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   Chapter 338 Missing Her

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Life in foreign country was always very slow for Burke, especially without Rose. He felt very uncomfortable. Now his heart was full of Rose.

In front of the big French window, the scene of feasting and revelry was prosperous. Inside the window, Burke smoked constantly, his body shrouded in smoke, which blurred his eyes. Beside him, there was red wine. He wanted to get drunk, so that he could see Rose. However, he couldn't get drunk no matter how much he drank. On the contrary, he became soberer and soberer, his mind full of things about Rose.

It never occurred to Burke that he could miss someone to the extreme. He felt as if he had lost the whole world. He would never allow himself to do this before he fell in love with Rose.

He thought of every detail when he was with Rose. Those memories were so unforgettable.

Sitting on the ground, Burke held his head and tried hard to suppress his emotions. He didn't want to look so weak. At this moment, he was very depressed.

No one knew how happy he was when he knew that Rose might be at this party. He was revived from death. Finally he had the chance to see her again. He came to this country with a chance in a million.

On the other side, Rose seemed to have sensed something and felt very uncomfortable unconsciously. She didn't know where this feeling came from. Although she had lost her memory, she still loved Burke deep in her heart.

Soon, it was the day of the party. Christina, the sister of a businessman, came with an invitation.

In the distance, a woman in a red low cut dress walked towards him step by step. She was exceedingly fascinating. The woman was not mature, but she was curvaceous and had a special and exotic charm.

"You must be Burke, right? Nice to meet you. I'm Christina, the sister of your business partner." Afraid that he might not remember her, she named his brother.

Burke didn't have much feelings for Christina, even though she was a beauty, because except for Rose, no one else would mean

looked so handsome no matter what he wore.

"Let's go. The party is about to begin. It's good to go now." Alexander said to Rose and was about to hold her hand, but Rose dodged.

"What? Are you going to walk there alone?" Alexander raised his eyebrows. Rose's high heels looked quite high.

"Well, it doesn't matter." She didn't want to be too intimate with Alexander, so she was about to walk forward. After taking a few steps, Rose found that she was indeed tired, but she didn't have the courage to say it out. Of course, Alexander saw the expression on her face, so he reached out his hand again. It was too late to change shoes, so Rose held Alexander's arm.

After getting in the car, neither Rose nor Alexander spoke. The atmosphere in the car was a little embarrassing, and even the driver could feel it.

After a while, Alexander took out the necklace he had prepared in advance. "Rose, it's a gift for you. Do you like it?"

Looking at the necklace, Rose didn't reach out to take it. She felt that Alexander was too kind to her, and she couldn't go on like this. "No, thank you, Mr. Fu. It's such an expensive gift. You should leave it to your girlfriend. Thank you for your kindness."

Rose's seemingly unintentional words made Alexander feel a little helpless. When did he have a girlfriend? Why didn't he know?

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