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   Chapter 336 She Is Not Your Mother

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"Mr. Gu, here is the information I found these days."

It was late at night, but Burke hadn't gone to bed yet. He found the person he had arranged to spy on Mandy.

"I see. Keep an eye on her. If you get any news, tell me in time."

Burke picked up the document that the man sent to him, which was full of the life of this fake Rose these days.

He looked at them carefully one by one, but there was no valuable clue.

He crumpled the paper into a ball and threw it into the trash can.

In the past few days, that woman had no contact with anyone outside except for taking a walk in the ward or downstairs.

As a result, it was more difficult for him to find Rose.

"Rosy, where should I find you?"

He was fed up with the days without the news of Rose

While Burke was so worried at home, Mandy was also busy in the hospital.

These days, she had been pretending to be sick in the hospital, but she could see the attitude of Burke clearly.

She knew that there was only Rose in Burke's heart. Every time Mandy thought of her, she felt itchy in her teeth. Burke should be hers, not hers.

But she also knew that as long as there was Rose in the world, she would never get Burke. That's why she tried her best to make herself like this.

But why did Burke keep a distance from her recently?

Did he find out something?


"Dad, what are you doing?"

On the balcony, Burke lit up the cigarettes one after another, but there were still so many cigarettes that he couldn't calm down.

Hearing Francis's voice, Burke quickly put out the cigarette in his hand. He had promised Rose that he would never smoke in front of the child.

"Why are you still up?"

Burke walked up to Francis and squatted down. He looked at Francis serious

g Francis, Burke said softly. He reached out his hand to touch Francis's forehead. By accident, he had grown up a lot.

His mind was in a mess. From the very beginning, he had pinned all his hopes on the woman who pretended to be Rose. If it went on like this, it would be even more impossible to find the real Rose.


Francis called out in a low voice. Burke thought he was awake, but it turned out that he was talking in sleep.

Burke tucked Francis in and held his hand tightly.

"We will find her."

This was a promise to Francis and also a goal for himself. He must find Rose.

That night, Burke finally had a good sleep, probably because Francis was with him.

He held Francis's hand tightly and didn't dare to let it go. In fact, after Rose disappeared, he was most afraid to see Francis.

The similar eyebrows and eyes as Rose always made him feel sorry for her. And that was why he missed the mood of Francis during this period of time.

After the night's conversation, Burke let go of those stubborn thoughts. It was important to find Rose, but it was also important to be with his son.

He wanted to make up for his mistakes after this night.

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