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   Chapter 331 Dismissal

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"Mr. Fu, I..." Fancy panicked. It seemed that Alexander was going to ask her to leave the company.

"You can find another job. There is no room for you here."

Alexander's cold tone almost cut off Fancy's desire to plead.

It was the first time that Fancy had seen Alexander like this. After all, she used to be popular in front of him.

"Mr. Fu, it's not necessary." Rose didn't want Fancy to lose this job because of her. She was anxious to plead with Alexander.

"I've made up my mind." When Alexander looked at Rose, his coldness was replaced by gentleness, which made Fancy even unhappier.

"Okay, I can leave, but please give me a reason."

Fancy put away her pitiful look just now, and her eyes were full of dissatisfaction. "Why?"

Squinting at Fancy, Alexander snorted, "You didn't know what you had done?"

"Is it because of her?" Fancy didn't care about it at all. Anyway, she had been fired, so she'd better make it clear at once.

Rose's face turned redder when she was pointed by Fancy, but she still stood in her place gracefully.

"Because you are not capable enough to work in the company." Alexander had never thought that there would be such a person in the company. It seemed that he had always overestimated these people.

"Am I incompetent? !"

Fancy pointed at herself in disbelief. She thought she had done her best to the company, but now it had become the reason for her being fired.

"Mr. Fu, everything is ready." The assistant was quick. Not long after, he came over with the things that had been sorted out for Fancy.

"Okay." Alexander beckoned his assistant to give the things to Fancy. Such a person would be a disaster sooner or later if she stayed in the company.

Fancy was unwilling to take it. She looked at Alexander aggrievedly and hated Rose even more.

"Look at her. Miss Lin, come in with me."


ed to see what tricks this woman could play.

Rose replied in a low voice and followed Alexander out of the office. The noisy place quieted down again.

"Mr. Fu, I know I was wrong. I apologize." There were still tear stains on Fancy's face. When she saw Alexander come out, she clung to him as if she saw hope.

Impatiently, Alexander shook off Fancy's hand and walked to the middle.

"Listen up, who is talking nonsense to me? Just leave like her."

The sternness of Alexander shocked everyone present.

Everyone knew what Alexander meant. For a moment, no one said anything.

Hearing what Alexander said, Fancy sat on the ground in despair, tears streaming down her cheeks.

As Alexander had made up his mind, Rose couldn't say anything.

Besides, Alexander wouldn't listen to her. In that case, he could handle it by himself.

"Can you leave now?" Alexander walked up to Fancy. He knew that as long as Fancy gave up, she would leave.

Unwilling to give up, Fancy looked back at Rose with hatred in her eyes.

Being stared at by her, Rose couldn't help shivering.

Let's wait and see.

Thinking of this, Fancy left the company with her suitcase. Although it was Alexander's decision, Rose still felt a little uneasy.

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