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   Chapter 4 She Isn't Worth More!

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Edward only let go of Angela once they were out the door. Angela turned around, wanting to go back into the cafe because she was starving. However, he grabbed her arm and dragged her away, ignoring her screams of protest.

"This seems like a good place. Now talk," he said.

Enraged, Angela shouted, "I told you I want to eat first!"

But Edward placed his hands on her shoulders and forced her to sit down. "Let's talk first, then you can eat," he said sternly.

Although she was famished, she had no choice but to comply. When Edward saw her look at the money in his hand, he immediately explained, "Look, it wasn't my intention to take advantage of you last night. I was forced to. Here, take this as compensation for what you lost."

Angela was speechless. Was he giving her money as compensation? Could he really put a price on her virginity?

She crossed her arms over her chest and hissed, "Do you have any idea of what you've done to me? This could ruin me! Do you really think that some money is enough to fix it?"

Her eyes were red with rage, and her face was flushed.

'I did nothing but take her virginity. We live in a modern world where a woman's virginity doesn't matter much, so how could it be that serious? Is she trying to make it serious so that she could blackmail me?' Edward thought to himself.

Feeling powerless, he asked calmly, "What is it that you want?"

He felt as though his heart couldn't be at peace unless she accepted some sort of a compensation.

On the other side, Angela couldn't understand why he was talking to her so calmly. It was true that he had abused her body, but he sounded like she wanted to blackmail him. Besides, what she really wanted was her virginity restored. Could he possibly do that? What if she met another man in the future whom she fell in love with, but then he rejected her because she was no longer chaste? That would scar her for life.

She wanted to lash out at Edward, but couldn't. After all, she too was at fault, because she had entered his room in the first place. All she could do was grit her teeth and glare at him.

She was not even sure whom to blame for what had happened to her. The more she thought about it, the more it angered her. The feeling of being wronged caused her to burst into tears.

Although Edward was not a very compassionate man, he hated it when women cried in front of him. It made him angry and irritated.

Looking at his watch, he realized that it was almost time for him to meet Aaron Chen. Not knowing what to do, he said, "How about this? You come to me when you've decided on how much money you want, and we can talk about it again."

"I don't want money, I want my virginity back! Can you give me that?" Angela asked, crying bitterly.

With a wry smile, Edward said, "Fine, how much money do you want for that?"

Even if she asked for an unreasonable amount of money, he knew that he would be able to pay her. But Angela wiped her tears away in a daze. How could she even put a price on her virginity?

Could it be compensated with money?

Shaking her head, she murmured, "How can I put a price on..."

"You can have a hymen restoration surgery. Give me your account details, and I'll send you another three hundred thousand to cover the costs," he added, handing her the money in his hand.

However, Angela wasn't satisfied. The damage was done and the change was permanent. Did he really think that a surgery could change the truth? How much did he despise her that he could take her feelings so lightly? Moreover, how could he assume that she had come to ask him for money? Angela took the money and threw it at him to get back at him for being rude and humiliating her.

However, she couldn't forget the fact that she was the one who had turned up at his room late in the night, so she turned away and broke into tears.

It was early March, and the wind was crisp and chilly. Angela's hair swayed with the breeze. Looking at her slim and helpless back, Edward's anger immediately died down.

After a second, he squatted on the ground and picked up all the money. That moment, he noticed someone's feet in front of him.

"Mr. Edward, I can't believe this! Even the street next to your company has money scattered on the ground!" The man was dressed in a pale khaki

suit, which made him look extremely handsome and charming.

Ten minutes later, inside the CEO's office on the sixteenth floor of DC Building, Aaron and Edward sat together.

After telling Aaron Chen the whole story, Edward made a second pot of tea. Aaron Chen couldn't help but laugh and said, "You are the CEO of DC Capital Group, and you took an unknown girl's virginity. What makes you think that her virginity is worth only one hundred thousand?"

"She isn't worth more," Edward said casually.

"Didn't you just say that you didn't even know who she was? She's definitely not from my sister's side. How can you be so sure that she's cheap?" Although Aaron Chen was just two months older than Edward, he was his uncle—he was Edward's mother's younger brother. They had always been like-minded, and had been inseparable ever since they were kids. Their relationship was unlike any normal uncle-nephew relationship. In fact, they were more like best friends.

"If I did this to her all on my own, then she would be indeed innocent. But then, wasn't she the one who came into my room last night asking for help? We've both helped each other, only in different ways," Edward said with a shrug.

Aaron Chen smiled and replied, "Look, you're way smarter than I am when it comes to business matters. She is the first one who dares throw money at you, right? But it's not your style to have let her go so easily."

Pouring Aaron Chen a cup of tea, Edward smiled. He was not interested in discussing the compassion he had felt earlier. Embarrassed, he tried to change the topic and said, "How long will you be staying this time?"

"Two days, I think. After the current semester is over, I'm going back to S City for my career."

Edward knew that Aaron Chen wanted to pursue higher education, so he was surprised when the latter mentioned his career. "Did Grandma force you?" he asked.

"Of course, she did! I was born when she was almost too old to have kids, so naturally she wants to control my life. Life is all about compromise, isn't it?" Although Aaron Chen was upset, he flashed Edward a charming smile.

Lowering his head, Edward sipped his tea, trying to hide the sadness in his eyes.

Even though years had passed, there was still a lingering sense of fear in his heart. "The women in our family can be quite the handful; it's almost scary to think about it."

Aaron Chen too thought the same and agreed, "Yeah, they would do anything to get what they want."

They both sighed in unison.

When nightfall came, the city was bustling with people. Some looked happy, while others had some sadness shadowing them.

On the third floor of Happy Apartment, outside Room 304, Angela was sitting on the floor. She checked her cell phone again. It was 7:35 p.m. Christa was supposed to be home by then. Moments later, Angela heard the familiar sound of her footsteps.

When Christa went upstairs and saw Angela sitting there, she did not feel guilty in the slightest. Angela tried so hard to hold back her anger, but her face was red with rage.

Because of the events of the previous night, she was no longer in the mood to work that day. Besides, by the time she left after having a conversation with Edward, it was around 2:00 p.m. So, she had called her office and informed them that she would be taking the day off, after which she had come home. But to her surprise, Christa had changed the locks.

Angela had called her and texted her so many times, but she hadn't responded.

Exhausted, she had had no choice but to wait outside the door until Christa returned home.

Ignoring her, Christa went straight to the door and opened it.

Angela tried to go in once the door was open, but Christa pushed a suitcase out and said coldly, "Here's all your stuff. You may leave now."

"What the hell? What's that supposed to mean?" Angela protested.

"You know what I mean!" Christa retorted.

She then shut the door on her face with a bang.

Only two weeks ago, when Angela had come to S City after running away from home, Christa had welcomed her with joy. But now... Christa had driven her out. Angela had spent a lot of money on the house, too. How could Christa kick her out so ruthlessly? What was Christa thinking?

It was getting dark outside. Where would she even sleep?

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