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   Chapter 322 A Couple

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The two walked out of the theatre two steps forward and backward. The sky was full of dark clouds, as if a storm was brewing. Alexander looked up at the weather, and then looked down at the wrist watch on his hand.

The rain was coming, but they had no time to go back.

"It's going to rain. Why don't you go back to the company with me first? We can go home after the rain is over."

"Okay." Rose nodded.

Subconsciously, Alexander wanted to pull Rose forward, but Rose took a step back slowly. Alexander's hand grabbed a few times and then froze in the air. There was an unspeakable embarrassment between the two.

Rose bit her lips and said, "It doesn't matter. You can just walk ahead."

Alexander scratched his head and laughed.

"Then follow me closely."


Alexander clenched his fists slightly, while Rose walked quietly behind him without saying a word.

Since she finished watching the puppet play, she had been silent. Alexander had a strong feeling that the puppet play made Rose sentence him to death. Just several hours ago, he had indulged in the tenderness of April brought by the tiptoeing Rose against the light.

Alexander's palms were sweating.

Suddenly, it began to drizzle, and the rain was getting heavier. Alexander looked up at the dim sky, and thought of the step that Rose had taken back and walked away. With the rain becoming more and more ferocious, he took off his coat and covered her head.

The coat covered Alexander's face for a few seconds. In a trance, Rose was stunned for a moment.

It was so familiar. There was once a man who seemed to have done such a thing to her. In a flash, a picture flashed through her mind, but it was so fast that she did not have time to capture it, and her temples throbbed.

Alexander pulled Rose over and trotted forward, holding Rose's wrist.

The two of them trotted forward, one in front and the other behind.

Alexander's hand temperature was comfortable, thought Rose.

The two didn't go to Alexander's company, but ran into a shop at the corner of the street.

"Are you okay?" Alexander took off his coat from Rose's head, shook it and then put it on Rose. "Don't catch a cold."

"Well, I'm fine. No, thanks." Rose smiled at Alexander. Her eyes were like a clear stream.

It was the first time that Alexander had seen Rose smile like this. When they met for the first time, Rose looked panicked, and when they got along with each other, Rose was polite and alienated. Now, as time went by, she smiled, her eyes narrowed like half a moon, the corners of her mouth curved, and her right cheek had a dimple.

The two of them talke

ther from time to time. The atmosphere was totally different from before the rain. It seemed that something suddenly occurred to Alexander and he suddenly stopped.

"What's wrong?" Rose asked in confusion.

"Wait a minute." Alexander ran towards the direction where they came from.

Rose felt a headache. She shook her head, and a great sense of loss and fear surged up in her chest. She suddenly fell to the ground with a heavy head and light feet.

In the dilapidated warehouse, a strange man, the smell of fear, and a lost soul watched one leave. Everything in front of her was so strange and familiar

She stretched out her hand and scratched in the air, but to no avail. She subconsciously bit out a few words, "Don't... don't go... Bur..." before she finished speaking, her eyes went black and she fainted.

Rose stood in an empty white space with bare feet. There was nothing, no wall, no sky, but light everywhere. Rose took small steps aimlessly.

"Where are we? Is anyone here?" She called his name softly and looked around. It was a white area.

"Rosy." A gentle male voice sounded behind her. She suddenly turned around and turned into a warm embrace. The smell was so good and familiar that she grabbed the man's coat greedily and took a few deep breaths.

The man slowly pushed her away and looked down at her, with eager in his eyes.

"Rosy, I miss you." The man's voice sounded hoarse, with a few traces of exhaustion.

Rose felt two warm feelings on her cheeks.

She cried.

"Who are you? You are so familiar." Rose sobbed and asked word by word.

The man didn't say a word. Rose looked at the face in front of her, with dashing eyebrows, starry eyes, straight and beautiful nose and thin lips.

"Bur... You are Bur..."

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