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   Chapter 16 She Is My Girlfriend

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All of a sudden, the door sprang open with a loud bang.

Before Angela even knew what was going on, the man who was trying to rape her was kicked away from her. Thinking that the man who was touching her was Greg, she struggled to ease out of his grip with tears in her eyes.

But then, the man hugged her and said, "It's okay. Don't worry."

His familiar deep voice instantly calmed her down.

Greg rolled off the bed, feeling embarrassed. When he stood up, he saw a tall and handsome man holding Angela in his arms.

How could he not get angry after watching another man holding the woman he loved right in front of his eyes? Moreover, he had just tore Angela's shirt, and now, the man's hand was on her fair, flawless back, comforting her.

Sensing the hostile stare from Greg, Edward turned and looked at him coldly, his murderous gaze instantly terrifying him.

Edward noticed him greedily eyeing Angela's back, and became furious. He then removed his coat and draped it around her. "Shall we leave?" he asked.

Only then did Angela finally come to her senses and nod.

Edward quickly helped her put her shoes on, supporting her to stand up.

Greg had tolerated their sexless relationship for nearly three years, and now, he was ready to go any lengths to get what he desired the most. He didn't even cared about ruining his image as a gentleman in her eyes. He just couldn't let all his efforts go in vain because of some stranger. He jumped in front of them with a furious expression, grabbed hold of Angela's arm, and roared, "She is my girlfriend!"

Just thirty minutes ago, Edward had been in a video conference with some of the most important shareholders of DC Capital Group. At that time, Hilda had repeatedly called him as though she was in some kind of grave danger. Worried that something bad might have happened to his sister, Edward had answered the call. The moment she informed him that Greg had drugged Angela and was taking her to a hotel, he had acted without any hesitation, immediately walking out of his office even though Lucas had tried to make him stay.

Being a smart woman, Hilda had contacted the hotel manager even before Edward's arrival, asking for a spare room card. The manager had readily agreed, since Hilda was one of the shareholders of the hotel. The moment Edward barged into the hotel room, he saw Greg forcing himself on Angela, while she lay on the bed, crying and struggling to push him away.

The last thing that Edward wanted to see happen was a woman being abused. Besides, he was the one who had taken Angela's virginity, so he couldn't stand to watch her getting raped by another man. He could have ruined Greg's life if he wanted to, but he didn't. He had acted out of kindness and merely kicked him off the bed. How dare Greg attempt to take Angela from him? Was he asking for his death?

Now, enraged further after hearing Greg's words, Edward raised his eyebrows at him and said in a cocky tone, "Oh, yeah? Are you sure about that?"

Seeing his girlfriend in another man's arms, Greg acted out of impulse and tried to punch him. Edward, on the other hand, stopped his fist without even moving away, and punched him.

People who were more powerful and influential were the ones who feared losing their good reputation the most. Upon noticing Edward's posh and classy appearance, Greg knew that he was a wealthy man. Hence, he tried to threaten him by saying, "Did you just hit me? There are cameras in this hallway and all your actions have been recorded. If you try to move her even by just an inch, I will have you prosecuted for physically hitting me!"

With a snicker, Edward snapped, "It was just self-defense."

It was true that Greg had come to hit him first. However, Greg knew that he could tamper with the evidence in order to achieve what he wanted. "So what if I tried to hit you first? As long as I edit the CCTV footage, no one will know that I'm the one who attacked first, right? Don't you dare take her away, or I'll call the cops right now!" Greg roared.

Edward couldn't help but scoff when he heard that empty threat. Did Greg really think that this was enough to scare him away? Besides, the hotel was a part of the DC Capital Group. Greg wouldn't be able to get his hands on the footage, regardless of how hard he tried.

Edward sneered at him and grabbed Angela's hand. "Let's go!" he said to her.

Just when she was about to walk past Greg, she stopped.

Thinking that she had made up her mind and chosen him over Edward, Greg said with excitement, "Angela..."

