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   Chapter 10 About That Night

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"I think that there must be some misunderstanding. Maybe Danny was senseless and forgot to put it there in the first place. I'll call and ask him later!" Hilda said. Helen was the daughter of the CEO of KC Group. If the necklace was really to be found in her bag, things would become big. Hilda would offend KC Group, and she was afraid that no one would dare attend her future parties, which would not be good for her business.

"We can't just accuse Helen mindlessly! How about we call Danny right now? Maybe he can testify to her innocence."

"Yeah, you're right! We can't cause trouble for someone just because we don't find their not so sophisticated choice of clothes as unappealing. It would mean that we're judgmental. Moreover, we can't afford to trash people for their personal preferences!"

"That's true! Let's call him right away!"

There were many people, waiting to watch them fight.

Hilda was confused, and didn't know what to do.

That moment, a man suddenly spoke. "Has the thing been returned?"

Angela too, was confused. She lifted her head and saw Edward walking towards her. The cool breeze of the night ruffled through his hair. His expressionless face was extremely handsome, making it impossible to take one's eyes off him. Ignoring everyone else, Edward walked straight to Angela. "Didn't you tell me that you were going to wait for me in the backyard?"

he asked. Upon hearing that, Angela was taken by surprise. She didn't know how to react to that. Angela stood there, speechless.

Everyone around was shocked to see Edward talking to a girl. He looked at the gift box and pretended to frown. "Oh! Since you've already given Hilda the present, shall we head back and pick up where we left off?" he asked in a firm voice.

Saying that, Edward grabbed Angela's arm and dragged her away.

Angela was too shocked to even react while everyone else gasped in disbelief. As the crowd watched their receding figures, rage stirred within their hearts.

"Oh, my God! Isn't that Edward, the CEO of the DC Capital Group?" someone asked.

"I heard that he's indifferent towards women," another person said.

"It's definitely him! I saw an article about him in the newspaper only the day before yesterday. It said that he was at a bar, drinking with many of his male 'friends', yet now, he's with a woman..."

"Is it possible that he's bisexual?"

"I heard him say to that girl that he wanted to pick up where they had left off. I wonder what he meant by that. Aren't you curious too?" "Ha-ha..."

"Is there something wrong with his taste in women? That girl definitely doesn't look very beautiful."

"Isn't he with a girl just to deceive the public?"

"What do you mean?" one of them asked.

"He's just taken a girlfriend, to retain his image. Otherwise, his company might get a bad name because of him. Everyone knows that he's gay. Isn't that right, Hilda?"

Hilda had never hid the fact that Edward was her elder brother until she was in junior high. But after that, people started getting close to her, just so they could get an opportunity to date Edward, and Hilda didn't like that. She even lost some of her best friends because of that.

Although she didn't like it when others bad-mouthed her brother, she too, felt that he might be secretly gay. Upon hearing her friend's question, she replied with an awkward smile, "Well, it's probably true."

"Why would he come to your birthday party anyway, Hilda?"

Hilda touched her chin, pretending to be confused, and said, "Yeah, you're right, I was thinking the same. Why would he come here?"

"If that girl called Angela was really Edward's lover, why would she care about a necklace that's only worth three hundred dollars?"

"I heard some weird things about DC Capital Group's background. Apparently, Jonson Yan has also invested in the group. Now that I think about it, Edward and Jonson have the same surname. Could Jonson be Edward's real dad?"

"In just seven years, Edward made the DC Capital Group one of the most successful real estate companies in S City and even the country. I don't think he's like any normal guy. His success would make sense if he really was Johnson's son. If that were true, Edward wasn't just a regular, talented MBA graduate. He would probably find a three million dollar worth necklace as cheap, let alone one that's only three hundred thousand."

Meanwhile, just outside the villa, Angela broke free from Edward's grasp and said, "Are you mad? Don't you know that if you lure me away, they might think that I am running away to escape punishment?"

