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   Chapter 22 One Bad Day

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Just ten minutes ago, the news of the video spread across the country.

Angela went to the staircase to call Greg after she learned of the news. She was so furious that she forgot all about Lucas' instructions.

"Greg! How can you be so disgusting? You posted that video online, and now, everything has turned upside down! Did you think at all before doing it?"

Angela roared. She had thought that he had only been making empty threats out of anger, and had never imagined that he would actually go through with it.

"I just don't want you to be tricked by him," Greg said. In his mind, Angela had pushed him to do this. If she had not avoided him, he would not have acted out of desperation.

"He did not trick me!" Angela screamed.

Edward was not as bad as he thought.

"Angela, you know how much I worry about you, right? Out of all the other men that you know, can you point out one man who would love you sincerely? I'm just concerned for you. I don't want to see you get hurt!"

Upon hearing that, Angela scoffed and said, "You don't want to see me get hurt? You're such a hypocrite! What makes you think that you're fit to talk about such things?"

She would accept being judged by anyone but him! Although Christa had hurt her, Angela was not torn up about it. However, Greg had hurt her the most, pained her immensely, and now, he was saying he was worried that she would get hurt. It seemed laughable to her.

Greg still had something to say, but Angela bluntly hung up.

It took her a long time to get a hold of herself and control her emotions. When she finally went back to her office, one of her colleagues, Yvonne Wei, walked over to her desk. "Hey, Angela, where were you? Mr. Lu asked you to get Mr. Edward a cup of coffee."

Only a few moments ago, Edward had walked into his office with a sullen look on his face. Upon seeing him, even Yvonne Wei had been worried about her.

It was not until then that Angela remembered Lucas' instructions. She immediately rushed to the tea room to make a fresh cup of coffee.

Looking at her receding back, Yvonne Wei couldn't help but frown.

'Although Mr. Edward is a very handsome man, he is as cold as ice. Moreover, he has always ignored women, thinking that they bring danger with them. Who knows how he will treat this new secretary?' she thought to herself. Yvonne Wei had worked there for the past three years, and she had seen many gorgeous women fawning over Edward. But then, he never even looked at them. Everyone in the company knew about Edward's indifference towards women, and now, they were really worried that he would take his anger out on Angela.

Holding the hot cup of coffee in one hand, Angela knocked on his door.

A moment later, Lucas opened the door and whispered, "Mr. Edward is in a very bad mood, so just leave the coffee on his desk and leave the room immediately."

Upon hearing that, she could not help but tremble, feeling a chill go down her spine. She lowered her head and carefully walked in. Angela kept looking at the coffee cup in her hand as she walked over to the desk and gently placed it down.

Edward's eyes were fixed on the files that he was checking, so he did not raise his head. When he heard the sound of the cup being set down on the desk, he reached out to grab it without looking.

Angela was still holding the cup as she had not expected him to grab it that quickly. So, she was startled when his hand touched hers. Her hand slipped, causing the cup to fall. Hot coffee splashed on the documents as well as on his clothes. Edward immediately stood up, trying to avoid getting splashed by the coffee, but it was too late.

"I'm so sorry! Please forgive me,"

Angela cried, feeling as though her career was doomed. It was her first day at work, and she had already screwed up.

She couldn't help but shiver with fear.

Although Edward was in a bad mood, especially now that the documents had gotten damaged, when he saw that it was Angela, he could not bring himself to be mad at her.

Lucas immediately rushed to him and handed him paper towels. He then took a paper towel and tried to wipe the documents.

Edward quietly wiped off the coffee on his coat.

Angela was expecting him to shout at her, but she was surprised when he did not say a word. Besides, why did she feel as though he were staring at her?

"Are you all right, Mr. Edward?" Lucas asked. He was worried that Angela would get screamed at, so he was frozen stiff with fear.

"I'm fine. Get out."

Edward's coldness only worsened Lucas' anxiety.

'What is happening? Why

do I feel like I've heard that voice before?' Angela wondered.

Thinking that he was asking her to go out, she turned around. But then, he suddenly said, "I was not talking to you. Lucas, could you please get out?"

"What? Oh, okay," Lucas said nervously. Even he had thought that Edward had asked Angela to get out.

But now, after seeing that he had asked her to stay, he thought that Edward was going to punish her.

Lucas walked out of the room and closed the door behind him. The moment Angela heard the click of the door being locked, her heart sank. She felt as though she had lost her last ray of hope, and was terrified.

All this while, Edward had only seen her aggressive side. He couldn't help but think about Aaron's words. She was just like a spicy pepper, which burnt his tongue at first but would taste sweeter once he began to enjoy it.

In the few times that they had met in the past, she had confronted him boldly. Now, it seemed as though she had lost all her courage. As Edward thought of that, he suddenly became more interested in her.

However, he did not express his feelings directly. Although he felt happy, he kept an indifferent expression and said, "What are you still waiting for? Come here, quick."

The moment Angela heard his voice again, she could not control her curiosity. She lifted her head and saw his familiar face.

'What? It is Edward Yan? He is Mr. Edward? No wonder I found his voice so familiar!' she thought to herself. Angela knew that she had given him a hard time the past few times that they met, and now, she felt as though she had fallen right into a trap. Her life was now doomed!

Standing aside, Edward took off his shirt.

Surprised, she looked at him with her eyes wide open.

Edward had seen her furious, shy, and pleading for his mercy before, but he had never seen her so afraid, and that intrigued him.

Maintaining his calm exterior, he pointed to the cabinet behind the couch and said, "Pick up a suit of clothes from there."

After that, he stepped into the room inside his office and did not wait for her. Angela could hear him undressing.

She suddenly froze in shock.

'Looks like I'm going to lose this job,' she thought to herself.

Edward quickly took a shower. After all, it was just a few splashes of coffee, so it did not take long. Standing at the door, he asked, "Did you find me the clothes?"

Angela was in a daze when she suddenly heard him. Tensed, she replied in a shaky voice, "Oh, I am so sorry! Just give me a second. I'm coming!"

When she walked over to the cabinet and opened it, she was even more shocked.

'This place seems like it is a little too convenient,' she thought to herself. The cabinet was a bit deep in the wall, so it had been hard to guess its size. However, it had a huge display of shirts, trousers, coats, ties and shoes. It was a fully equipped closet.

She randomly picked up a suit and walked to the room. She stood outside the door, and could almost feel the hot steam coming from inside. Since she did not know if Edward was dressed, she did not dare to go in.

Thinking of that, Angela couldn't help but blush.

"Why are you still outside?" She heard Edward's annoyed voice.

If it were the past, she would have coldly asked him to come get it instead,

but now, he was her boss, so she did not dare to. Although she did want him to get the clothes by himself, she did not have the courage to say it out, so she had no choice but to brace herself to go in.

Edward was wearing only a bath towel. He was drying his hair using a blow dryer, with his back to her.

Even though Edward had a sexy body, Angela hated looking at it, because it always reminded her of that night.

"I...I'll just keep the clothes on the bed."

After saying that, she immediately ran.

But since the floor was slightly wet, Angela slipped and fell back on to the bed, screaming.

Hearing her scream, Edward quickly turned off the blow dryer and rushed over. Angela immediately stood up and tried to walk out of the room, but ended up bumping into his chest.

"I thought you were a bold and brave woman, but you seem to be clumsy,"

Edward said indifferently, which made Angela think that he was judging her working capability.

Worried that she was going to lose her job, she took a step back and said, "No, I am usually not like this. I'm an organized person, and I work efficiently.

Please don't fire me because of one bad day."

Edward stared at her with a smile and asked, "You're usually not like this? Then why are you acting this way now?"

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