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   Chapter 25 Why Don't You Like Women

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As they approached the villa, Jonson turned to Edward and said, "Selina has just come back from Australia where she worked as a secretary. I heard that you only had Lucas to help you with work. Perhaps you should ask Selina to be your secretary."

"I already have a secretary," Edward refused.

The scene earlier popped into Jonson's head. He asked, "Is it the girl in the office?"

"Yes." He kept his answers short, not wishing to say more than he should.

"What's her name?"

Edward knew that if Jonson learned her name, he would check her background, right up to who her ancestors were. This was not the most terrible thing. What scared him was the thought of Jonson finding out that he had taken her virginity. He would be in for a lot of questions should that happen.

Avoiding his query, he replied instead, "I'll explain everything at the anniversary party. I don't want there is anything wrong before that."

'Will this woman have anything to do with the anniversary party?' Jonson wondered.

If she was just an ordinary employee, Edward would not have said as much. It seemed that the woman was of great importance to him.

As a reasonable man, Jonson didn't push Edward to say more.

The dinner started as soon as they arrived at Villa No. 23 of LH Garden.

The parents engaged in pleasant conversation during the meal. Edward merely played with his food, cutting the steak, and eating a bit of salad every now and then. From time to time, he nodded politely in response to the questions of the Fang Family elders.

Hilda was not in a good mood herself. Selina, on the other hand, was concentrating so hard on trying to overcome her nervousness that she didn't notice the weird atmosphere over the dining table.

After thirty minutes, Edward put down his tableware and announced politely, "If you'll excuse me, I'm rather full. Please enjoy the rest of your meal."

Anna replied, "Selina just came back from abroad. Why don't you stay and talk with her?"

"I'm sorry, but I'm swamped with work at the office." He then looked at Hilda and said, "You have a daughter. Hilda can entertain Selina, right?"

Hilda also wanted to leave, but as her brother had passed his own burden onto her, she could only be polite and accommodating. She grabbed Selina's arm and said, "Why don't we go shopping later, Selina?"

Selina had always been a sensible and kind-hearted girl. Although she didn't want Edward to leave, she felt that she couldn't impose on him. She gave Anna a smile and said, "Don't worry about it, Auntie. Work is always important. I will just go shopping with Hilda later!"

Hilda came back at 9:47 p.m. Everyone from the Fang Family had already left.

After putting the clothes she had just bought in her room, she stepped out to ask her brother for credit. She was walking by the study when she heard her mother talking anxiously, "Edward, Selina is such a well-behaved girl. She will make a good wife. It will be great for the family if you marry her!"

Hearing no response from Edward, Jonson became angry as he shouted, "If you're interested in anyone else, tell us! We won't object as long as she comes from a good family!"

There was a moment of silence after he finished talking, but Edward still kept his mouth shut. Anna cried, "Edward, say something, please! What's wrong with you? Why don't you like women? What's wrong with women?"

Sure enough, her tears did the work.

Edward finally opened his mouth. "You won't object as long as the one I like has a good background, right?"

"It must be a woman! As long as you marry a woman, I will not object!"

Hearing her mother's sobs, Hilda couldn't help but burst into laughter.

She was the only one in the family who did not object to her brother being in a relationship with another man. On the contrary, she even fancied the idea of having two elder brothers! Ha-ha!


se daughter is she?" Even Jonson was beginning to sound nervous.

Edward took a deep breath before replying, "You'll know her at the anniversary party."

Hilda was keen on eavesdropping some more, but just then, the door opened and Edward stepped out. She threw herself into her brother's arms and smiled, "Hi, Edward! I'm back!"

Edward already knew her motive. He gently pushed her head away and said, "The money's already wired to your account. One million an hour."

The total was only two million...

Hilda muttered, "I should have gone shopping with Selina much earlier."

Once Edward had entered his room, Anna asked, "Hilda, is your brother seeing anyone?"

"Do I count?" Her brother was the only one in her family who supported her plans of starting her own business. She was not about to sell him out!

"Oh, don't be so silly!" her mother replied.

"I don't know! I'm busy with work every day. I don't know if he's dating anyone, man or woman."

Given their wealth and children, Jonson and Anna originally had a very happy family. But while Jonson controlled the economic lifeline of S City, he found that he had no control over his children. In his advanced age, he didn't have to worry about food and clothes. He only hoped that his daughter Hilda would marry as soon as possible and start her own family. But marriage was the furthest thing from Hilda's mind as she wanted to start her own business. Meanwhile, it seemed as though his son didn't even like women...

How could he possibly stand with the rest of the upper class?

Jonson gave his daughter a menacing glare, seeing which, Hilda lowered her head for fear. She hurriedly said, "Mom, I'll go ahead and take a shower."

By midnight, thinking that everyone else was fast asleep, Hilda secretly went out and ran into her brother.

Edward immediately pulled over. Without saying a word, she hopped in and fastened her seat belt.

Hilda was delighted at first, but recalling the night's events made her somewhat sad.

Selina told her that she had been in love with Edward for fifteen years, and that she was only waiting for him to notice her or marry someone else. She confided that she was not scared of the idea that Edward would marry another woman. She was more afraid that she wouldn't get married if he never found anyone.

"Edward, why don't you get married?"

Amused, Edward replied, "Why should I get married?"

He thought about their parents for a second. One was outside, spending nights with other women, while the other was at home, turning a blind eye on what was happening. This arrangement was so they could maintain the image of a happy couple. The Fang Family probably shared the same setup.

Edward couldn't see the point of such a false marriage.

"I think Selina is a nice girl. She's had a crush on you for the longest time."

Edward didn't answer.

"Edward, aren't you interested in any girl?"


"Yes! It's when you meet a woman who's different from anyone else and you think she's interesting."


But suddenly, a face entered Edward's mind.

She once said, "I'll just keep the clothes on the bed." Her face was as red as a ripe apple.

She once said, "No, I'm usually not like this. I'm an organized person, and I work efficiently." She was so worried and flustered.

'She is indeed interesting,' he thought.

However, Edward replied lightly, "Oh! Aren't all women like that?"

Seeing his expressionless face, Hilda didn't believe him for a second. She asked, "Have you ever felt worried over a girl and thought she's so adorable that you just want to protect her and love her dearly?"

The face was clear in Edward's head.

She once said, "No..." She was struggling under his body. She looked like a beautiful red rose.

She once said, "How to compensate..." She was in despair, and her delicate back looked pitiful.

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