Although Angela knew that he was not to be blamed for all her troubles, deep down, she felt as though he was bringing bad

luck to her. Every time that she had encountered him, something bad had happened to her, and that thought angered her.

Edward, on the other hand, had only pulled her away from there because he didn't want his sister's business circle to be ruined. Seeing that Angela wanted to run back, he immediately grabbed her arm and pulled her to him. "You're overthinking it. They probably won't even care about who you are. But..." He stopped mid-sentence, anxiously, deep in thought.

Edward was afraid that his actions might have drawn attention to her.

"What do you know? If Hilda thinks that I am the one who stole that necklace, I wouldn't even have a place to live! Why do you have to keep adding salt to my wounds? It is only because of you that bad things happen to me!"

Angela roared furiously.

"That may be true, but if you are so perfect, why did you barge into my room in the first place?" Edward snapped.

"That's... That's because..." she stammered. That was because Edward was too handsome. Angela couldn't help but blush when she looked at him. Of course she would never tell him the real reason.

"If you're worried about Hilda misunderstanding you, don't worry. She won't think that you stole it."

"How do you know that she won't?" Angela asked.

"It's simple. She's much smarter than you are," Edward retorted.

When she heard that, Angela's expression darkened. She badly wanted to take off her shoes and throw them at his head.

Why did she meet a rude man like him? Couldn't he at least try to be nice to her?

That moment, her phone suddenly rang. It was a call from Hilda. Angela immediately answered.

"I'm so sorry, Angela. I never thought that such a terrible thing would happen to you. I only invited you to have fun here! By the way, don't worry about the necklace. It was Danny's fault. We all know that he's just a careless guy. It turns out he forgot to put the necklace in the box." Hilda's voice was filled with regret.

Angela never cared what people thought of her to begin with. All that mattered to her was that she would lose the apartment because of the mess. "Does this mean that I still get to live in your apartment?" she asked in a low voice.

"Of course! We've already signed a contract, haven't we? There's no escape from that!" Hilda said with a laugh.

Angela was relieved to hear that.

"By the way, Angela, I want to ask you something. How do you know Edward..." Before Hilda could finish her question, Angela heard someone calling her name on the other end of the line. After replying to them, Hilda said, "Hey, I won't be coming home tonight. If you're tired, you can go home. Don't wait for me. I just have something to do here."

With that, she hastily disconnected the call.

After the phone call, Angela took a deep breath, glaring at Edward. "Count yourself as lucky, or I would surely make you suffer," she said.

Then, she was about to leave, but Edward stopped her and said, "We still aren't done talking about that night..."

Angela's expression darkened when she heard the mention of that night.

She wanted to forget all about it, but he kept reminding her. Furious, she roared, "You still aren't done yet? What the hell do you want? I have even paid. What exactly is your problem?"

Only after screaming those words did she realize that there was someone else standing there next to them.

Looking at Edward, that man asked, "That night?

Did you accept the money?"

Edward was gloomy. Angela had broken free and escaped from him while he was distracted.

She thought that the less people knew about it, the better it was for her. However, that man, whom she did not know, had also learned of that night. How much more embarrassing could this get? He looked so gentle and kind.

After she ran far away, Angela couldn't help but turn and look at him. It was Aaron!

He looked handsome and had a lean, muscular body, which was hidden under a warm jacket. Her heart skipped a beat whenever she looked at his face, which seemed so tender yet so wise.

Curious, Aaron looked at her and smiled when he found her looking at him.

His smile... It was perfect, so beautiful!

Looking at that, Angela was stunned.

Edward scoffed when he saw her eyeing Aaron.

Moments later, Angela came back to reality and with a serious expression, she shouted to Edward, "You'd better not let me see you again!"

Many women were willing to fall at his feet, yet she was so arrogant towards him.

He narrowed his eyes at her.

"What the hell did you do to her?" Aaron asked all of a sudden.

Clenching his fists, Edward muttered, "Looks like she doesn't want to see me again. But, she's only going to get disappointed!"

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