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   Chapter 24 Impotent! Ha-ha!

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After a while, Edward asked Lucas, "Have you been very busy with work recently?"

His words snapped Lucas back to his senses. He answered honestly, "Yes, I've been busy."

"Then let her stay and help you. I'll cut your bonus in half and add it to her salary."

"But, Mr. Edward..."

Lucas Lu paying for a housing loan! He would definitely suffer if he lost a portion of his salary.

Edward raised his head and asked, "What? Are you unsatisfied?"

Seeing his cold expression, Lucas felt powerless. How could he tell Edward to his face that his idea wouldn't make him happy? He replied, "No, Mr. Edward. It's better to have less work."

On her first day in the company, time flew quickly as Angela tried to familiarize herself with her new job.

Since Hilda said that she wouldn't be back home for dinner, Angela ate at the company's dining hall and decided to stay in the office to study after dinner.

It was about half past seven when a middle-aged man rushed raging into Edward's office. Seething in anger, he didn't notice her as he made his way to the CEO's office.

He slammed the door heavily, but it was the noise inside that disturbed Angela's reading.

Edward's office was fairly soundproof, so she could not make out what they were saying, but she could hear the faint sound of two people arguing.

Edward had finished work about thirty minutes ago, but he stayed in the office without any intention of joining the dinner in his home tonight. He let Hilda pass on the message that he was too busy in the office to make time.

He hadn't expected that Jonson Yan would actually barge into his office and catch him sipping tea leisurely.

Today, they were supposed to meet up with the Fang Family. The elders were planning to arrange a date for Edward and Selina Fang. But after learning as much, Edward refused to go home, so as to avoid seeing her. Jonson Yan had also asked him about the video, but Edward said that he would explain everything during the anniversary celebration. He was his father, so must he learn about his son's life from the media like everyone else?

Seeing him casually drinking tea enraged Jonson Yan even more. He picked up a golf club beside the desk and hit his son.

Edward dodged quickly and the club landed on the table. It fell on a cup that immediately broke into pieces.

"How dare you?!" Jonson Yan shouted.

"What? Should I have sat still and let you hit me?" Edward replied in anger, although he kept his tone calm.

"You ungrateful son! How dare you talk back to me?!"

Edward stood up. While he did look rather calm, he was actually sweating bullets. This was the first time his father tried to beat him so violently. He must be really furious, he thought.

"Aren't you supposed to be having dinner with the Fang Family?"

"Dinner? How can I possibly eat dinner at a time like this?" Johnson Yan fumed. He trembled in fury as he walked towards his son with the club in his hand.

Edward merely looked at the club and didn't dodge this time.

Jonson Yan hit him hard before shouting, "The Fang Family has but one daughter. She is the apple of their eyes. Look at you! You use work as an excuse to not see her. You're destroying my long term friendship with your Uncle Fang!"

But Edward kept his composure. Bravely, he replied, "Selina isn't suitable to be my wife."

The Yan Family and the Fang Family had been in friendly terms for many years. And Selina Fang was a well-behaved woman, or perhaps too well-behaved. She could never make decisions on her own and was too meek for her own good. She had received high marks in school because she had been diligent, but she was neither intelligent nor capable. He didn't mean to belittle her. He just didn't care for weak women like her.

"The Fang Family and the Yan Family are a perfect match. Selina is a good and highly educated woman. How could you think she's not suitable to be your wife? The Fang Family isn't worried about your impotence, but you're beginning to find

fault with their daughter!"


How could he belittle his own son like that?'

Edward's face darkened. Stubbornly, he replied, "Well, if you like Selina that much, you can marry her yourself. The more, the merrier, right?"

"Disloyal son! What are you talking about?" Although Jonson Yan had always been a playboy, he was not easily tempted by just any woman.

How could his own son treat him like this? Edward had always been cold and indifferent, but just then, he seemed to be no longer interested in women. He could only be impotent!

The noise inside the office had gotten too loud for Angela to ignore. She began to worry that the man who entered the office had come to seek revenge. Fearing that something might happen to Edward, she sneaked over and pressed her ear against the door. Should something bad happen, she decided that she would call the police. But she didn't expect to hear such shocking words.

Edward was a man with a cold temperament. She couldn't think of anyone who would scare him. But as it turned out, his father had an equally bad temper. Hearing Jonson Yan's words, Angela couldn't help but burst into laughter.

Her loud chuckle passed through the door and was heard distinctly by the two men. Jonson Yan sensibly walked to the door to see who was listening outside.

He saw Angela laughing wildly. "Impotence... Ha-ha!"

Angela had an innocent face and looked pure and obedient. She was exactly Jonson Yan's type.

At this point, he stared at her and looked at her from head to toe.

Surprised by the turn of events, Angela quickly stopped laughing. But when she saw Jonson Yan looking intently at her, she became immediately flustered.

Knowing what his father was like, Edward stepped forward and stood between them. Turning to Angela, he asked with a stern look, "Why are you still here? I thought you already left."

"I..." She didn't dare tell him that she was actually studying. Instead, she replied, "I don't have anything to do at home, so I thought I'd stay and get familiar with the work."

"Go home now!" he ordered anxiously.

'Who knew there was a boss who hated their staff working overtime?' Angela thought.

But Jonson Yan knew what his son was thinking. Edward was afraid that he had taken an interest in her. Yes, he was a romantic, but Jonson Yan was not the type to just sleep around with all women.

And although Edward had always despised the mistresses he kept, he never meddled in his affairs. It was the first time Edward tried to protect a woman from him.

Jonson Yan couldn't help but wonder if his son was having an affair with her and was just unwilling to make it public. Of course, he would never touch his son's woman. Things were beginning to look clear to Jonson Yan.

He put on a big smile and asked Angela, "Do you work here?"

The man in front of her was the father of the CEO. Some would say he was the big boss in the company. She answered respectfully, "Yes, Mr. Jonson Yan."

"What's your name?"


"Why are you still here?" Edward shouted anxiously as he glared at her.

He then turned to Jonson Yan and asked, "Aren't the members of the Fang Family waiting for us? Let's head back and not waste their time."

Recalling the Fang Family, Jonson Yan became even angrier. But hearing that his son was willing to go with him, he said nothing more and threw the club aside with a snort.

On the way back home, Jonson Yan didn't say anything and merely took secret glances at his son. Edward was looking out of the window with his brows furrowed.

He was Jonson Yan's only son. And it had been ten years since his woman was driven away. Since then, Jonson Yan had never seen him with anyone else. Through the years, he had sent all sorts of beautiful women to seduce him. Initially, he thought that his indifference was a sign of good character. But as time dragged on, he feared that no woman could arouse his desires. He couldn't help but think that he really was impotent.

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