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   Chapter 14 Edward's Concern

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"Tell him that I'll be there in thirty minutes," Edward said flatly. He then dialed Hilda's number while still keeping his eyes fixed on Angela, afraid that she might do something stupid if he looked away.

"Hey, Edward! What's up? Why did you call me?" Hilda asked.

"Are you busy right now?"

"I'm just...I'm in a meeting," she replied.

"I need you to come down here immediately. It's important."

Edward's tone was serious, so Hilda felt that it might be about something worrisome. She quickly stood up and announced, "That's all for today. Let's discuss about the time allotment tomorrow."

As she spoke, she walked over to the door of the conference room.

"Send me the location. I'll be there soon," she said into the phone.

"Great! Get some food on your way," Edward said.

"Food?" Hilda asked in surprise.

"Yeah, food. Even snacks are fine, just get something!"

Still tensed about the situation, Hilda ran back to her office to get a box of chocolates and cookies before leaving.

She arrived at the location at lightning speed. When she got there, she saw Edward standing on the sidewalk. She immediately ran to him and said, "Edward..."

However, he covered her mouth with his hand and looked towards Angela, indicating to her to be quiet.

Angela was still crouched down on the pavement, trembling and crying.

"Is that Angela? What happened to her?" Hilda asked in shock.

Edward didn't have the time to explain things to her, so he quickly whispered, "Don't let her know that we are siblings."

Stunned, Hilda gave him a nod and watched as he got in his car, stepped on the gas, and left.

Still speechless from her brother's curious behavior, Hilda turned and looked at Angela.

Edward had not been in such a hurry even when their mother was having an appendicitis surgery, just a week ago. He said that appendicitis was not a major surgery and it would be okay as long as a good doctor was available. However, Edward's tone from moments ago had made it seem as though someone was in grave danger. That was why Hilda had rushed here without catching her breath. But she had never thought that it would be because of Angela.

Meanwhile, Lucas heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that Edward was finally coming to meet his client.

Edward had finished his work two hours ago, and had informed Lucas that he had something to deal with before he came to the restaurant to meet Mr. Ye. Hence, he had requested him to wait at the restaurant. However Lucas had been waiting at the restaurant for more than two hours, and even Mr. Ye had arrived, but there was no sign of Edward. Since Mr. Ye was one of DC Capital Group's most important clients, they naturally valued the long-term partnership that they had with him. Hence, they had always treated him with special respect. Before this, they had never kept him waiting, let alone for this long. Lucas wondered where Edward could have possibly gone at such a critical time.

But he didn't dare to question Edward when he finally arrived. "Mr. Ye has been waiting for more than twenty minutes now!" he said to Edward.

Edward quickly walked over to the room and said in a calm voice, "Thank you for your assistance, Lucas. I'll take it from here."

At the same time, at Glory City International Garden,

Angela sat on the couch, staring blankly. It took a while before she finally snapped out of her sadness and asked, "Why did you come there all of a sudden?"

She had not expected Hilda to appear there, for her office was not in the neighborhood.

"I... I was just going out to have lunch with a client when I stumbled upon you," Hilda replied.

"Oh, all right." 'But then, why did she bring snacks with her?' Angela wondered. She quickly shrugged, realizing that it was not uncommon for girls to carry chocolates and cookies with them.

When Hilda saw that Angela had believed what she had just said, she felt relieved.

'Angela is not a fragile person, so she must have been badly hurt for her to cry like that,' she thought to herself.

Cautiously, she asked, "What happened with you?"

As soon as she heard those words, Angela's expression dulled.

Noticing her hesitance to answer, Hilda laughed and changed the topic. "I'm so hungry! How about we order some takeout? What would you like to eat, Angela?"

But Hilda didn't get any answer to her question. "Have you ever been in love with someone?" Angela murmured, looking at the tea table with her empty eyes. "I...I wanted to marry him, but I can't do it. He doesn't want me to work after marriage. He expects me to stay at home all day taking care of our kids and doing household chores. He even said that that's what women are supposed to do. But... Why does a woman's life have to be so cruel?"

"Who told you that that's what women are supposed to do? That's bullshit! Aren't we living in a modern world now? Why do they still have to treat women like we're slaves?" Hilda retorted.


Both Angela's and Greg's families had been so optimistic about their marriage. Although Greg's family was not as wealthy as Angela's, her parents didn't mind the difference in their status. To them, as long as Greg was good to her, money would not be a problem. Everything had been perfect until Greg's mother had told her that she would have to stay home after their marriage. She firmly believed that Angela must quit her job to cook, clean, and take care of the household work.

Angela didn't have the strength in her to accept those conditions and live a life that could end up in just one outcome.

However, even her mother had asked her, "What could possibly be wrong with that? It isn't easy for women to work for their whole lives, anyway. Why can't you accept her terms if Greg is willing to support you and take care of you?"