"Greg! I never expected you to stoop so low. You're disgusting! I was wrong about you!" she screamed.

He had tried to rape her and

threatened to frame Edward for assault. Even until an hour ago, Angela had still been reluctant to end their relationship. But now, all the trust she had had in their love had been quashed, all because of his actions.

She cast a scornful look at him with her reddened eyes. Seeing that she had finished speaking, Edward pulled her away from there.

Once they were out of the hotel, he looked at her tattered clothes and said, "Get in the car, and I'll drive you home."

The last time that they met, he had been rude to her, asking her to be his "paid girlfriend" for three months. Angela had always resented him for that, but after what had just happened, she felt the hatred in her heart disappear.

"No, but thanks for the offer. I can go home by myself," she murmured. Edward had just saved her reputation. How could she let herself bother him after what he had just done for her?

However, Edward couldn't help but worry. His forehead creased as he looked at her petite body wrapped in his coat. "Are you sure? Do you really think that you can go back by yourself looking like that?"

Her clothes had been ripped all over, and his coat was the only solid thing covering her body now.

Besides, it was daytime. If she took a taxi back home looking like that, she might get molested! The subway was worse, since it was a hotspot for notorious men.

"Get in the car!" Edward said in a firm voice. He then opened the car door and motioned for her to get in.

Upon seeing that, Angela blushed. Although she felt embarrassed, she had no choice but to get in the car.

As soon as she sat down in the car, Edward leaned over her.

"What are you doing?" Angela asked as she moved away from him, feeling startled.

Ignoring her, Edward reached for the seatbelt and fastened it across her chest. He then explained, "If you don't put on your seatbelt, the car wouldn't be a safe place, either."

Although he didn't have any need to follow such rules, Edward was a sensible man.

Angela, who was seeing his tender and caring side for the first time, was taken by surprise. "Oh, I'm so sorry! I must have been thinking about something else, so I forgot to put it on. Thank you."

It was the first time that they were having a normal conversation, considering the awkward situation that they had been in just minutes ago. Angela was feeling embarrassed. However, she began to feel relieved when Edward's phone started to ring. The phone calls lasted for a while, and it seemed as though the people who were calling him were blaming him for leaving all of a sudden.

She watched as Edward explained to them in a calm voice, "I'm so sorry, something urgent came up."

Although his words sounded apologetic, his face was cold and expressionless. Angela thought about him protecting her just a while ago, and her heart skipped a beat.

Greg was a good-looking man, but compared to him, Edward seemed to have the looks of a Greek god.

In addition to his extremely handsome looks and sculpted body, he was also very charming, which made him seem like a king. She could tell when he fastened the seatbelt for her, he had no lewd intentions in his mind. He was a true gentleman!

Angela suddenly thought of that night when he had told her to become sober before he came back, or he would throw her out.

As she thought of that, she also recalled that it was her who had entered his room in the first place, and it was not his intention to take advantage of her. However, later, he had fallen into a daze because of the drug that someone had slipped into his drink.

He was not really a bad man, was he?

Angela made up her mind to forget all about that night and stop blaming him for her misfortune.

As she contemplated that, a smile appeared on her lips. She realized that she felt more comfortable being around him after what just happened.

It was rare for Edward to apologize to people, so the shareholders didn't dare to make a scene. After a while, they finally arrived at Glory City International Garden. And until he was done parking the car in the underground parking lot, his phone did not stop ringing.

Once they had parked the car, Angela shyly said to him, "Thanks for saving me today."

"It's okay," he replied.

"All right, then. I'll go in now," she said.


She then got out of the car and watched as Edward drove away. She kept thinking about the day, and felt as though something was wrong.

However, she didn't realize what it was until she was inside the house. She placed the keys on the table and thought, 'How could he have known that I would be at the hotel?

How did he know that I lived here?' It all seemed like a mystery to Angela.

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