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   Chapter 11 His Threat

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Aaron didn't want to miss Edward's impassioned expression, especially since it was rare for him to show emotion. He secretly took out his phone and snapped a picture, after which he sneered, "As it turns out, even you have your temper when it comes to the right person."

Edward shot him a murderous stare. At this point, Aaron turned around with the intention of leaving. "I'm going to send Hilda a gift. You better calm down."

And Edward needed to calm down indeed.

That Sunday morning, bright sunshine passed through the curtains and scattered light over Angela's bed. The whole room felt cozy.

After rolling over and stretching, she slowly opened her eyes.

She was driven out of her previous apartment and had no place to stay the night before last. She had been so upset that she couldn't sleep that night, but she slept well last night!

Just as she finished washing her face and brushing her teeth, Hilda came back.

The latter plopped on the sofa with a weary face. "What's wrong?" Angela asked as she walked up to her roommate.

Rubbing her temples, Hilda replied, "I had a fight with Helen."

"Because of the necklace?"

"You can say that." Hilda looked at Angela and stood up. "She was worried that I would be tricked by my roommate again, so she worked out a plan with Danny to test you. Do people really think I'm too stupid to be making my own decisions? Plus, her behavior is really annoying..."

Angela could tell that Hilda was angry.

But she had more important questions in her mind.

"You have found the necklace, haven't you?"

"Well, Danny was asked to buy another necklace to smooth things over."

Sure enough, the precious jewelry was still missing. Did this mean that Angela was still the main suspect?

She couldn't help but frown.

Hilda merely shook her head and said, "Helen is too self-absorbed. She always thinks she's right. She insists that you stole it but I believe you. This was why we argued."

In truth, Hilda had also suspected Angela. Only Edward convinced her that Angela couldn't have possibly stolen the necklace. Meanwhile, Helen couldn't stand being humiliated so she kept on insisting that Angela was the culprit. This made Hilda realize that she didn't really want to be friends with someone who had such bad character.

But she had been friends with Helen for seven years. She would be lying if she said that ending their friendship didn't make her sad.

Angela thought for a while and sighed, "Ah! No wonder she was hostile to me even though we had just met. Of course, she's worried about you."

Angela could understand the feeling. She had worried about Christa a lot in the past, and yet she had never expected that her friend would treat her like she did.

Her eyes dimmed at the thought of Christa. But Hilda missed this change in her expression. She merely asked in surprise, "Is that so? Do you think she's just worried about me?"

"Yes! I guess she just wanted to test me because she was concerned about the person who's living with you."

"Well, that makes sense. I have had bad roommates before. One of them even seduced my ex-boyfriend."

"It all checks out, but... where could the necklace be?"

Angela was deep in thought.

Hilda was curious to see that despite being blamed for the missing gift, Angela's face didn't show the slightest hint of anger. She asked, "Aren't you mad? Shouldn't you be angry at Helen for suspecting you?"

"What?" Angela gave a warm smile before replying, "We were strangers before. It was quite normal for her to doubt a stranger. Why should I be angry?"

At that point, all she wanted was to find the necklace.

Seeing her lost in thought once again, Hilda couldn't help but wonder about the young woman in front of her. Angela was like no one else she had known before.

When they first met, Angela was so vigilant that she didn't even drink the tea she poured for her.

When she was cooking curried potatoes with chicken, she watched the tutorial via her phone and she looked very calm and wise.

When confronted with suspicion, she fearlessly faced Helen. Hilda thought that she was like a rose with thorns, a beautiful thing armed with a strong sense of self-preservation.

Angela looked innocent without pretension. Based on her interactions with her, she seemed to be highly intelligent with a good control over her emotions. She was a very remarkable woman!

Was that why her brother kept on asking about her?

Just then, Angela's phone rang. She picked up despite seeing that i

t was an unfamiliar number.

"Hello? Who's this?"

"I have the necklace from last night." Angela recognized immediately who it was. His voice sounded indifferent that she couldn't tell what he was thinking. While most people would think that his voice was magnetic, it only provoked her anger.

"What the hell do you want?" Angela asked.

How could he be so shameless as to take the necklace and let her take the blame!

"Are you mad at me?" Edward wanted to negotiate with her. But how could they possibly talk when she was not in a rational mood?

"Huh! Shouldn't I be angry? You've been so strange. Why do you always make things difficult for me?"

There was only silence from Edward's end of the line. The truth was he merely guessed that the necklace had been dropped in the backyard, so he went there to find it. Why was he being misunderstood again? He found it difficult to explain to her.

After not getting a reply, Angela asked again, "What? Did I say anything wrong? I don't think you need money. Why did you take the necklace? Why didn't you give it back last night when Helen was blaming me? Did you enjoy seeing me humiliated in front of everyone?"

Angela was furious!

Edward narrowed his eyes, but didn't explain that he only found the necklace once the party was over. He knew it was not time to explain given her current mood. He replied flatly, "Let's talk when you are no longer angry, Miss Xu."

"How do you know my family name?" Sensing that he was about to drop the call, she blurted out, "Wait! I'm not angry. Let's talk now!"

Edward could tell from her tone that she was much calmer. He smiled and asked, "What? You don't know yet? After what happened last night, you're famous. People will be mentioning your name for the next two months."

It was said that the CEO of DC Capital Group only liked men. But last night, he was seen intimate with a woman. Of course, it was a big scoop!

Angela turned to Hilda, who had been eavesdropping the whole time.

Hilda smiled awkwardly at her and said, "All my friends know you now."

Of course, Angela didn't know that it was her association with Edward that made her famous. She thought it was because people thought she was a thief.

Although Angela didn't care about having a good reputation, she didn't want to be blamed for something she didn't do, so she was very upset.

Edward added coldly, "I'll wait for you in Room 407 of LX House. If you don't show up before noon, I can't guarantee that I will continue to keep it for you."

"Hey! What do you mean?"

But Edward had already hung up the phone. Angela could only scratch her head. "LX House. Who knows where that is?"

"There's only one LX House in S City. It's a Hong Kong-style tea house that's not far from here." Hilda's eyes lit up as she spoke.

"Really? Do you know exactly where it is?"

"Yes!" Hilda nodded excitedly. "Do you need me to drive you?"

"No, thank you. I can take the subway. You must be tired after partying all night."

"I'm still young! I'm not tired at all!" As Hilda said this, the crease in her brows disappeared instantly. She was excited to go out.

It was rare for her to see her brother interested in a woman. He even went as far as to play tricks on her. Hilda thought that she would die first before she missed out on what was going on.

Edward was tasting shrimp dumplings in Room 407 of LX House when a soft knock came on the door.

'That was quick!' he thought.

After wiping his mouth with the napkin, he said lightly, "Come in."

Angela entered, followed by Hilda who had an expectant look on her face.

Edward's face darkened when he saw his sister.

Angela was about to sit down opposite him when he motioned for her to sit by his side.

But she didn't want to sit anywhere near him!

Before she could flatly refuse, he threatened, "The results of our negotiation would depend on where you're going to sit."

Hilda was pleased. Her cold brother had always avoided women. Why was he threatening Angela to sit close to him then?

She was glad to have joined Angela for this meeting. It was all so funny!

Angela wanted to get things done quickly, so she did as he told and sat by his side. Not long after she had taken her seat, Edward leaned over and whispered something in her ear.

She could feel his warm breath on her cheek. The ambiguity of his words made her face turn red. Despite being ashamed and angry at the same time, she did not dare say a word. All she could do was give him a cold glare.

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