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   Chapter 19 The Wicked Manager

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Angela thought of her relationship with Greg. All the memories, the love they had shared for nearly three years...everything was gone now.

She went home crying. After reaching the house, she stood outside the door, wiped her tears away, and regulated her emotion before she opened the door.

Seeing that Hilda was already home, she smiled and asked, "How did you come back home so early?"

Angela was holding all her things that she had packed up from her office desk, and her eyes were red. The moment Hilda saw her, she asked in a worried tone, "What happened? Did someone at work harass you?"

"No, I just quit my job." Angela tried to speak in a relaxed tone.

"Did you quit because of your evil manager?" Obviously, Angela had told her all about him, so when she seemed so gloomy, Hilda could immediately guess the reason. Upon seeing her remain silent, Hilda muttered, "Men like him deserve to be castrated!"

When Angela saw the indignant look on Hilda's face, she couldn't help but laugh. "I don't regret quitting my job at all! When one door closes, another one opens, right?"

YR Media Company was an average-sized firm, but it was quite well-known in the city. They did not charge their clients as much as the larger firms, yet they provided the best in class service to their clients. During the past two years, YR Media had also partnered with some of the most popular and successful firms in the industry. Edward had even suggested to Hilda that she hire YR Media for her company's inauguration.

Hilda also knew something about Baron. It was said that it was only because of his guidance that the company flourished. Although Baron was an efficient manager, his bad reputation preceded him, which meant that he would not have the power that he valued so much for long.

And after getting offended by Angela, he was likely to make things difficult for her. Hilda could not help but feel worried about Angela. "So, what are your plans, Angela? Do you still want to have a career in the media industry?" Hilda asked all of a sudden.

"I thought of working for a non-profit organization. In this way, I would have enough time to prepare for my exam, but..."

But the pay was too less. Angela had promised her friends that she would pay them the money she owed them by the end of the next month. But since she had quit her job, she was not feeling so confident about keeping the promise that she had made. Moreover, working for a lower pay would not make things any easier for her.

Hilda was a very kind and good friend. Angela knew that if she told her the truth, she would go out of her way to help her. Hence, she decided not to tell her the real reason.

"But what?" Hilda asked.

"I just need more time to think about it. Even though planning might be a hard thing to do, I still think that the job is promising! By the way, haven't you been asking me to make fried rice with pineapple for a while now? I have been craving some too. Why don't I cook it for dinner?" Angela said with a smile.

After putting the box of things in her room, she went to the kitchen and saw that Hilda was cutting the pineapple in an unskilled way. "Ever since you moved in here, my skills of cutting food materials have greatly improved, right?"

Angela raised an eyebrow at her and picked up a chunk of pineapple, which was oddly cut. "Are you... Are you sure about that?" she asked.

Hilda lowered her head and laughed, feeling guilty. "I know. Although I may have made some progress, my skills still need a lot of improvement. All right, I'll go put the pan on the stove."

Angela suddenly recalled the previous weekend, when Hilda had tried to cook fried rice with egg and ended up causing the whole kitchen to be filled with smoke.

Afraid that that might happen again, she said, "Please don't do that. Why don't you go and relax outside? I'll make dinner."

"Ugh! Fine. I'll go and clean up then," Hilda grumbled.

The fried rice with pineapple that Angela made was delicious. It had the perfect amount of spice and looked very appetizing. After eating her fill, Hilda lay down on the couch, rubbing her belly, and exclaimed, "Angela, if only I were a guy, I would have married you by now! It's no wonder that my brother..." Hilda suddenly stopped mid-sentence.

Angela was pleased to hear Hilda's praise, but then she noticed her sudden pause and became suspicious. When she was about to ask her about it, however, Hilda pretended to burp. "Oh, I am so stuffed! No wonder I have gained so much weight!" she said.

After Angela finished eating, she stood up to clean the bowls, but Hilda said, "Just leave them there. The part-time maid will come and clean them up later."

