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   Chapter 21 Exposed

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Bruce was really obsessed with cooking, so he didn't notice Hilda's embarrassed expression. "I'll cook you something right away! I have put together two new recipes and I'd like you to be the first one to try them," he said.

"Oh, I am very sure that whatever you cook will taste heavenly! Thank you, Bruce!" Hilda exclaimed.

Once he was out of sight, she excused herself and went to use the restroom. However, before she stepped into the toilet, she called Bruce and told him that he was not supposed to mention her brother while she was with Angela. Although Bruce felt that it was strange, he agreed without question because he knew that Hilda must have her reason.

Angela became bored as she waited for Hilda to come back.

Suddenly, two beautiful girls dressed in elegant clothes walked in and sat at the table next to her. After the girls gave their order to the waiter, they began to talk.

One of them was dressed in a pale yellow chiffon gown, which had a beautiful floral pattern on it. That dress was one of the most sought-after couture outfits of the year. Looking at the fine fabric of the dress, Angela knew that it must have cost a fortune. The girl in the yellow dress suddenly asked her friend, "Have you heard? DC Capital Group's anniversary event is happening at the end of the month."

The other girl was dressed in a plain blouse and a skirt, yet she looked very charming. She replied with an indifferent expression, "I have heard about it. Apparently the tenth anniversary celebration will be grander than anything we've ever seen."

Angela did not usually like to hear gossip, but the minute she heard them mention DC Capital Group, she couldn't help but eavesdrop.

The girl in the yellow dress giggled and replied, "Did you really think that it would be like any other anniversary event? I heard that this year, the purpose of the anniversary celebration will be finding a girlfriend for the CEO. That's why it is going to be a huge event."

Her friend's jaw dropped in surprise. "Where did you hear that?"

"My mom, obviously! She went to school with the CEO's mother. A few days ago, when she went to her school's alumni meet, his mother told my mom that she would choose a wife for him on the night of the anniversary dinner."

Her friend's eyes lit up instantly. "Are you serious?" she asked. She then thought of something and said, "It's no wonder that my dad stopped me from going to Dubai for my vacation. He probably wants me to go to that anniversary dinner!"

That moment, Hilda came back, and the girls changed the topic of their conversation from the event of DC Capital Group to dresses and hairdos.

Seeing Hilda, Angela, quickly stopped listening in on their conversation.

She thought that the anniversary event had nothing to do with her. She did not know then that it would change her life.

The next day, Angela reached the office ahead of time since it was her first day at DC Capital Group. However, she did not expect the elevator to be so crowded that early in the morning. In the elevator, she heard one of her co-workers say that there was a shareholders'' meeting that morning, and that the CEO didn't like it when people were late.

Angela worked on the 27th floor, but the only direct elevator to her floor was packed with senior staff and shareholders. So, she had no choice but to take an elevator that went up to the 22nd floor. Angela got off the elevator at the 22nd floor and decided to take the stairs to the 27th floor.

As soon as she opened the door to the staircase, she heard two people breathing heavily. She saw a man and a woman kissing on the floor above her.

Just when Angela was about to walk away from there, she heard a familiar female voice.

Gasping for breath, the woman said, "No! Carl, the office is about to be crowded any moment now. Someone might see us!"

The man teasingly replied, "Why do you have to be so shy, babe? All right, fine. This isn't exactly a comfortable place to have sex, so come to my place tonight, and don't be late!"

"Got it," the woman said.

Then, Angela heard his footsteps as he walked away. After Carl left, Christa heaved a sigh of relief.

Suddenly, she noticed someone under the stairs and asked nervously, "Who is it?"

Angela was surprised to see that Christa also worked there, and that she had a new boyfriend.

'His name is Carl?' she wondered.

Either way, she didn't bother to hide from Christa. Chr

ista, on the other hand, immediately turned pale as soon as she saw Angela.

'Curse my bad luck! Who would have thought that she would be the one to catch us?' she thought to herself. Fortunately, Christa knew about Angela's secret, so she was not afraid that Angela would expose hers.

The more she thought about it, the more her worries seemed to fade away. She sneered at her and left.

She was the one who had drugged Angela and driven her away. 'Does she really think that she's innocent?' Angela thought to herself. She was not the one who had started their fight; it was Christa.

Therefore, she remained calm and kept quiet until Christa left.

When Angela arrived at the 27th floor, she saw that Lucas was already waiting for her. He quickly handed her a bunch of documents and said, "Take a look at these first. The shareholders' conference will be over by 11 a.m., after which you need to take a freshly-brewed cup of coffee to the CEO. That's the time he usually has his coffee. By the way, keep your hands off the red cup on his desk!"

Just when he finished saying that, someone called him to prepare for the conference, so he left. Angela went to her desk and examined the documents thoroughly.

At the conference, Edward summarized the reports of the first half of the year, and announced the company's plans for the second half of the year.

Many of the shareholders actually wanted Edward's position. However, they knew what he was capable of, so they didn't dare to plot against him. It had been ten years since he had founded the company. In the first few years, he had had to deal with a lot of complications, but he had always remained focused, so the company's problems had soon vanished. Now, he had a strong hold on the company, so he was not easily threatened.

The shareholders were classified into two groups, the Yans and the Dongs. For some reason, Edward viewed William Dong as a potential rival.

William Dong owned 30% of the company's shares, which was only 7% less than Edward's. Moreover, he was shrewd and cunning, just like a fox. William Dong always wanted to publicly embarrass Edward at the shareholders' conferences, but this time, he refrained, waiting for the right moment.

His behavior seemed suspicious to Edward.

Lucas was about to announce the conclusion of the meeting, when suddenly, a video popped up on everyone's screen. The second they clicked on the video, they were horrified. Everyone immediately turned their gaze to Edward, who was sitting at the main seat. No one dared say a thing. Instead, they all just whispered among themselves.

Edward, too, looked at his computer screen and saw a video link. He clicked on the play button. It was a video of the CCTV footage from the hotel, where he had punched Greg and taken Angela with him. The title of the video read, "Rich CEO uses his power to threaten a man, and takes away his girlfriend."

In the video, Edward's face was clear, while Angela's and Greg's faces were blurred.

Although he was a little surprised, Edward did not react. He frowned, but did not say anything.

William Dong finally displayed the rage he had hidden deep inside his heart. "Mr. Edward, don't you think you should be more careful about your image? After all, this is not just about you, it is about the company, too!"

"Yeah, that's right! This will affect our stocks!" one of the shareholders exclaimed.

"This could destroy us!" another man said.

"I will be holding a press conference to explain this misunderstanding." After saying that, Edward immediately stood up and walked out of the conference room.

It was his style of doing things, so no one else reacted to it. They were just eager to know what explanation he would give at the press conference.

William Dong, however, took this opportunity to gain the favor of the shareholders. He snorted and said, "The bidding project of the H Administrative District will be opened in two months. Look at the timing, huh? Maybe it's because he's already so rich that he doesn't care about the DC Capital Group."

"That's true, this news could really ruin the reputation of the company," one of the shareholders replied.

"People who are in a high position will always be complacent," another one said, shaking his head.

Edward lingered outside the conference room just to know what they were saying. Once he had heard enough, he walked straight to his office without looking back.

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