Even her very own family had not understood her. They had asked her to quit her job an

d abide by Greg's mom's rules, so Angela was left with no choice but to run away and start a new life. Thinking that she was being too reckless, Angela's mother had cut off her allowance. She had just gotten a job, and still had not received her salary. How was she supposed to survive without any funds? It had soon become clear to Angela that her mother had done such a thing only to force her to get married to Greg. However, she was not willing to give up on her dreams yet.

Upon hearing the whole story, Hilda couldn't help but think of her own experience. With sadness and anger in her eyes, she said, "In fact... I too, had to deal with the same thing. My mother actually tried to arrange a marriage for me. She told me that, in the end, a woman is always destined to marry a man. She hates the idea of me wanting to start my own firm, and that's why I moved out."

Angela hadn't expected them to have such similar stories. Although Hilda came from a much wealthier family than hers, she still felt that she could relate to her.

They both didn't want their dreams to be crushed just because they were women.

After a long pause, Hilda added, "I think that Greg's family is rotten. I mean, who would even say that they only want a male heir to carry on their family line? If you gave birth to a girl child, would she have expected you to keep trying?"

Wiping her tears away, Angela said with a nod, "Yeah, that's exactly what she meant, but...

What's worse is that I overheard her conversation with Greg one day.

She told him to make me get a B-mode ultrasound scan so that if the baby turns out to be a girl, they can make me get an abortion. And after the abortion, Greg and I would be supposed to try again!

Greg seemed like he was annoyed to hear that, but instead of refusing his mother, he said that he would discuss it with me."

Even thinking about it now made Angela flare up in anger. How could they do that to her? They expected her to get an abortion, and then try to get pregnant again.

They had not treated her with the slightest bit of humanity!

However, Angela had never mentioned this fact to her parents, afraid that if she did, they might never let her be together with Greg again.

Angela loved Greg, but she couldn't bring herself to accept his mother's conditions, and that tore her heart apart.

They had been in love for more than two years, and Greg had always been kind to her, even when she had lost her temper with him numerous times. He was always loving and took very good care of her. If not for his mother's unreasonable conditions, she would not have been able to point out any flaws with Greg. But then, Greg never stood up to his mother's unfair conditions, which had caused Angela to be greatly disappointed in him. And that was the reason she had broken up with him.

"I didn't want to make such a sacrifice for the sake of our marriage. Maybe it was me who was being selfish," Angela said all of a sudden.

"That's bullshit! I think you'd better not marry him. Greg can't be good for you. He can't even afford my handbag with a whole month's salary. How could he even say that he would support you with that money? You're finally an independent woman. You shouldn't have to sacrifice your dreams for a loser like him! Besides, it looks like he never really wants a wife. All he wants was someone to take care of his kids and someone he could fuck after a long day's work. Moreover, why do they even want two boys? Isn't one male child enough to carry on their family line? Having more than two kids is against the law and yet, they want both the children to be boys? This is ridiculous! I can't believe that they would go so far as to abort a child only because it is a girl. Honestly, it makes me think that women are treated worse than pigs!" Hilda exclaimed. She was so furious that she had to fight back the urge to find Greg and punch him in the face.

Angela had tried to understand the feelings of Greg's parents. She understood that they wanted a male heir, but she couldn't let that push her into getting a female child aborted.

Although she loved Greg, she was not so crazy that she would kill her own daughter just so that his mother could have the male child that she wanted.

After talking about the ills of their conservative society and the oppression of women, Angela finally felt relieved. She was glad that she'd been able to have such a conversation with someone.

Just when she was about to take a shower and go to bed, Angela's phone rang all of a sudden. It was a call from an unknown number.

"Hello, who is this?" she asked.

"It's me."

The moment Angela heard Edward's voice, she was about to disconnect the call. But then, he asked, "Are you all right?"

Angela thought that it must have either been an illusion, or she must have heard him wrong.

What did he mean by suddenly asking her if she was okay?

She stayed silent for a long time.

"Angela? Are you there?"

Edward's anxious voice came from the other end of the line.

"What do you mean? Anyway, I'm fine," she replied in a firm voice, though she looked dull.

"All right then, go get some sleep."

After saying that, Edward hung up.

'Why did Edward call me? Why does he care about me? Did he call the wrong person? What a weirdo!'

Angela thought to herself, baffled by his behavior. Exhausted, she was about to turn off the lights and go to sleep.

But then, Greg's phone call came.

She contemplated for a while before deciding to answer it.

"We... We need to talk!" he said.

Angela thought that it was better to talk it out and find closure than to carry on the pain in her heart, so she said, "All right, Let's meet at XL Cafe, tomorrow morning at 10 a.m."

"Done!" After hanging up, Greg stubbed the cigarette in his hand, with hatred flashing in his eyes.

"Angela... Don't blame me later..."

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