"Okay, great! I'll go to my room and arrange all the stuff th

at I brought from the office," Angela said with a smile.

Once Hilda was back in her room, she discreetly made a phone call. She reported everything that had happened with Angela to Edward in detail.

She could almost imagine the frown on Edward's face as he asked, "Baron? Baron Lin?

Don't worry, I'll have this handled."

During the past few months, Edward had talked about Angela with her quite a few times. She thought that her cold and icy brother had fallen in love with her roommate. But then, why wasn't he actively pursuing her? That was not Edward's style. She became so curious that she couldn't control herself anymore. "Honestly, Edward, do you have a crush on her?" she asked.

"No, I don't," Edward replied indifferently.

"Then why do you keep asking about her?"

"Do I? Really?" Edward asked.

"All right!" Hilda had to admit that he had only asked her about Angela the first two times, but after that, she had told him everything all on her own. She had gotten used to reporting everything about Angela to him, because he always listened to her patiently and did not try to shut her up. Considering that Edward was usually so busy with work that he barely had any time to go home,

Hilda didn't give up probing.

"If you really don't have a crush on her, then why do you offer to help her?" she asked. She knew that her brother was not a man who just helped people randomly.

"You told me this because you want me to help her out somehow, don't you?" Edward asked lightly.

Upon hearing that, Hilda was speechless. It was true that she did want to help Angela this time. However, she felt as though she was tricked.

She did not give it much thought, because she had, after all, gotten what she wanted. "By the way, Edward, you'd better go home for the dinner the day after tomorrow. I heard that even Kay was terrified when she heard Dad losing his temper with Mom," she said all of a sudden.

Their father always had affairs with women, but he never lost his temper with women. Even Edward thought that it was weird. 'Why would he suddenly get angry with Mom?' he wondered. 'Well... Is it possible that it had something to do with me?'

"All right, fine! I understand," he replied.

On the first day after her resignation, Angela was about to wake up on her own when her phone suddenly rang.

"Hello, am I speaking to Miss Angela Xu?" A pleasant-sounding female voice came from the other end of the line.

"Yeah, I am Angela Xu. Who is this?" she asked. Although Angela was cranky as she had just woken up, she still managed to be polite.

"I am calling from DC Capital Group. We found your resume online and we think that you would make a great addition to our company. Are you free to come over for an interview for the secretarial position today?"

"Are you really calling from DC Capital Group?" Angela asked in shock. DC Capital Group was the largest real estate company in S City and more than half of the real estate projects in the heart of the city had been developed by them. In fact, their success was already spreading nationwide. Not only that, Angela felt that if she worked in a well-known company like DC Capital, then she might be able to find a great job in the future.

"Yeah, of course! When would you like me to be there?" she asked.

"I have sent you an email. In that, I have attached the job description, contact information, as well as the time and venue details. You would find it in your inbox. Please check."

"Okay, great! Thank you!" Angela replied.

She then quickly got up and opened her laptop to check for the email. Although she was not very keen on becoming a secretary, the job came with a nice paycheck and benefits. Hence, Angela was confident that if she worked there for just a month, she would be able to pay off all her debts.

After contemplating for a while, she finally decided to do her best to get the job. After all, the pay was too good to be true. After working there for a year, she might be able to save enough money that she could quit her job again and try to prepare for the exam.

It was exactly half past two in the afternoon when Angela came to DC Capital Group's office. As she looked at the tall building, she had a strange yet familiar feeling.

However, she didn't think too much of it. Angela gave her best in the interview and was surprised to see that it went smoother than she had expected.

Corrine Liu, her interviewer, asked, "So, when do you think you can join?"

"Anytime you'd like!" Angela replied with a smile. The sooner she started the job, the better it would be for her. After all, she was only there for the good pay.

"Okay, good! How about tomorrow?" Corrine Liu asked.

"That would be perfect! Thank you, Miss Liu."

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