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   Chapter 13 We Broke Up

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Edward thought that it was Angela coming back, so he lifted his head and looked up. However, when he saw Aaron, his face dulled and he asked, "Why are you here?"

Perplexed, Aaron asked, "Why am I here? Why? Are you disappointed to see me?" After he sat down, Aaron looked at the agreement on the table, which had Angela's beautiful signature on it.

It was said that one's handwriting resembled their personality, and Angela's signature was so neat and beautiful that it looked exactly like her.

Edward glanced at the document with a sense of indifference.

However, Aaron was surprised that a girl had managed to anger Edward twice in just three days.

He couldn't help but comment with a smile, "I wasn't expecting you to get pissed off so easily by Miss Pepper."

Aaron had gone to the restroom, and he had met Hilda halfway, who was in a rush. After talking to her, he had found out that Edward was here in this room. And not long after Hilda left, he had seen Angela coming out of the room looking red-faced. Naturally, he was curious to know what had happened between Edward and her.

"Miss Pepper?" Edward asked with a frown.

"That girl you met, she is just like a spicy pepper⁠—it might burn your tongue at first, but it tastes sweeter once you learn how to enjoy it. Isn't that how she makes you feel?" Aaron said with a laugh.

In fact, it was exactly the way Edward felt about her.

Stunned by the accurate description, he smiled. But then, he suddenly thought of her not wanting to accept his money. He frowned and said, "She says that she won't accept any of my compensation money."

"That's a good thing, isn't it? She has already signed the agreement, which means that she won't be threatening you to marry her later. Besides, she has saved you a lot of money this way." Although Aaron could see that Edward was upset, he still tried to provoke him by making fun of him.

Edward couldn't help but smile. He thought of her angry face as she yelled at him, and it amused him.

Aaron was stunned to see the genuine smile on Edward's lips. Ever since that fateful event, he had not seen Edward smile from his heart. In fact, the last time he had seen a truly happy smile on Edward's face was when he was a teenager.

Suddenly, something occurred to Edward. He asked, "Why were you so obsessed with magic eggs when we were kids?"

Just like him, Aaron had also bought a lot of magic eggs when they were kids. In fact, neither of them had been interested in the candy shell. They had only wanted the surprise toy inside it.

With a confused expression, Aaron asked, "Why are you suddenly talking about magic eggs? Didn't your dad throw away all of your toys that you collected from the magic eggs?" 'Edward keeps getting weirder every day,' he thought to himself.

Losing his collection of magic egg toys wasn't a good memory for Edward. Upon seeing his face twist into a grim expression, Aaron said with a shrug, "I just bought so many magic eggs because I was curious about the toys inside. Then, I found out that all the eggs contained similar toys, so I naturally lost interest."

"So... as long as you're tempted to, you will buy things even if they don't fascinate you, right?" Edward's eyes gleamed with excitement as he asked that.

Aaron agreed with a firm nod.

Looking into the distance, Edward smiled as though he had just uncovered a secret.

Maybe he had not tempted Angela enough.

The days at work flew past like a falcon, and no one even realized that two months had already passed.

The sky looked beautiful in May, as the days were longer and it was still bright when people left work. However, Angela's good mood was dulled the second Greg Fang appeared in front of her.

He stubbed the cigarette in his hand and said with a frown, "Let's talk!"

It didn't sound like a request. In fact, it seemed more like an order.

Upon seeing that, a few of her colleagues waved to her and said, "All right, then, Angela, we're heading downstairs."

"Wait! I'm coming with you!" Angela called out to them. She wanted to ignore Greg Fang and go with her colleagues.

Controlling his anger, Greg Fang pulled her back and asked, "Why do you keep avoiding me?"

Seeing that her colleagues were al

ready gone, Angela couldn't hold back anymore. She shook him off and roared, "Enough! What's wrong with you? We broke up long ago! Is it fun for you to wait outside my office every day? Besides, why do you keep asking me to talk? I have nothing more to say to you. You want me to marry you, cook for you, clean your house and grow old with you. You know very well that I can't do that, Greg!"

The two of them had met while they were in college and had dated for about three years before breaking up. They had both been planning on marrying each other, but the conditions which were proposed by his family were too hard for her to live by.

His parents had said that she must not work after getting married, and must stay at home and look after the kids. Since Greg Fang was their only son, they had also expected Angela to give birth to at least two sons. Greg Fang didn't come from a wealthy family. If they had gotten married and he was the only working family member, how would they have supported the family? What would Angela's life have been like?

"What's so good about working all the time? Isn't it better if you just stayed home with me and let me take care of you? You don't even have to take care of the kids all by yourself; my mom would be happy to help you. Isn't that the life that most women want?" he asked.

Angela had always had a lot of self-respect for herself. She was also very conservative and had wanted to maintain her chastity until after their wedding. That was why Greg Fang loved her and hadn't paid much attention to sex. However, he had put away all his temptations for her. Why couldn't she compromise for his sake?

Other women might have actually been moved by his words when he offered to take care of her. But Angela wasn't. Even if she married him and had to go through hardships, she was willing to endure that. She was even willing to work harder, but he wanted to take away her freedom and that was something that Angela just could not sacrifice.

"What? You think your offer to take care of me is such a good thing, don't you? Why would I dream of having such a life?" Angela said with a snort. However, she didn't call him selfish, even though she wanted to. "Have you ever thought about what I might want? You're not the only one with dreams, Greg. I have goals too! I am sorry that I am not fit to be your wife. You should find someone who is better suited for your needs!" she added.

Not only did her words hurt him, but it also hurt her to say them.

As Angela brushed past him, with tears in his eyes, he said in a low voice, "Perhaps you never loved me enough, or worse... you were always lying when you said you loved me."

Hearing that, Angela froze. With tears falling down her eyes, she turned to him and said, choking back her sobs, "Take it however you want to!"

She then left without turning back. As she walked, she could feel his burning gaze, so she started to run. Angela was afraid. She was afraid that he would see through her weakness and know that she still loved him.

But then, she was also very disappointed with him.

Even if she brought herself to accept his poor family background, she couldn't accept his selfish misogynistic attitude. Angela didn't want a life where they both struggled to make ends meet and lost their love in the process.

As she ran through the crowd, she didn't notice that she was actually running in the opposite direction to the subway. He mind was not at ease. She walked on the sidewalk for a while, before feeling weak and squatting on the ground.

Her stomach was grumbling and her heart ached. She couldn't help but hold her knees and cry.

Not too far away from her, a man took a step towards her, trying to resist directly walking over to her.

Everyone had a softer side to them. Even if Angela seemed like she was covered in thorns, she too could get hurt. Since she hadn't accepted his money, she must have a lot of self-esteem. Perhaps she would feel vulnerable in showing him her weaker side.

Suddenly, the man's phone buzzed in his pocket, pulling him back to reality. As soon as he answered the phone, the voice on the other end of the line said,

"Where have you been, Mr. Edward? Mr. Ye is here, waiting for you."

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