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   Chapter 311 Have We Known Each Other Before

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If it weren't for this woman, he wouldn't have done anything against the morality.

She had arranged everything, but she pretended to lose her memory here!

After this matter was completely solved, he would never be a doctor again.

If a doctor had no basic moral ethics, how could he be a doctor?

Dr. Zhou thought angrily. He didn't know if he should blame himself or put all the blame on Mandy to make himself better.

Burke had been standing beside them all the time. He frowned and nervously watched doctor Zhou do examination for Rose.

No matter how powerful he was, he didn't know much about medicine.

All the examinations were thorough and no one could notice any strangeness.

Doctor Zhou was also very careful on this matter. Naturally, he couldn't let himself show any weakness. Otherwise, everything would fall short of success.

He didn't dare to bear Burke's anger.

Although he had struggled and hesitated for a long time, he still wanted to tell this to Burke and ask him to help. At the same time, he told the truth himself.

But he always remembered the hatred in that woman's eyes.

This irrational woman didn't take life seriously at all. If he didn't listen to her, she could kill his beloved ones immediately.

They were his wife and children. How could he place the bet on others?

Doctor Zhou held back his thoughts and tried not to let Burke find anything unusual. "Mr. Gu, I just did a very detailed examination. Mrs. Gu's vocal cords were seriously damaged, which affected her speaking. For the rest of the time, she needs to adjust slowly. According to the current medical skills, it is not difficult to recover the vocal cords."

Looking at Burke, doctor Zhou said rigidly.

These were just the lines that had been prepared.

"During this period of time, if you two want to communicate with each other, you'd better ask Mrs. Gu to write it down on paper. Or you can give

ly be pointed to the end, and could not be said too much. Otherwise, it would cause suspicion.

Obviously, Mandy wanted to distance herself from the two.

She wanted to tell him that she didn't know the man in front of her at all, so she couldn't get close to him.

Although she really hoped to get his tenderness, even if it was because of the same face.

But she didn't care. As long as she could be with him, she didn't care about how long the time was. Except for this face, she didn't know anything else about Rose. She didn't know the habits of Rose and Burke at all. If she didn't pretend to lose her memory, she would be discovered sooner or later.

"Then let's take it as a new understanding between the two of us. I will ask doctor Zhou to arrange a very detailed brain examination for you. If there is any problem, we will find it early and treat it early."

"And you don't have to worry. Don't be afraid. You just need to remember that I won't do anything to hurt you." Of course, all this was because she didn't know if this person was "Rose" or not.

"Don't think about anything now. Don't worry about anything. Close your eyes and have a good rest. We'll talk about everything tomorrow after the examination."

"We two... Have we known each other before? "

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