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   Chapter 20 The Mysterious Aid

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The moment Angela was out of sight, the employees of the HR Department launched into a heated discussion.

"Who was that girl? Why would Ms. Liu interview her personally?" one of them asked.

"It is quite strange, isn't it? Has anyone from the management team resigned recently?" another employee exclaimed.

They were surprised to see Corrine, the assistant HR manager, interview Angela personally, because Corrine was only responsible for interviewing candidates for the management team. For all the lower level recruitments, she would only supervise the interview.

However, it did not seem too shocking for most of the employees, so they didn't care about it. Christa, on the other hand, was still shocked.

That moment, one of her colleagues, Anne Ye, suddenly said, "Christa, Ms. Liu wants to see you in her office."

When Corrine saw Christa come in, she put down her coffee mug and said, "Please, have a seat."

Ever since her first day at the company, Christa had known that Corrine did not like her very much. Fortunately for her, Corrine had never made things difficult for her, even though it had been more than two months since she joined. But still, Christa was worried.

"Since you work for the HR Department of DC Capital Group, think of us as a team. There's no need for you to be so nervous." With that, Corrine pulled out a folder, pushed it across the table to Christa, and said, "I only asked you to come because from next month onwards, you will be considered as a regular employee, and I want to talk to you about your responsibilities."

Understanding that Corrine wanted her to look inside the folder, Christa opened it, and was shocked when she saw the resume inside it.

"Though we're all like a big family here in the HR Department, we still have rules. You sneaked your cousin's resume into the application without asking me first. Carl doesn't know about it yet, so I will let this go. But I don't want to see it happening ever again!" Corrine did not seem very angry, yet she sounded serious.

It was only because of Carl Yan that Christa had gotten her job at DC Capital Group. She had sneaked in her cousin's resume, hoping that having a few trusted underlings would help her. However, she had not expected to get caught, and now, she was scared. Upon hearing Corrine say that she would let it go, Christa felt relieved and immediately said, "I'm so sorry, Ms. Liu. I only did that out of sympathy for my poor cousin. I promise you that it won't happen again."

"Good. You'd better keep up your promise. Moreover, there will be a lot of new recruits coming in soon. The office is going to be busy with the recruitment process, so get back to work!" Corrine said flatly.

"Yes, of course! Thank you, Ms. Liu," Christa said with a nod.

After she left the office, Corrine shook her head and thought, 'Why does Carl always have to recruit idiots like her? She doesn't have much skill, yet her mind is so full of crooked thoughts and schemes. She wants to get power before even becoming a regular employee first! Who does she think she is? Perhaps her greed for power was what made her so easy to deal with.'

Being a very careful woman, Corrine immediately called Lucas to report to him about the issue.

Thirty minutes later, inside the CEO's office,

Lucas reported to Edward, "Carl recruited two women this time⁠—Becky in the Financial Department, and Christa in the HR Department. Becky hasn't done anything wrong, but Christa, on the other hand, wants to recruit her cousin."

Edward stood in front of the bookshelf. Picking up a book on war strategy, he said, "Perhaps he is selling the dummy."

"Yeah! Maybe we're just taking this more seriously than we should." Lucas thought that Carl Yan was too dumb to cause problems. 'Perhaps he recruited those women only because he slept with them,' he thought to himself.

"I don't really think he is capable of stirring up trouble, but I'm only afraid..." Edward lifted his head and looked at Lucas, but did not finish his sentence.

Carl Yan was his elder cousin. Although Edward was the sole person behind the company's success, which had nothing to do with Carl Yan's father, Carl Yan still wanted to own a large portion of the company's shares. However, every time he asked Edward about it, Edward denied him his request. Ever since then, there had been rumors about the Yan Family circulating in the office, and that made Edward angry.

Lucas thought that Edward would get rid of those who spread the rumors, but to his surprise, Edward turned a blind eye to them. Despite his seven years of work as Edward's assistant, Lucas had not seen through Edward yet. Of course, being a CEO of such a large company, Edward was terrifyingly sophisticated.

