the many beautiful and outstanding women in DC Capital Group. He must be blind!

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