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   Chapter 18 Because Of Him

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"Mr. Lin, I hope you haven't forgotten... I am only an intern here, aren't I?"

When Angela first joined the company, they had promised that the internship would be three months. However, it had been five months since she had joined and they still did not acknowledge her as a regular employee. She had confronted the HR Department about it, and they had told her that Baron required her to pass the assessment first. Angela knew that the so-called assessment only meant that she could get a regular position as soon as she agreed to have dinner with him.

In the end, Angela had never agreed to Baron's constant efforts in pursuing her. Regardless of how much he forced her to submit to him, she remained stubborn.

Baron knew that Angela was like a beautiful rose, covered in thorns. She was hard to get, and the more she refused him, the more desperate he became to have her. However, he had never thought that she would act so boldly that she would threaten him with her resignation!

Furious, he banged on the table loudly and shouted, "Don't you want to work for the media industry in S City anymore?"

Upon hearing this, Angela stopped walking. Had he really just threatened her career with his influence in the media industry in S City?

But Angela was not afraid of him at all. In fact, all she felt towards him was disgust and resentment.

Seeing that she paused, Baron thought that she had admitted defeat. With a fat, nasty-looking smile, he added, "You know, if you become just as obedient and well-behaved as Chloe is, then I might give you the same pay as hers."

Upon hearing that, Angela immediately turned around, grabbed the glass of cold water from the table, and splashed it on his face. "Then, I'll change my career. There are so many options in the world. Why do I have to stick to just the media industry?" she roared.

"You..." Baron seethed with rage. His face had turned red by then, but Angela walked out of the room, ignoring him.

Once she was back in her seat, Baron sent her a text, expressing his anger. "Do you not want to get paid for the current month?" Angela could not believe her eyes.

He was so disgusting that he even threatened her with her salary. Angela was soft-hearted, but that didn't mean that she was coward. How dared he threaten her?

She quickly typed a reply and sent it. "The labor union is not a joke, Mr. Lin. I believe you said those words only out of a momentary burst of anger. Don't make me take your words seriously."

"Are you seriously threatening me with the labor union? Great! I'm going to make sure that you regret resigning," he replied.

Angela couldn't believe his reply. For the past few months, she had always treated him with respect, despite his unspeakable behavior towards her. Even during the times when he had tried to take advantage of her, she had been polite in her refusal. But even after that, Baron hadn't backed off. Instead, he had done everything he could to make her life hell.

At first, she had thought that if she just outright refused him publicly, he would let it go. But now, she could tell that he wouldn't back down, no matter what she did. However, she had made up her mind that she had had enough.

The thought that she would be free from his annoying behavior relieved her, and she felt as though she had washed off all the filth on her body.

She planned on handing over her work to Chloe that afternoon.

By then, most of the employees had already heard of Angela's conflict with Baron. Some were openly talking about it, while others secretly whispered to one another.

After work, only Angela and Chloe remained in the office.

Chloe was an obedient girl, but she was also well-behaved. "Angela, do you know what you're going to do?" she asked cautiously.

"I'm going to find another job!" Angela replied firmly.

"I've heard about Mr. Lin's influence in S City. Do you really think that you would be okay doing that?"

Angela shrugged and said in a cold voice, "We live in the modern world. Do you really think that he can get away with the things he has done? Although he may seem powerful, it doesn't mean that he controls all the other top companies. If things really go downhill, then I'll move to a different city!"

Chloe envied Angela when she heard her reply. She wished she had the courage to fight like Angela did.

"I really wish I was ass brave as you, Angela!" she said meekly.

"I think it all comes down to what we choose. People who fight back, like me, are the ones who get into trou

ble easily, right?" Angela said that because she knew that Chloe was obsequious. Baron must have terrorized her into being so submissive.

As she thought of that, she felt sorry for Chloe, so she turned to her and said in a comforting voice, "You have worked very hard too, Chloe! Moreover, you're careful and cautious, which makes you a much smarter girl than I am."

"Do you really think so?" Chloe asked in surprise. A lot of rumors about her had been spreading in the office. Some thought that she had whored herself to Baron, and that that was why she was being treated with such special care, while others said that she was the one who had been taking away the missing portion of Angela's salary.

So naturally, Chloe was expecting Angela to hate her.

Angela also knew that the missing portion of her salary was going to Chloe's account. However, she didn't blame Chloe. In fact, she believed that it was all Baron's fault, so she couldn't show any hatred towards Chloe. "Yeah, I meant what I said!" she said with a sincere smile.

"It's no wonder that Race and the other colleagues like you so much. You're very approachable and it feels nice to talk to you," Chloe said with sparkling eyes.

"You know, YR Media is not as bad as one may think. Race and the others are all great people. I mean, come on, where else would you find senior employees who are so willing to teach the interns?" Angela replied.

"Yeah, you're right about that!"

Chloe exclaimed with a nod. Her heart was filled with admiration for Angela. Angela's pay had been reduced because of her, but still, she was nice to her. The company did not treat her well, yet she spoke highly of the company. Chloe knew that if she had been in Angela's shoes, she would not have been able to be as big-hearted as her.

As though Angela's day hadn't been hard enough, the moment she stepped out of the office, Greg came in her way, stopping her.

"Come on, Angela, let's talk!"

Angela was already in a bad mood, and the moment she saw him, she became furious. "I have nothing to talk to you about!" she said with a sneer.

"Angela! Are you doing this because of that guy who came to the hotel?" He then came closer and grabbed her arm. "The Angela that I know would never have spoken to me like you did that day! Tell me, was it all because of him? If that's the case, then let me tell you, he is not a good man like you think he is. He's just using you!"

The more he spoke, the angrier she became. Greg was overstepping boundaries. With an indifferent expression, she said, "Let go of me."

Although she was furious, she didn't react too rashly. However, Greg had pulled on her last string of tolerance, and that was something that she would never forgive.

It was the first time that Angela had been so rude and indifferent to him, so naturally, he was scared. However, he was reluctant to let go of her because he was certain that if he did, he would lose her forever.

"Greg! The only reason I haven't lost my temper with you is not because I still respect you, but because I don't want to risk ruining my life for an asshole like you!" Even though it pained her, she was determined to break it off with him for good.

With tears in his eyes, Greg finally let go of her arm and said, "So it was because of that guy, wasn't it?"

Free from his grip, Angela was about to walk away. But then, the disappointed and resentful tone in his question made her turn around. "What do you want me to say? Will you let me go if I told you that it's because of him? If so, then yes, he is the reason!"

As she said that, there was a sense of calmness in her voice.

To Greg, Angela's voice didn't even sound like her usual high-pitched tone. But this was probably the real Angela. In the past, she would behave like a child whenever she was with him, throwing tantrums and annoying him. But now, she seemed very stubborn about breaking up with him, which made him feel like he had never really known her until then.

Greg's heart ached as he watched her walk away.

He couldn't see the tears streaming down her cheeks as she walked away, because she was not looking back at him.

Angela was puzzled about how, even after being with her for nearly three years, Greg seemed to have never understood her feelings. It was evident that his fault was the reason behind their break-up, and yet he suspected her of cheating and aggressively questioned her. And now, even though she wanted to forgive him, her heart did not let her. The damage had been done.

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