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   Chapter 324 Restart

Love Gets The Best Of Me By You Za Characters: 6370

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"You can sleep in the bedroom tonight. I'll sleep in the guest room."

The two of them came back from the office and talked a lot, but unfortunately, many memories were still very vague to Rose.

"Will it bother you too much?"

Rose looked at Alexander with some embarrassment. She had been in the hospital before, but now she was out of the hospital and had no fixed place to live.

She had planned to go out by herself, but in the end, it was difficult to refuse Alexander's invitation.

"It's okay. Just stay here."

Such a big family, for Alexander, could have a companion if Rose lived with him.

"Thank you."

Rose's face turned red. She had thought that Alexander would prepare a guest room for her, but she didn't expect him to spare his room for her.

Standing in such a place full of male hormone, Rose felt her face burning.

Alexander stretched out his hand to touch Rose's hair. But she took a step back, and Alexander's hand hung in the air, feeling a little embarrassed.

"Well, it's late. Go to bed early."

Rose said thoughtfully. Of course, Alexander knew what she was thinking. He nodded, pretending that he was tired.

"Have a good rest."

After saying that, Alexander left Rose's room. After he left, Rose finally breathed a long sigh of relief.

Looking at this big room, Rose had an indescribable feeling. She always felt that she had seen it before, but she could not remember it.

'Forget it. I'd better go to bed early. I have to go to the company to help tomorrow.' thinking of this, Rose lifted the quilt and lay down.

Although the bed sheet had been changed, there was still a trace of smell from Alexander. Something flashed through Rose's mind again.


In a trance, Rose saw the man again, but she couldn't see his face clearly.

Rose covered her head tightly. Her heartbeat was like an engine. If she was not careful, her head w

a little force, Rose couldn't take this piece of toast.

"What are you doing?"

Rose looked at Alexander in confusion. What an interesting person he was. He didn't take so many pieces of toast but insisted on competing with her.


Although he said so, his action didn't relax at all. Looking at Rose's face that became red for trying hard to protect the toast, Alexander felt a little happier.

"Let it go."

Rose tried to separate the toast from the middle, but Alexander moved his hand closer to her.

Alexander moved his hand slowly, trying to prevent Rose from picking up the toast slice, but his hands accidentally touched Rose's.

For a moment, the two of them were stunned. Rose seemed to have got an electric shock and pulled her hand back from the table in an instant.


Obviously, Alexander didn't expect that. In order to ease the embarrassment, he held his forehead and thought of an excuse.

"I'm good. Enjoy yourself."

After saying that, Rose stood up and left the table. Her face seemed to be hotter than before. She rushed back to her room, leaving Alexander alone at the table.

Thinking of what had just happened, Alexander sighed. He didn't know why his hand met hers. He was absent-minded for a moment.

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