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   Chapter 9 Two Million As Compensation

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Although it wasn't entirely his fault, Angela didn't want to see him again. The more she saw him, the more she remembered what had happened that night and felt very agitated. She was going to leave without saying anything more.

"Two million."

The man behind her suddenly spoke casually. After seeing her pause, he continued, "I will give you two million as compensation for what happened that night. Then, we can call it even, okay?"

What a lousy luck! These so-called rich people always humiliated her with money. Within less than an hour, after being viewed as a greedy woman by Helen, she was insulted by this man again. Enough was enough!

Angela took a deep breath and tried to control her emotions. She then opened her bag and took out two hundred and fifty dollars. Taking Edward's hand, she gave him the money and said with a cold smile, "I do remember that I entered your room and had sex with you the other night. But given your performance, I can only offer this price."

With that, she turned around and left.

Edward hadn't expected that she would behave like this. Stunned, he was not able to react until she had walked away. He opened his palm and there it was—two hundred and fifty* dollars. *(TN: In China, when you say someone is 250, you mean that person is stupid.) 'What the...'

His face got darker.

'This woman... Is there something wrong with her brain? She is so poor that she has to cook for Hilda to rent the apartment. Why does she refuse to accept two million dollars?'

But suddenly, another possibility occurred to him.

Was she much greedier? Did she want more money?

"Ha-ha!" Edward couldn't help but laugh out loud as he decided that he wanted to see just how ambitious she was.

When Angela went back to the front yard, she saw all the guests huddled around Hilda. After much prompting, the birthday girl ceremoniously cut the huge cake. It was then when the special performance began. The guest performer was a popular male singer who was paid to serenade the celebrant. Although Angela didn't know much about pop culture, she was still impressed by the singer. She was even more shocked at the lifestyle Hilda and her friends enjoyed.

"I didn't expect that Hilda's so rich." With a sigh, she walked through the crowd and wanted to hand the present to her roommate. At the same time, Helen walked up to Hilda and whispered something into her ear.

But Hilda didn't seem to believe her. "How could that be? She doesn't look like a bad person."

As soon as Angela reached her, she gave her the gift and smiled. "Hilda, this is a present from a man named Danny Jiang. He asked me to give it to you."

"Thank you!" Hilda took the bag and opened the box. Seeing that it was empty, she frowned.

"What's wrong?" Angela sensed that something was amiss.

Helen gave her a disdainful look and sneered. At the same time, Hilda immediately covered the box and smiled. "Nothing. The night is young! Let's all have a good time!"

But Helen had other ideas. Danny had handed the necklace to Angela, but now it was gone. This was her chance. She grabbed the empty box from Hilda's hand, opened it, and showed it to everyone to confirm that there was nothing inside.

"How could that be? Impossible!" Angela exclaimed in shock.

"I didn't expect your tricks to be this brilliant. Are you going to pretend that you accidentally lost it?" Helen's words were sharp. Hilda tried to stop her but it was already too late. All of the guests had gathered around to watch the scene.

"I..." Angela's face turned red and she couldn't say a word in her defense.

How could this be? When did it happen?

"You must have been tempted by the money. I heard that the necklace is worth

hundreds of thousands of dollars. You want to sell it, don't you?" Helen's gaze was like a knife that pierced through her heart.

Angela was both mortified and mad, but as she could not defend herself, she could only keep her mouth shut.

"What are you talking about? That's nonsense! Angela must have just forgotten where she put it, right?" Hilda tried to defend Angela, but her eyes betrayed her doubts.

Did Hilda believe that she had taken her stuff?

"No, I didn't! I never opened the bag since I got it. I went to the backyard just now and I don't know if I lost it there!" Angela tried her best to keep a calm and straight face as she gave Helen a meaningful look.

"You mean... Danny Jiang gave an empty bag to Hilda?" Helen quipped.

"I didn't mean that. I just never opened the bag!"

"Huh! Then what were you doing in the backyard? That's not where we're having the party."

"I..." Angela was about to explain when she understood something. It was Helen who set her up! She had taken the bag from her in the backyard. Was it possible that she had replaced the gift?

"Hilda! I have warned you against these poor people! Since they're not accustomed to expensive things, they're prone to greed and evil thoughts!" Helen spoke as if she was concerned about Hilda.

Angela couldn't understand why Helen was doing all these against her when they had just met that day.

"Look at what she's wearing! She even had the audacity to attend this party looking like that! If I were her, I'd rather bury myself in the ground!"

"What's wrong with my clothes? I would rather be me than be someone who wears expensive dresses but doesn't have a conscience!" Angela didn't take her eyes off Helen as she spoke.

The latter sneered, "Do you mean to say that the guests in this house who wear more expensive clothes than you have no morality?"

It had to be said that Helen was good at playing tricks. By saying as much, she could get the guests to misunderstand Angela and paint her as someone who hated the rich. They would have to side with Helen.

Edward pushed through the crowd with the intention of helping Angela out. Unexpectedly, it was Angela's turn to sneer. "Who taught you English? Was it your PE teacher? Do you even know what those words mean? I'm not referring to anyone else but you, Miss Helen!"

"How dare you?!" Helen had never been good at school since she was a child. Angela's words caught her off guard.

Some of the girls who heard Angela's comeback laughed so hard that Helen's face turned scarlet.

"Miss Helen, I think there's something wrong with your logic. Is there any connection between a person's morality and the clothes he wears? And if something's missing, there are many possibilities to consider. It could've been lost, taken away, or... It could've been stealthily replaced! Didn't you just ask me to go to the backyard, Miss Helen?"

The people watching them weren't idiots. While Angela was righteous, Helen was obviously flustered.

Realizing that the situation was getting out of her control, Helen asked, "What do you mean? You liar! When did I ask you to meet me in the backyard?"

But Hilda had seen both of them go to the backyard together. As soon as Helen denied it, she could not help but suspect her.

Angela looked around and noticed surveillance cameras in the corners of the house. She turned to Helen and dared, "Then, let's watch the surveillance video."

She taunted, "What? Are you scared?" She glanced at Helen's handbag and added, "Or you can open your bag right here and prove that you're innocent."

"You!" As panic began to take hold of Helen, she turned to Hilda and pleaded, "Don't listen to her, Hilda. She's talking nonsense."

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