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   Chapter 17 Salary Deduction

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This man, Edward... He was a horrible person! Had he asked someone to follow her?

Angela felt terrified at the thought of the day when he had asked her to be his "paid girlfriend" for three months.

If he considered her as his prey, then it was possible for him to have asked someone to follow her.

Feeling suspicious, Angela looked through the peep hole on the door. Only when she saw that there was no one lurking outside the house did she feel relieved.

After remembering Edward's expensive clothes and luxury car, she concluded that he must be a very wealthy man. Moreover, he looked too good to be a regular guy. So, he was undeniably handsome as well as rich, which must make him a popular man. But then...why would a man like him be so interested in a girl like her? Besides, why had he made such an odd request?

She suddenly recalled that night when she was drugged. Edward had used cold water to bring her back to her senses rather than by having sex with her.

Why had he changed his attitude? Was it because the more he couldn't get her, the more he wanted her?

Or was it because it gave him a sense of conquest?

If that was true, then it meant that Edward wasn't as good a man as she now believed him to be.

However, his curious behavior also amused Angela. 'What a weird guy!' she thought to herself.

One month later, in the tea room at YR Media Company,

Angela poured herself a glass of cold lemonade as she watched two colleagues busily chatting.

Race Zhang said, "Have you heard? The new employee, Chloe, went out with our manager, Baron Lin, for dinner yesterday."

Shocked, Magda Wen asked, "Oh my god! Really? It's only been a week since that girl joined. How could they have started dating so soon? She must be the quickest one to be tempted by Mr. Lin to become his mistress!"

Hearing that, Race Zhang laughed and said, "Mr. Lin is always too fast for his own good! How could he refrain from seducing these young girls who just got out of college?"

"Speaking of that, I think Angela is the only pure young girl in our office. She has been here for nearly five months and yet hasn't gone out with Mr. Lin." After that, Magda Wen turned to Angela and asked in a mocking tone, "Have you, Angela?"

The moment Angela heard those words, she felt annoyed.

When she had first started working there, she had not expected that her boss would be a perverted man. He had harassed nearly all of the younger female employees.

Angela was one of the most beautiful girls among her colleagues. Although she often dressed casually, it was not hard to tell that she was in good shape. So how could Baron Lin not have pursued her?

But she had refused him openly. During the company dinner three months ago, Baron Lin had sat next to her and rubbed her thighs. And Angela had reacted by retorting in a loud yet polite voice, "It is too crowded here, Mr. Lin. So, why don't I let you sit here alone?"

After all, who did he think he was to do that to her without her consent? After saying those words, Angela had immediately left the room, ignoring Baron Lin. Some of the employees who had seen the exchange had secretly laughed at him, making him feel very embarrassed.

But after she had openly spoken out against his advances towards her, she noticed a sudden decrease in her wages in the next two months.

The thought of that made Angela feel upset, so she took a sip of the lemonade and heaved a sigh. "Stop making fun of me. At this rate, I'll starve to death."

Angela was beautiful, and she did not have even a trace of arrogance or rudeness in her. Even at work, she wouldn't bother anyone unless it was utterly necessary. Race Zhang liked that about her. She suddenly joked, "If you were my age, he wouldn't even notice you."

"Are you seriously blaming me for being young?" Angela asked with a shrug.

All three of them immediately burst into laughter.

That moment, someone announced that the company was giving away the paychecks, so all three of them quickly went back to their seats. As soon as Angela saw her paycheck, her expression darkened.

Only 3800 dollars? Baron Lin had cut down her salary for no reason again!

Angela felt as though her head was about to explode with rage. She immediately went to the tea room to drink some water, afraid that her anger would make her lash out at him.

Suddenly, an employee walked in, gossiping. "Have you heard? I just saw Chloe's paycheck. She's getting paid six thousand dollars. Considering she's still just an intern, I would say that Baron has been successful in bedding her."

"Hush! Shut up, now." Seeing Angela, another employee tried to quiete

n her, afraid that Angela might overhear them.

Alas! Angela finally understood that her hard-headedness and her refusal to submit to Baron Lin had cost her her salary.

Once she drank all the water in the glass, she took the document she had prepared and went to find Baron Lin. She stood outside his door and knocked. After she heard his permission, she went into his office. To her surprise, Chloe Chen was walking out.

Chloe Chen's cheeks were red and she was batting her eyelashes. Seeing that, Angela guessed what might have happened before she came there. She thought to herself, 'This man has humiliated the company by doing such a despicable thing during office hours! If I keep refusing him, will he go so far as to rape me? I can't work here anymore.'

Angela kept her emotions under control as she walked to his desk and placed the paycheck in front of him. "Mr. Lin, I have come to work every day in the past month, and I have never been late!"

"All right... What's your point?" Although he knew the answer to the question, Baron Lin pretended to not know with an evil grin.

But Angela was fuming. Was he really pretending like he didn't know what was wrong after cutting her pay without any reason?

Even though Angela was irritated, she still tried to explain in a calm voice, "When my salary was cut for the first time, you said that my plan wasn't good enough, and that it was only passable after Race had reviewed my work. And in the next month, you managed to mark my sick leave days as absenteeism. Both these months, my salary was deducted by 1500 dollars. But, what about this month? You at least need to give me a reason for cutting down my pay, right?"

In fact, the customer who had received Angela's plan was only satisfied because they found it interesting and original, though Race had made a few minor revisions to it. At that time, Baron Lin had used that as an excuse. He had offered her a promotion and regularization if she had dinner with him. But then, after Angela had politely turned down his offer, he had been determined to make things harder for her, so he had asked Race to improve her work.

Last month, Angela had asked for leave for a few days. Baron Lin had approved her leave orally, but he refused to sign off on the leave. At last, the days she had taken leave had counted as her skipping work, and her salary had been deducted a lot.

Baron Lin was deliberately making her life harder. And even though Angela knew that, she couldn't yell at him.

Finally, she decided that she had had enough.

Seeing her angry face, Baron was not anxious at all. He stood up and walked to her with desire in her eyes. He put his fat hand towards her shoulder and said, "You are the smartest one among these people. How can you not know the reason?"

It was just as she had imagined! Baron Lin was a disgusting man who was trying to push her into submission. He was forcing her to comply with him.

He walked over to her and tried to caress her shoulder, but she quickly moved away from him. With a smile, Angela said, "Mr. Lin, since I am a graduate fresh out of college, I agree that my skills may not be up to the expected level. However, you can't deny my contribution to the company's profits. I came here to work, and nothing else. If you find that hard to understand, then I don't know of a better way to say it."

She then took out the document, which was a printed resignation letter, and laid it in front of him. "Mr. Lin, YR Media is a great company. I hope it becomes even better in the future. I thought that I could grow with the company, but sadly, your expectations are getting more bizarre every day!"

Angela said with an indifferent expression and sneered.

She had only tried to mock him for his unreasonable expectations, yet it somehow infuriated him.

Baron Lin was so enraged that he banged his fist on the table and roared, "Angela! Don't be foolish! You just graduated from college. Don't you want to be successful?"

Angela stared coldly and said in a firm yet polite voice, "Mr. Lin, thank you for letting me work here for so long, but I have to resign. Since I have already handed in my resignation letter, I won't be coming to work anymore."

"Did I accept your resignation? I haven't, right? So you can't just say that you won't be coming to work anymore. If you don't come to work tomorrow, it will be considered as absenteeism. And your pay will be deducted thrice as much, so think before you act!" Baron Lin snapped. He had been a manager for so many years, and most of his older employees respected him. So when Angela, a young employee, offended him, it made him furious.

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