"Let them stay for now." Edward was not the kind of man who

spoke a lot, but his words always had an effect on people.

Afraid to ask him more questions, Lucas said, "Got it. By the way, Miss Xu has already been interviewed. She will be joining from tomorrow."

"All right," Edward replied curtly. He then walked to the couch with the book in his hand and sat down, flipping a page.

Lucas became a little nervous when he saw the book, which was written in an ancient language. He knew that Edward didn't like being disturbed when he was reading, so he quietly left the room, closing the door behind him.

After returning to his office, he saw a huge pile of documents on his desk and was puzzled.

During the first few years of the company, Edward had been changing his secretaries quite frequently. Lucas remembered one girl who had gotten on her knees to beg Edward to let her stay, but Edward had only gotten angrier. That girl seemed to have pissed him off so badly. Without any hesitation, Edward had told Lucas, "Take her to the HR Department. Give her three more months' worth of pay, but I don't ever want to see her again!"

Since then, Edward had not hired any secretaries, and Lucas had been forced to multitask. Lucas thought, 'Because of what Carl has done, Mr. Edward always hates recruitment through personal connections. But now, he treats this Angela Xu with such special care. What could she have done to earn his favor?'

Curious, he glanced at the pile of documents on his desk and felt relieved. Someone was finally there to share his burden! 'No matter what she's hiding, I look forward to working with her. After all, doing all this alone is a bit overbearing!' he thought to himself.

Meanwhile, Hilda had just finished a business deal with a partner when she received an exciting message from Angela. "Hilda, I got a job! I'm a new secretary of DC Capital Group! DC Capital Group, can you believe it? I'm so blessed! By the way, I just transferred the current month's rent to your account. Please check if you got it."

Although Edward had promised Hilda that he would help Angela, she had not expected him to recruit her to directly work under him. Hilda was well aware that her brother hated recruitment through personal connection.

Therefore, his sudden change of mind perplexed her.

A few seconds later, she received a text message from the bank saying that the rent money had been credited to her account.

Even though she was a bit annoyed, she felt happy. She had told Angela many times that she did not have to pay rent, yet Angela was stubborn and insisted that by paying Hilda the rent money, she was being respected. Hilda was genuinely pleased that she had finally met someone who didn't take advantage of her because of her financially-sound background.

She liked Angela as a person, because the latter never made her feel as though she were being used.

A faint smile appeared on her lips as she replied, "Congratulations, Angela! Let's go out for dinner tonight to celebrate your new job."

Old Story was a posh European restaurant. Angela had never been there before, so she thought that a good meal there would easily cost her a few hundred dollars. But the moment she looked at the menu, she was speechless. A good meal there would cost her about two thousand dollars. Angela felt that she should not spend money so extravagantly.

"You cook for me every day, Angela. I have always wanted to take you out to eat, but I have been busy, so today, it is my treat!" Hilda said cheerfully.

Angela was confused, because she had been planning on giving Hilda a treat.

"Hilda? It's been a long time since I last saw you here. I thought you had grown bored of my food!" a male voice boomed. Angela turned and saw a handsome Frenchman wearing a chef's hat approaching them. He seemed like a gentleman, and he was fluent in the local language, which surprised Angela.

"Hello, Bruce! This is my housemate, Angela.

Angela, this is Bruce. He's from France, so naturally, his food is delicious!"

"Bonjour, pretty lady!" Bruce said as he bowed to Angela. Angela quickly stood up and held out her hand. "Hello, it's nice to meet you, Bruce."

Bruce did not know that Angela only wanted to shake his hand, so he took her hand and kissed the back of it, instantly making her blush.

But fortunately for her, Hilda was busy chatting with him and did not notice her blushing.

All of a sudden, Bruce asked, "It has been a while since your brother last came here. Has he been too busy?"

'Hilda has a brother?' Angela couldn't help but wonder. Hilda had never mentioned anything about her brother before, so naturally, Angela was curious.

Suddenly, Hilda said nervously, "Oh, Bruce, I am famished! I have not eaten your scrumptious food for a long time now. Would you please make something for me immediately?"

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