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   Chapter 8 A Small World

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"Edward! Where are my presents?" Hilda asked all of a sudden, wrapping her arms around Edward.

However, Edward didn't move. His eyes were still fixed on Angela as he asked, "Who is she?"

"What?" Hilda asked, surprised. It was the first time that her brother, who had always been indifferent towards women, showed interest in a woman.

With a tinge of excitement in her voice, Hilda followed his gaze to Angela and said, "Oh, do you mean her? She's my new roommate! Why? Do you like her?"

Edward looked at her innocent-looking face with a frown and exclaimed, "Is she really your roommate?"

'I didn't expect to find her in this way!' he thought to himself.

"Of course, she is! Why? Are you in love with her? Shall I ask her to pack up all her stuff and move into your room instead?" Hilda asked, hoping that Edward liked Angela. She was fascinated by her brother's sudden interest in a girl.

After swishing the last gulp of red wine in his mouth, Edward turned around and asked, "Really? Pack up her stuff and move into my room?"

With an awkward smile, Hilda said with a snicker, "I was just kidding."

Although she was hesitant to find out, she asked him, "How do you know Angela anyway?"

"Angela..." He repeated her name, not answering right away. "Perhaps..." He began. Then, he paused for a moment and finally said, "It's nothing."

Hilda looked at him in confusion, but Edward ignored it and changed the topic. "I've transferred your birthday gift to your account."

Upon hearing that, Hilda immediately took out her phone and saw that there was a message from the bank. Even though it was just ten million dollars, along with some deposit money, she was happy because now, she could finally start her own business with an efficient team working under her.

"Yes!" she exclaimed, looking at the phone. She then turned to Edward and screamed with joy, "Edward, thank you so much! You're amazing. I love you."

Angela was in the garden, absorbed in what she was doing when she suddenly heard a man's voice.

"Excuse me, miss, are you here alone?" he asked.

He had very defined features, which made him look handsome. Angela immediately put her phone away and stood up. She then greeted him with a polite smile. "Hello, I came here with Hilda."

She then wondered how the man had found her.

"You came with Hilda? I've never seen you around her before," he said with a curious expression.

"Oh, is that so?" At first, she wanted to tell him that she was Hilda's roommate, but then, when she remembered how the two girls had humiliated her earlier, she said, "I...I just met her."

"Oh, I see," the man said politely. Then he suddenly realized something and added, "I almost forgot to introduce myself. I'm Danny Jiang, a classmate of Hilda's from the university."

Angela quickly offered him her hand and said, "I'm Angela Xu."

Danny Jiang shook hands with her and they talked for a while. All of a sudden, his cellphone rang and he walked away, answering the phone call. Then, he returned with a gift-wrapped box in one hand. "I have something that I need to deal with, so I am going back to my office now. Since you are Hilda's friend, could you maybe give this present to her and tell her that it is from me?"

Before she could even react, he put the box in her hand and said, "This is a very expensive present, Miss Xu. Please make sure that she gets it."

By the time Angela realized what had happened, he had already run off. Helpless, she had no choice but to get the present to Hilda. At that moment, Helen walked up to her and asked, "Are you looking for Hilda?"

"Oh, yes. A Mr. Jiang just asked me to give this to her," Angela said, showing her the gift box in her hand.

After thinking for a moment, Helen said, "Hilda's in the backyard. Let me take you to her."

Angela followed her with a nod. As the two of them walked, Edward and Hilda noticed them f

rom the second floor. Hilda had seen Angela the moment she came in, but since Edward had pulled her away, she hadn't had the chance to go down and meet her. They watched as Helen and Angela spoke for a while before walking to the backyard together.

Curious, Hilda asked, "Edward, don't you know how to read lips? What were they talking about?"

"Nothing that great." After saying that, Edward went downstairs, following them to the backyard. Hilda was about to go after him, but some of her friends came up to her, so she got stuck with them.

The backyard was dark and gloomy. Apart from the music, which was coming from the front yard, it was relatively silent. There were just a few trees that swayed in the wind. The further they walked, the more deserted it seemed. After walking for a while, Angela asked with suspicion, "Well... Is she really here?"

Helen turned around and said in a firm voice, "That necklace in your hand, it is worth over three hundred thousand dollars."

Angela looked down at the box in her hand hesitantly and asked, "Three hundred thousand, really?"

Helen nodded and replied, "Yeah! Let's sell it and take a hundred and fifty thousand for each of us. How about that?"

'What? A hundred and fifty thousand dollars for each of us? What does she mean? Does she want to steal Hilda's present?' Angela thought to herself.

"Aren't you her friend?" She wondered why Helen would do that.

"Hasn't you become her roommate because you're short of money?" Helen asked back.

She was right. Angela's family had kicked her out, leaving her with barely any money. However, that did not mean that she had to do such a thing to her roommate.

Helen just smiled innocently. "Don't worry about it. Hilda has a lot of friends. Besides, she wouldn't know if one small present goes missing from a room full of them. Moreover, that necklace isn't all that expensive," she said.

Angela frowned. That necklace...was not expensive for her? It cost enough to buy a comfortable apartment in a smaller city!

Angela's eyes twitched at the thought.

Helen waited a long time for Angela's reply. Thinking that Angela was hesitating, she took out a bunch of cash and said, "Here's fifty thousand, and I'll transfer the rest to you through phone. Just give me the necklace already."

She then snatched the box from Angela's hand and started looking inside her own handbag.

"Please give it back to me!" Angela pleaded, reaching out her hand.

She could never do such an evil thing to Hilda!

When Angela saw that Helen wasn't going to give the box away that easily, she had no choice but to snatch it from her. Then, she glared at Helen as she walked away.

Looking at her receding figure, Helen frowned, lost in thought. That moment, a figure suddenly jumped out of the bushes from behind her and said, "Your plan has failed."

It was Danny Jiang. She glanced at him and said with a smile, "I don't think so. After all, Hilda hasn't received your gift yet, has she?"

"Would Hilda even believe you?" he asked.

"I've known Hilda for seven years, while it's only been a day since they got to know each other. Who do you think she is going to believe? Me or her?"

After a while, Angela realized that she had been walking the wrong way. She was right. There were several trees blocking her path, which meant that she had to go around them. However, instead of going around the trees, she walked through them. But then, she slipped and lost her balance.

Just when she braced herself for the crash, she felt someone pull her, and she landed on a man's chest.

"This is not the way back, why are you walking this side?" he asked.

His voice sounded very familiar. Angela lifted her head and looked at him. He was the man from the other night! She asked with caution, "Why are you here?"

"I'm here for the party, of course!" Edward replied.

It really was a small world.

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