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   Chapter 5 I Did Not Touch Her

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Holding back her tears, Angela took out her keys. Only half a month ago, Christa had happily given her a set of house keys. "Angela! Hold on to this. It is the key to our new home! Once you find a good job, we can split the rent," she had said.

However, only a week after that, she had become unhappy with the arrangement. Angela had stumbled upon the messages that Christa had sent to everyone, saying that she had been staying there rent-free for more than a week.

Even after seeing that, Angela hadn't lashed out at her. In fact, she had thought that Christa must be under a lot of pressure, and so, she had been determined to find a way to pay her back. Angela had borrowed a sum of two thousand dollars from her friends and given it to Christa. She was afraid that Christa might be under too much pressure, so she had paid half of the rent at the beginning of the current month. However, only three days later, Christa had kicked her out.

The more she thought about it, the more it angered Angela. She had been wronged.

All of a sudden, she received a text from Christa saying, "The money you gave me would be just enough to pay a male escort and the hotel room."

Upon reading that, Angela scoffed. She felt as though those words had blocked her chest.

Gritting her teeth, she crouched down and slid the keys under the door. After that, she walked out of the apartment building with her suitcase.

Even at night, the dazzling lights in S City were as bright as the daylight.

Although she was walking among a huge crowd of people in a big city, Angela felt inexplicably lonely. She thought long and hard before deciding not to call any of her friends for help. She didn't want them to see her in such a miserable condition.

It was almost the weekend, so she decided to get a hotel room for the night and start looking for an apartment the next day.

She could live well even if she was alone.

The cost of living in the LH District, which was in the center of S City, was so high that an average person couldn't afford to buy a house there even if he worked his ass off for a hundred years.

Meanwhile, inside Villa No. 23 of LH Garden, the dining table was decked with all kinds of delicious food.

"Kay, place the scrambled eggs with tomatoes in front of Edward. It's his favorite food. By the way, is the medlar soup ready yet? It is meant to keep Edward healthy!" a middle-aged woman said with a radiant smile.

Kay, who was dressed in an apron, replied respectfully, "Everything is ready, ma'am. I've even prepared Hilda's favorite food—curried potatoes, like you asked!"

"That's perfect!" Anna Chen said with satisfaction.

That moment, her phone rang all of a sudden.

"Hello?" she said, answering the call.

"Mom, I'm not coming for dinner."

"You silly kid! Hello? Hello? Hello?" When she got no reply, Anna Chen looked at her phone angrily.

Suddenly, the door sprang open, and she saw her son enter the house. She gleefully walked over to him and said, "Edward, you're back!"

Edward glared at her blankly without saying a word.

Although he was a bit aloof, he respected his mother deeply. Kay had been their housekeeper for most of her life, and had watched Edward grow up. However, she had never seen him react so coldly to his mother.

She stepped forward with a smile and tried to smooth things between them. "Edward, your mother has prepared all of your favorite foods!"

Edward always respected her.

However, his mind was still preoccupied with thoughts about the previous night, which made him angry. However, he didn't take it out on anyone. Instead, he turned to Kay and said in a slightly softer tone, "I don't feel hungry."

He went straight to the second floor, ignoring Anna Chen's calls.

Once he was in his bedroom, he packed some of his clothes and put them neatly in a suitc

ase. Afraid that he was going to move out of the house, Anna Chen barged into his room and snatched the suitcase out of his hands. She then said in a nervous voice, "Edward! Where are you going?"

"What do you say?" he asked bluntly.

"All right, all right, it's my fault! You're nearly thirty-five years old, but you still don't have a girlfriend. How could I not be worried about you?"

Anna Chen asked with frustration. Whenever her wealthy friends talked about their sons' weddings, she would feel jealous and upset. She was fine with her son being unwilling to marry, but he never even dated anyone, which bothered her. In fact, he was always alone, so people doubted if he was asexual. Some even said that he was gay.

Edward was her only son. If he was gay, how would their family line continue?

Every time Anna Chen thought of it, it sent a chill down her spine, and she couldn't help but act in haste.

"I swear! It wasn't my intention to set you up with that girl. I only sent her to see if you were into women or not. Fortunately, you are, and it is a relief!" Anna Chen rubbed her chest, feeling at ease. She didn't realize that Edward's face had darkened.

"So you were just testing me? You sent that kind of a woman to check me? Your own son?"

The truth was, Anna Chen had not just sent that woman, but also a few men to "test" him. She had given all of them money and asked them to seduce Edward. However, fortunately for her, Edward hadn't touched any of the men. Seeing him this angry, Anna Chen thought that it was better if she didn't bring up the men.

She didn't realize that she was crossing a line when she went to him and asked, "That woman was hot, with a perfectly voluptuous body. I personally chose her for you, so tell me... How did it feel last night? Wasn't it amazing?"


Upon hearing that one word, Edward was furious. He lifted his suitcase and said with a sneer, "I'm sorry that I let you down. I didn't sleep with her!"

With that, he stormed out of the room. Anna Chen ran after him, crying out, "How's that even possible? She said that you were amazing in bed!"

If only she weren't his mother, Edward would have already killed her just for saying that.

He turned around and said in a serious tone, "I didn't even touch a finger of her!"

He took a step forward, but stopped and warned her, "And about those men... I don't ever want you to try that on me again!"

Anna Chen, who was guilty as charged, didn't even try to retort. In fact, she was so terrified that she didn't even bother to stop him. As she watched him leave in anger, something else started to worry her. She took her phone from her pocket and called that woman.

With a soft smile and in a gentle voice, she greeted her. "Hello, Miss Li! I want to ask you a few questions about last night. I hope you don't mind."

"Of course, I don't mind, Ms. Chen. Please go ahead."

"About Mr. Yan, the man you slept with last night, did he have a red birthmark below his waist?" Anna Chen asked.

"Why do you ask about it now, Ms. Chen?"

"I'm just afraid that you may have slept with the wrong man."

"Oh, I see! I did see a red birthmark on his butt, so I did sleep with Mr. Yan, didn't I?"

All of a sudden, Anna Chen stopped smiling and said in a flat voice, "Don't lie to me, Miss Li. I know you didn't sleep with my son last night.

He doesn't have any birthmark there."

Realizing that she had been caught, the woman on the other line quickly said, "I'll admit that I lied, Ms. Chen. I did give him the drug, but he refused to go with me and ran off. I followed him to his room and heard a woman screaming inside. Didn't you tell me that as long as I found out if he's straight, my job would be done? It should be fine as long as he's sleeping with a woman, regardless of who that woman might be, right?"

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