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   Chapter 292 Heaven And Hell

Love Gets The Best Of Me By You Za Characters: 7020

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"Our daughter will go to heaven. She will go to heaven." Mr. Gu held his wife, crying.

Tears coursed down their cheeks.

Jesse would go to heaven, but what about Austin?

He should go to hell.

Austin stood straight, staring blankly at the medical staff who closed the door of the morgue.

He was holding the belongings of Jesse which was given by her father.

It was a diary.

Austin always felt that he had no feelings for Jesse.

Yes, he approached her and engaged with her just to get the business support from Gu Family.

He often comforted himself in the dead of night. There were many business marriages like this. Many of his cases, he shouldn't feel a little guilty.

Besides, Jesse was an arrogant and spoiled lady. There was a good reason that he didn't love her.

When he talked with his female subordinate about the work and the time was just a little late, she would come to his female subordinate's house and threatened her who was frightened to resign and left the city.

He couldn't take one more look at other women. He couldn't go home after twelve o'clock in the evening for social activities.

She treated him as an accessory, so possessive.

How could he like such a woman.

How could such a woman be compared with the woman who always smiled gently in his heart?

In the past, he always comforted himself like this, so that his conscience could live.

But every time she stood in front of him with a bright smile, complained to him why he didn't accompany her, and why she couldn't feel his love at all, his heart would be as painful as being bitten by ants.

He felt guilty.

He had never loved her, but he felt guilty for her.

He was a real bastard who played with her feelings.

This was exactly the words Jesse said to Austin before she jumped off the building.

He never thought that she would jump off the building for him. He thought she was just saying it casually. Just like before, in order to get his attention, she always made some noise.

He didn't care, but she really jumped down.

With a bang, her life was half over,


Now more than three years had passed, but she still couldn't hold on and left.

She didn't expect that the reason why she committed suicide was because of Austin.

"How could it be... you, you are not..." Rose couldn't believe it. Seeing what Austin had done after Jesse left, she thought he loved her.

"I have never loved her. I just want to get the support of Gu Family by engagement with her." Austin held his head in pain and regretted, "I was really a bastard back then."

Looking at such a painful Austin, Rose and Tina looked at each other and sighed deeply.

"Well, what are you going to do now? Can't you keep depressed like this?" Rose took a deep breath and asked.

She didn't expect that the once vigorous, upright and kind-hearted Austin would become like this.

"I'm going to stay by her side all my life. I won't marry again." Austin said slowly.

His voice was firm, and it was the result of careful consideration.

He used to be disturbed by the inner fiend, and after graduation, he had encountered a lot of difficulties.

In fact, he was envious of Burke. He was from such a good family that he could do whatever he wanted and achieve his ideal goal.

Although Austin, was ambitious and Yuan Family could be regarded as a big role, Wyon Group was much worse than Gu Group.

He wanted to show his ambition, but he failed and fell down everywhere.

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