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Rose couldn't help smiling when she heard these words.

At this moment, she suddenly thought of Burke.

She didn't know where he was and whether he had found that Mandy was pretending to be her.

In the dark night, Alexander looked at Rose's smiling face with a subtle expression in his eyes.

How could this woman smile in such a situation?

"Remember, no matter what happens next, you must hide in this place and don't come out." Alexander reminded her again.


Rose agreed.

When Alexander left her sight, an idea suddenly came to her mind.

Just now, Rose realized that this man was either rich or powerful. The quality of his clothes was very good. If she could leave here with him later, could she get more useful information and find a way to leave this place?

Now for her, as long as she could be used and asked for help, she would not let the chance go.

Since God had given her such a good opportunity, how could she not cherish it?

Only when she left this place could she return to Burke and her child.

No matter what was going on with them, she had to go back to solve all the problems.

If she didn't try her best to go back now, many things might change.

So she had to go back as soon as possible, and could not give Mandy any chance to destroy them.

When Rose thought of this, the group of people beside her had already started fighting.

Although Alexander looked very powerful, no matter what, he was no match for ten to one.

Soon, Rose clearly felt that Alexander was at a disadvantage.

She fixed her eyes on the lonely figure in the crowd.

She didn't know how long it would take for his people to arrive at this place.

Alexander seemed to be injured. Although she didn't pay much attention to his physical condition, she realized that his voice was very weak just now.

Rose fixed her eyes on them and suddenly saw someone hit him on the back with a wooden stick.

"Alexander, watch your back."

Regardless of so much, Rose shouted at Alexander subconsciously.

Because of this reminder, he dodged the stick behind him.

But because of this reminder, they also found the existence of this woman.

Only then did Rose feel that she was in danger, but their target seemed not to be her at all. They focused their attention on Alexander.

At this moment, Alexander had a feeling of disappointment. When he left just now, he had told her very clearly not to show up and not to let them discover her existence, but she still did not listen to him.

However, if she hadn't reminded him of that stick, he might have been lying on the ground now.

But fortunately, their target was him, not the stupid woman.

However, Alexander had a feeling that he was not able to fight against them. He was with wounds.

Rose fixed her eyes on them all the time.

Although it was at

e same time.

When he arrived at the door of the VIP ward, he kept thinking that this strange woman was willing to sacrifice her life for him.

Although he didn't see the scene that the stick hit her head. However, such a scene could be imagined.

Alexander gently pushed the door open and came to the bed.

Rose looked pale and her lips were dry. She really had an indescribable strange feeling in her heart.

[林若安], I don't know anything except your name, and I can't investigate it.

[明明] is a very dangerous thing. At that critical moment, what on earth gave you so much courage?

For you, you are just a strange man.

Is it just because I helped you once by accident that you are willing to use your life as a reward?

Only in this way could such a thing be explained.

Because in this world, one person must have a purpose to approach another person.

Rose, Rose...

Alexander murmured the name in his heart and kept his eyes on Rose.

Suddenly, he saw Rose's eyelashes blinking.

Alexander came to his senses.

Rose opened her eyes slightly. Her vision was a little blurry. After a few blinks, what she saw was pure white.

Where am I now? Why is it all white?

Rose said to herself.

Her body seemed very weak, and she slightly turned her head.

Suddenly, a slender figure appeared in his sight.

"Are you awake?" Said Alexander.

Rose asked in confusion, "Who are you? Where is this place?"

Alexander was shocked by his three questions.

They had introduced themselves to each other not long ago. Although they only knew names, at least they knew each other.

"You... Don't you remember who you are? Don't you know my name?"

Rose looked at him with confusion and alienation.

Hearing her question, she wondered if this man knew her and her name, then what was the relationship between them?

"We... Do we know each other?" Rose said again.

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